i’m here at jacob goldberg 2011 mazda rx-8 gt without launch control. Let’s. Do a rolling launch this one’s a little older 9000. All right! That’s, good horsepower and torque 232 horsepower 159 pound-feet of torque from a 1.

3 liter rotary engine. So then, why are we reviewing an old mazda? Why wouldn’t? We mazda canada actually has a heritage fleet, so we’re, taking advantage of it. This is so much fun going. All the way to 9000 is cool.

It’s, pretty quick, but it’s, not like fast fast. So this was made from 2002 to 2012. This is the 2011 version, so pretty much near the end of its cycle, and it does have a little bit of a refresh from when it first came out in 2002.

yeah and in this model generation there was the gt and the r3. So this is the gt being the more expensive one, but the more grand touring one and the r3 is the sportier one, with the stiffer suspension, which is not what we have, and we should also mention.

We have this in a manual transmission. This also came in automatic, but the automatics had less power, yes, and they were also six speeds but yeah less power for sure. So we’ve, both driven this around a bunch.

Is it cooler than you thought it was when you first picked it up? Yes, like way cooler, i was expecting this to be kind of bad, because i just i had very low expectations of this car, but as soon as i hopped in i let it warm up get to 99 500.

It was such a blast to drive. It is a really fun driving experience. It’s very raw. It feels like you’re, actually driving a car, unlike all the modern cars nowadays. My dudes i’ve, had a lot more time to drive this rx-8.

Since we did the review – and i just want to reiterate that this has been one of the best driving experiences of the year – i love everything about this rx-8 and like compared to all the new cars i’ve, just had so much more fun In this yeah it’s, got the right amount of power, it’s, definitely not slow.

It’s, not fast. It’s kind of like a brz, but it feels a little quicker. I guess we should also mention that this is rear-wheel drive. Yes, absolutely so now, when i see these on the road, i’m, going to assume everyone who’s driving one knows what’s up.

Oh yeah, like people are smarter than i thought, driving these yeah, except, i guess i wouldn’t know if it’s automatic, in which case the person doesn & # 39, t know what it’s up all right. A little downshift into cliche, oh, you called how you’re downshifting.

I’m such a journalist. I’m, going to keep it into third because i feel like going through cliche. You’re, going to be at the top of second gear, and i don’t want to risk shifting through here, and it feels a little weird through there.

It does feel very weird, like it’s good, but it’s. Also very understeery. I feel like you, have to do a lot of input and you can get through just fine, you can power oversteer a bit, but it just doesn’t feel like every other car.

I’ve, driven. No, it & # 39. S. Got a very weird tendency to understeer and it feels like there’s, a point where the steering wheel, doesn’t match up with what the tires are doing. But i’m having fun.

Oh yeah, it & # 39; s still definitely fun. It’s, just very weird, okay. So now let’s, get to the looks, starting with the front end. The first thing i see is that we got these huge fender bulges and then you & # 39.

Ve got a hood that kind of comes into the middle. It looks amazing there’s, no cars with that kind of fenders out there yeah. It looks really good and then we also kind of have like a triangle motif in the hood, which also translates to a bunch of stuff in here, because the rotary engine is a spinning dorito.

As we all know, you can even see it in the seats. Do you like the headlights i do kind of like the headlights, they are projectors, but i hate the fact that it’s, halogen, regular drls and then actual hids for the projectors yeah.

I definitely don’t like these headlights and taillights as much as i like the headlights and tail lights from before the refresh. I really like these tail lights. They’re kind of like s 2000-ish. As you said, yeah the back makes it looks like an s2 cape and then we & # 39.

Ve got an awkwardly placed front plate in all mazda grills, which also sucks here so moving around to the side. The overall profile looks really good yeah. It looks good, but since we have suicide doors, it’s.

Also super weird: they’re, actually called freestyle doors, sure okay, so we have suicide doors because it’s, a four seater. You can actually put two people in the back and i actually fit behind myself and behind jacob yes, but i don’t fit behind myself at six foot, one and a half, and it’s, so easy to get in there with The suicide door, and then we also have a little window at the back – that pops open old school minivan style at the back.

It’s, really smart. It gives you the coupe koopa thing, but it also gives you the four-door thing. I like it. A lot but like how much cooler from the side would this have looked if it was just a two-door, two-seater yeah.

Well, obviously, everything looks cooler as a two-seater that’s. What i’m saying, and what do you think of these wheels really like them? You know how much i love light-colored wheels yeah. I like these a lot and the ones on the r3 are also really cool too, and what would be the continental recommended tire for your rx-8, the extreme contact sport and as for the body lines on the rx-8, it’s pretty soft.

But we & # 39, ve got nice, fender flares on the front and the back. So i really like that. Yeah i, like all the bulges and stuff it just looks like it’s, got a wide body kit molded in and what do you think of this white color? It’s all right, but this is actually the only optional color.

You have to pay extra for this. I would obviously rather have one in yellow or red, and i remember there was a kid in high school in 2004, who had a yellow one and i always thought it was cool. But i didn’t know why it was cool and now man he had one in 2004, that guy was a rich and high.

He was definitely rich. 16 years later i get it and to quickly finish off the back end. Yes, it looks like an s2k, we have a little spoiler, but there were versions that had bigger spoilers yeah. We do have real exhaust tips, because i mean this is a 2011 before they started doing really weird stuff and it is a dual exhaust.

So we should probably listen to it from the outside [, Music ] and unfortunately this is not a hatch. It does have a trunk which has a really small entrance, but just for fun let’s. Do the box test box test and to show you how useless this rx-8 trunk is? We’ve got a special box test today.

The 718 spider is amazing and we were wrong box. Yes, somebody paid to have their name on a box and that’s. What they chose to have on the box. It uh it doesn’t fit. Is that a supercar pass? I don’t, think so yuri so shout out to that guy for beating us at our own game.

If you want to write your own name or any other weird sentence, that is a sentence that we kind of have to say. Unless it’s very weird, we won’t, put it on a box, get your own box on patreon.com straight pipes, so one more pull up to 9000.

You get behind the wheel and then we’ll talk about driving and some interior stuff. Okay, okay, you go that’s, so enjoyable not as enjoyable as like a gt3, though well yeah, but still 9000. delicate old car, rolling, launch, [.

Music ], oh, that’s, good 9, 500 baby. You kept saying nine, but it actually goes to 9 500.. Now i’m, not sure if you’re supposed to go to 9 500, but is letting me i i want to be gentle with her. I want to be gentle with all old used cars yeah.

So do i, but this is a mazda canada car with only 8 000 kilometers on it. So i think it’s in pretty good shape and before you get into cliche corner. What do you think of the rx-8 logo? It’s like that old cool, mazda style yeah.

It’s kind of cool man. I want more of that kind of fun stuff so now to the actual driving. Let’s. Talk about the six speed it shifts so well throws are so short. I absolutely love everything about this transmission yeah having a stock short throw shifter is so cool, and on top of that we actually have a triangle on the shifter which is really cool because spinning dorito yeah they uh, definitely put a lot of those references in to Match the wankel rotary motor and then we also have this samurai sword.

E-Brake yeah, a lot of people say it’s weird and it’s got that handle that it kind of grips under. But i think it makes perfect sense, because that way they can have it stick up higher so that it’s easier for you to rip e-brake turns i like it a lot.

I’m, not gonna rip an e-brake turn into a cliche corner, but i’m gonna send it. Oh man, you can definitely get the back end out, but the first thing that it wants to do is understeer and it’s like a very weird sensation where it’s.

Just i don’t know exactly what the car is doing, but it’s, still fun, 95, so good and the reason i’m able to get this thing a little bit sideways is because i pressed my dsc off Button – and it was one press i didn -‘- t – have to hold it for 15 minutes.

I didn’t have to stop the car. I didn & # 39. T have to do anything yeah. Well, even new mazes are like that. Yeah, that’s, so good miata is still just one button. I love it, but even with the weird steering, how amazing does the steering wheel feel yeah? The actual feel of like turning and stuff is still really good.

It’s just when you get to that limit. No, but i mean, even in your hand, like oh the actual quality, yeah, yeah, perfect and driving this thing every day. The one thing that i noticed is that the suspension is also really good.

It’s very compliant. It’s, a little stiff, but it’s not too stiff. Oh definitely, not nearly too stiff at all. It’s appropriate for a sports car that’s still comfortable. That’s easily daily able and when you do send it it’s, actually very predictable.

You know exactly what it’s going to do. You got a 50 50 weight distribution and it really feels like that. Yeah and being naturally aspirated as well, you know exactly how much power you can get like every single time, yeah and then heel toe downshifts are perfect everything about the actual driving experience other than that one little steering thing is really good.

Yeah i don’t know if that steering thing is for this exact car that we’re driving or across the line of mazda rx-8 yeah. So if you guys own one of those – and you know what that is – and you’ve experienced, it leave a comment so now moving inside here it’s very old-school car, yes, but also kind of new school, and i feel like This is the first generation of piano black in cars.

Yeah there’s, a lot of it. It’s kind of gross, but i think you can avoid most of it and i’m, actually surprised at how good it looks because you know it’s, an older car, it’s, been through a Lot but the mileage is so low that it’s, not too scratched up.

Okay. So then, on to this radio, it’s fully built in it’s all circular in weird shape, but i’m, not confused by it at all, but we don’t have a screen in this. We just have this little display up there, so it’s, easy to understand, and there was actually one option for navigation which we don’t have, and then this actually does have satellite radio.

If you click the sad button, it’ll show up in here and tell you what phone number to call to refresh it. Does it rewind there’s a replay, but i don’t think that’s. It do we have android, auto or apple carplay nope, and we don’t even have a usb or an aux, but we do have a cigarette lighter.

So you can plug your little usb adapter into there perfect, and then we also have regular climate controls. Everything’s. Physical. There’s, no touch buttons yeah. This is so perfect. It is three knobs everything’s covered.

It shows up up there. This is what new cars need to do. Yes, and my favorite feature that i love in the best of sports cars, we have a tack right in the center. We have a red, slash, orangish needle that goes to a red line.

There’s, also red slash, orangey yeah. So i think it looks really good and you see where redline is red line’s pretty short, but overall it’s, so clear that’s, just the most important part of cars having the tack in the middle and Did you notice that there’s, no analog speedo, only digital yeah and it looks great it’s perfect, they nailed so much back in the day.

All these car companies are screwing it up now yeah. I wish we were car viewers right when we got out of high school. Oh yeah, we would have changed. The whole industry. Pimply face gets hey horsepower, torque.

2005.. 232. Yes yeah! We could have kept this stuff good up until today and to quickly talk about the steering wheel. We actually have some buttons on it, which is kind of weird but also kind of nice, because it’s, just simple stuff, like volume and tuning yeah, and it’s.

Nice, because all the audio controls are on one side. Your cruise control is on the other side, so it’s, not confusing to use like new steering wheels. They like put weird shapes and buttons on either side, like everything is in the right spot.

Well, yuri. I’m just going to use this just like the mazda3, because you got to use it like this. This is fine because there’s, no push in on it. I know exactly so now to some fun stuff that we like to usually talk about.

Cup, holder fits perfectly fine, it’ll, fit a small and a medium, and it hasn’t gotten the way of you shifting at all yeah and that whole thing actually slides back and forth, which is really nice. We also have cup holders in the back, but we’re, not going to deal with that.

We’ve got visors with holes in them, three two one no fail uh and it’s super gimmicky. It has holes in the visor to block the sun, which is counter-intuitive, but that’s, a gimmick, so it gets a gimmick pass.

I think i guess in the worst of ways it’s, a total fail like extreme fail, and these seats are really comfortable. They’re, really well, bolstered they are leather, but they still hold you in. This is a nice feeling, leather.

The back seats are pretty comfortable as well, and we also have heated seats, which is really nice. What i really like about this is: we’ve got keyless entry with this weird, looking key that looks kind of like a little square yeah, and then you don’t need to have it.

It’s, a card key for your wallet and it’s. Amazing because it’s not push to start, but it is keyless starting. You just crank this little cover yeah. Well, you crank up fake plastic key it’s perfect because it’s.

One of the things i love the most about modern cars and this old car had it yeah and some 911s have this still in 2020. But on the left side – yes and the one thing that i’ve noticed that’s, been bothering the hell out of me that i can’t change and do anything about.

It is the fact that i am too tall for this car and my hair is hitting the roof in the lowest seating position, yeah. Even at my height five eight and a half ish like it’s still a little too tall. But i think we kind of just like sitting on the ground, of course.

Well i don’t like my head or my hair, touching the headliner yeah. I know you definitely have a problem. Yes, thank god. I’m, not tall like it is the best for this line of work well, yeah for actually driving cars and racing cars and all that kind of stuff.

It kind of helps to be a little bit shorter, god, blessed me with no height and let’s finish this off with a couple downshifts. Second, that sounds interesting. It’s like not the best sound, but it’s.

Also, not the worst yeah, it sounds really good from outside it’s, just like a natural feeling, sound that you’re, not getting out of it, because when you let up you’re, not getting yeah, no or something Stupid there’s.

Nothing pumped in here you’re, saying. If you take the cats off these, it shoots flames, oh yeah, i believe so. I’ve, seen some youtube videos because i wanted to buy one of these at one point and shoot some flames for a couple thousand dollars.

Okay, we’re, pretty much done with this 2011 rx8. Let’s, get to the price. Well, when it was new, it was 43 795 canadian, and what are one of these costs nowadays? Well, when i was looking for examples of these to buy for myself, it was approximately 1 thousand to about ten thousand dollars, depending on condition.

Most of them are like under five thousand, and a lot of them say currently does not run yeah, which is a little scary. I feel like there’s, a lot of jokes going around it’s like to make one of these runs just put an ls in it, or something like that.

Yeah i don’t, think they’re. Very reliable and if you look at all the forums on all these things, a lot of people are just complaining about how to fix them. This is broken. Mine doesn’t start all that kind of stuff, and then all the rotary people are going to hate me now because they say that those people don’t maintain their cars.

But to look at this versus like toyota, or something like that, these aren’t very reliable. So then one of these, in this condition would probably go for around 10 to 15k canadians yeah, maybe even 15 to 20, because this is super low mileage.

Okay, i really like this now. If i was to get one, i think i’d, make sure i have one with a rotary motor in it and try to maintain it. I think it’d, be fun. It’d, be a fun hobby and the longer you drive it, the more you see someone on the road and be like hey.

We both have them on the road we’re part of the cool kids club. This is already a classic. I’d, probably ls swap mine, but having 9000 rpm to play with is pretty damn good. So let us know what you think of the rx8.

Is it a lot cooler than you originally thought? It was after seeing this review because, after driving one every time i see one of these on the road i’m gonna give that person a thumbs up and click on this video or playlist of some other old cars like we’ve done a couple of mazdas, the rx7 yeah.


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