2021 gmc yukon at4, with off-road capabilities. Let’s. Go down this hill. This is obviously a very different video from our regular videos and you’re, not even using hill descent control, nope lots of steep hills and no problem, but it does have hill descent control and it works flawlessly.

But it’s a little bit slow because it’s. Safe horsepower and dark 355 horsepower 383 pound-feet of torque from a 5.3 liter v8. So what is the at4? Well, it’s, an all-new off-road trim for the yukon. So i never really heard about it, but i guess that’s kind of like their attempt at having something that’s like raptor-ish yeah.

Well, not really it’s like the chevy z71, okay, okay, so it’s like off-road-ish, so it obviously has a lot more ground clearance and offer capabilities than the yukon denali uh it actually doesn’t, have more ground Clearance because this does have air suspension, so it has the same amount, but we have a better approach angle because of the shape and look of the front.

Bumper okay looks wise, real, quick. We’ve got skid plates at the front. We’ve, got the little red tow hooks yeah overall from the front. I think it looks pretty good yeah and then we don’t have a front plate because we’re running this from michigan, so that’s awesome and we got really cool drl headlights that are just like a nice Simple outline and the tail lights are a nice simple outline as well.

Okay, after that last bump, i think i’m gonna put it into four low so that i can raise it another two inches high. Oh because we got a couple: different drive modes, four low drive, maximum ground clearance.

So what drive modes do we have yuri? We have normal sport off-road and tow, and now we’re in off-road mode so that we can raise the air suspension plus two inches. Yes and off-road mode does switch up the traction control a bit to help with you know, grip pretty much and slip so send it up this hill.

You’re right. Okay in my head up display, i can see we are at 14 degrees, 17 degrees, that’s. Pretty nice. Look at that. I click my camera. I can see what’s in front of me and it’s, not a hard button.

It’s, buried in the infotainment and the camera, only pops up up to a certain speed and then, if you’re going at like highway speeds, it allows you to have the camera for like seven or eight seconds forwards and backwards.

So you can keep an eye on your trailer, which i think is a great idea. Yeah it’s really convenient. If you’re towing stuff and you’re, always nervous about it, but it’s. A pain that you have to dig through infotainment to use it because in a ford raptor there’ll, be a hard button for the front camera.

A new one, not my old one, and now we’re on some mellower unmaintained roads and with this air suspension. This thing flies through here so comfortably to the point where it’s way more comfortable than even your raptor yeah, and it’s even more comfortable than the previous generation escalade was on regular roads.

I thought that thing rode like crap. This thing drives, amazingly even on these kind of unmaintained dirt roads and partly because we have independent rear suspension now yeah and on the at4. We also have an electronic limited slip differential in the back so overall, i think this thing handles and drives really well on and off the road like on the road.

This is extremely comfortable off. The road almost feels like you’re on the road yeah it’s. It’s, really really good. I can’t say enough good things about how this feels to actually drive. Okay, we should probably get back to the looks a little bit more because we forgot about a few things: oh yeah, we got carried away with those extra slo-mo shots.

Okay side view nice, big, looking suv, not too much different than the last one yeah, and i criticized the escalade for not having air suspension. This solves that and because of that it also looks cooler, because you have entry exit mode for the air suspension which will drop it minus two inches.

Then we & # 39. Ve also got little side steps that come out. What do you think of these wheels? The wheels are pretty good, nothing too crazy, though, and what would be the continental recommended tire, the terrain, contact, e.

t and then moving on to the back end, pretty much a normal big yukon style, backhand yeah, nothing too special back there. We got a little spoiler on top and yuri. I see a little bit of a water splash.

Oh it’s, a puddle right foot down, and we also have auto wipers, which is fantastic. Oh they’re, not on auto right now. Yeah, i know i had them on off. Okay, so with all that stuff out of the way your turn to get behind the wheel and talk about whatever else we missed in this confusing little review jumps.

So the first thing i noticed is this weird shifter. I don’t like it at all. It’s low profile and you get used to it pretty quickly but like flicking back a gear is weird yeah. You have to pull r and pull d and press p n and l yeah, but that kind of makes sense.

So it’s like there’s an alternate, so you don’t have to actually look every time. You click something hate it, but you know what’s fun hitting my paddle shifters just kidding. I have plus minus next to l.

I don’t think you really need it. No, you probably don’t, but this does have a 10-speed auto and they put this in so many different cars. It’s, the one that they co-developed with ford, and i think this is a really good transmission floor.

For me downstream is pretty quick. It’s, got a lot of torque to it holy. So you probably want to talk about the coolest feature in this car. I do actually the part where you hide your stuff. Yes, the stash pocket, so the automatic stash pocket we got a normal armrest doesn’t have too much space below which kind of sucks.

But if i press this top secret button, this thing actually slides all the way back reveals a lot more storage and a little compartment amazing, and when you’re in valet mode, this thing is locked yes, so previously in a lot of gm models, The screen would hide your stash or stuff this one.

It’s down here, but in like the silverado they & # 39. Ve got the thing behind the back seat: yeah they’re. They’re, always doing something there’s. Gm there’s, always a trick, so we just showed you so if you ever get pulled over now, you know i wonder if this will ever break.

Oh, i’m sure. Something will break at some point, but the other cool thing with that sliding back is that the rear passengers also get access to their cup holders even more conveniently okay. What else do the rear passengers get access to a rear, entertainment system kind of okay? It is a rear, entertainment system.

It looks very nice, it’s high-res. There are some bezels to it and apparently you can get miracast on it. So i can apparently use my android phone on it, but i haven’t been able to get it to work, no matter how hard i tried, but it’s, not only gm.

I’ve, never gotten it to work on any manufacturer’s. Vehicle don’t skip it. Oh another one do not skip those ads jacob. I love getting paid. Ah there you go ben. I think the best part about that screen is that it works really great as a suction cup holder, to hold your ipad and then you can use your ipad to connect to the wi-fi in the car and run the data off that, but it also has hdmi Ports and you can plug in like a chromecast and then stream from your phone to your chromecast to your screen and then use the expensive data fees here, instead of downloading the netflix videos ahead of time on your tablet and not worrying about it exactly so, it’s, not that good and they got rid of a blu-ray or dvd player because they’re moving towards the future without having android, ready or built-in netflix okay.

But that kind of makes sense. Give me a blu-ray player, like people still have a ton of blu-rays. If you’re, taking a boring road trip, you can definitely pull out like talladega nights or something to keep yourself entertained on the drive.

That would be pretty cool, but speaking of those back seats there’s, plenty of room back there. You can actually slide them forward and back and even in the third row there’s tons of room yeah. They totally redesigned it and made a lot more room and there’s, a bunch more room in the storage behind the third row as well like we can fit our carry-on bags just fine, whereas before not so much sorry, no box test today, because We didn’t, bring our boxes off-roading yeah, because they’d, just be jumping around everywhere in the back.

While we do this, but because of that independent rear suspension that third row leg room is amazing, probably best i’ve ever experienced in the third row and you can drop the third row and second row from the very back in the trunk.

You can also raise the very back row and the middle row can also fold up more, so you have even more room to load stuff that is pretty luxurious and gmc is trying to position themselves as the luxurious truck and suv brand.

I believe the only luxurious truck and suv brand because i think they’re right there’s, no actual just trucks and suvs from any other company, that’s just luxury, so that’s. Why? They said this 360 reverse camera of nine different angles is best in class, yes, because, but for the first time ever, i have been able to experience wireless android auto, and i really like it.

Yeah i’ve got wireless apple carplay. I used to win a lot of things: jacob had the misfortune of learning how, when you try to watch a youtube video when you’re parked, the audio has no sync at all, so you need to disconnect to watch something and then reconnect and Then, when you’re in a car next to you, there’s.

A lot of connection stuff going on. I personally love just plugging in, but you’re happy with this right. I am just because it’s. The first time i’m experiencing it and if i actually own this, i’d, probably really like it, but it’s because i have to switch cars all the time and i got bluetooth connections everywhere.

I don’t really like it. The thing i don’t like about wireless apple, carplay, android, auto like say you park in your garage at your house right or like or like right in front. If you start the car early, like it’ll connect like when you pre-heat your car want to connect or something i feel like there’s.

So many connection issues. So someone else takes your car out. It’ll connect to your phone until they drive far away enough. Like weird things can happen. Maybe if your phone’s close enough, i guess give me the plug, but we also do have wireless charging, which is super convenient to have with wireless android, auto and apple carplay, and we have usb usbc for infotainment.

We do have rewinding satellite radio stations and we & # 39. Ve got an awesome. Head-Up display that’s very, very big. It’ll. Show you all of your off-roading stuff. How fast you’re, going the speed limit of the roads, it’ll, show your radar cruise and you can control everything with hard buttons on the very left which is nice and not that we need it right now.

This does have lane keep assist, but it’s. Not lane centering, you can’t actually get any centering assist yeah. It’s, departure which isn’t very luxury to me, but back to that head-up display again, i think it’s.

A little too big. It’d, be nice if they had a mode that & # 39. Ll drop it down by 50, because if you’re sitting a little low like if a shorter person was driving it, it would pretty much be up to the whole windshield yeah.

I guess it. Doesn’t bother me too much because i don’t really pay attention to it, yeah so exactly by not noticing it. I just ignore it. There’s, no point of having it yeah. I don’t like head up, displays anyways how about these seats seats are pretty comfortable, but they’re a little bit too hard a little firm.

I’d like them softer, but they’re good. They got lumbar support and everything i don’t, mind them, and the driving position is really good and i’m going to use that to send it through this puddle yeah.

I love that driving position. It still feels kind of truck like, and this is still body on frame, heated and cooled seats – super convenient and heated backs. Apparently we need a separate button for that.

How about heated, visors uh? Let’s, find out. Okay, they’re, not heated. Let’s. Just do the five steps, three two one. Yes, wow wow yeah and it will fit a small cup of coffee. Even though i & # 39, ve got a medium today and if you’re buying one of these, you probably care about towing.

This can tow right around eight 000 pounds. That sounds like a good amount to me. Solid amount of jet skis by the way i couldn’t get a stand-up jet ski this year, because i guess everybody wanted to buy them yeah, because there’s, nothing else to do while they’re stuck at home.

I’m, so glad i bought my jet ski last year and it just kind of worked out. So if there’s, any stand-up jet skis around somebody wants to help me out with hit me up. Okay, so threw this puddle into the price that was fun okay.

This starts at 64 800, and this one is 75 155 seems like a pretty alright price for something that’s, this comfortable through all these trails with air suspension yeah. I think that’s, a very reasonable price and you probably almost don’t even need to get the escalade you just get one of these yeah cause.

I guess they’re, trying to make 84 a cool brand. I think they can make it a cool brand, but like it’s, not like cool cool, yet like still denali and escalade is cooler in my mind, yeah, because at4 is off-road and they & # 39.

Re gonna have to build that brand up even more, but denali’s established, so you can get this in denali trim and the denali would compete with the escalade, which is its own company. So it’s, kind of just competing with itself in like three different cars like the tahoe as well, and the weird thing is the at4 interior is different layout than the denali interior yeah a little bit weird, but like i guess that’s cool that they did, that they’re, trying to differentiate it, and it’s.

Nice that this has so much good tech. Like you, don’t feel like you’re, paying a lot for a product that’s missing a lot of things because it has a lot yeah and the only other real competition to this is the ford expedition.

And we haven’t been able to drive that one yet so i’m, looking forward to driving that one, but right now i really like this. They’ve done such a good job of actually improving this. So let us know what you think of the yukon: at4 is 84 going to be the next cool off-road brand, or is everyone going to forget about it and let us know what you think of this off-road review and watch some of our other videos right here.

Suvs trucks, off-road reviews, yeah off-road reviews. There’s, a couple i liked it. It was fun yeah i like off-roading it’s cool it’s, really not in my own vehicle. It’s. Relaxing with air ride, yeah


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