2021 acura tlx, a spec without launch control that’s, not bad horsepower and torque 272 horsepower 280 pound-feet of torque from a 2-liter vtec turbo 4-cylinder. This is not the type s tlx yet yeah, that’s coming in spring 2021.

and that’s, going to have a 3-liter v6 with the turbo. However, this is designed after the type s concept. Yes, the whole design for both of them. Basically, so let’s start with the looks. I think this looks really good overall, but let’s start with the front pretty much the exact same front end as last year’s.

However, where it changes is in the corner, we & # 39. Ve got a lot of cool overlaps of body yeah and the headlights look really good, pretty much like the concept and when you’re, looking at it top down that’s, the most where it looks like the concept.

Besides that, the rest of the car, the only part that looks like a concept, is like they had to slap the concept parts onto the existing body and it looks kind of like a kit car version of the concept to me.

I think this grille also looks really good, considering the size of it yeah and it’s exactly like last year’s, grille pretty much so moving around to the side. What do you think of these wheels? They’re dark and they don’t really stand out and they’re a little bit small yeah.

They’re part of the a-spec package, which makes them grey basically and what would be the continental recommended tire, the extreme contact dws-06 and the viking contact 7, because you should probably be thinking about winter tires at this point.

Yeah make sure you have them on by november, because one snowfall and you won’t be able to get anywhere. You need to go unless you live in the south, where you don’t need winter tires and you’re gonna leave a comment telling us that yeah we we get it.

We’ve, been to arizona. So what about the overall side profile? You get a little bit of molding along the rocker to shrink the middle of it. I guess like hourglass shape it, which is a little bit like the concept, but not as much as it should be, and if we look towards the back, the hips of the car kind of match the concept as well.

They’ve, got like a lot of cool shapes to it and, like you, can actually see the lines yeah and especially in this red paint. If you hit the sun at the right angle, which we’ve, been doing all the time because we’re awesome at shooting cars, it does look a lot more like it, but like overall it’s, just not good Enough and we love cars that are exactly like the concepts like we like the lc500 yeah.

We like this, yellow one that i own well, you do, but we should probably move to the back end. Yes, i think this thing overall looks really good, like i keep saying, and the back end also looks good, except the taillights are kind of weird they’re like good, but also bad.

They kind of remind me of the new bmw 3 series. Yes, i see that as well, but then the part where it looks weird is when they’re lit up. They kind of look sad yeah. I really like the way the yellow and red play off of it when you’re on the brakes and have the signal on and what do you think of these exhaust tips, not as good as the last year’s tlx.

I, like the big rounder ones, a lot more on the a-spec specifically. Yes, i think these are pretty good but yeah. I agree the circular ones just kind of work better, but these aren’t bad for what they are and let’s hear what those exhaust tips sound like and the back is also a little awkward because it’s.

Just not as good as the type s concept looked well. Nothing’s ever pretty much as good as the concept, except for those two cars that we’re talking about pretty much almost but yeah. This is really good as an actual production, car and overall, i just think it’s, not quite where it should be, and if you like us, reviewing more accessible cars like this, instead of just supercars all the time maybe consider subscribing, i mean this Is still a luxury car, but it’s, an entry-level luxury car that’s.

What i’m, saying like compared to a lot of the cars we drive like an x5 and bmw like this, is very reasonable. I agree. I said accessible, i didn’t, say cheap. I agree so with the looks out of the way performance, wow wow that was slow to downshift and kind of seamless upshift, but wow, okay, that was in drive.

Let me try that in sport. So let’s. Try that again better, but definitely not that good. Okay. How do you like using the paddles i feel like they’re, so slow to react to everything they are and this 10 speed auto is new for this year.

We used to have a nine speed in the previous generations i feel like they should have just used the zf8 speed downshift. It takes like two to three seconds to move the needle to where it should be. It’s, definitely not a sporty feeling as other sporty sedans, oh and speaking of sporty sedans.

In the press footage they showed the type s that’s coming up drifting and we back up this new engine with all the hardware befitting of a pinnacle, acura sports sedan, yeah, you can’t drift. This yeah, it was a totally fake e-brake one you can tell, because you can see the smoke coming off and they probably had a hydraulic e-brake, because this e-brake doesn’t work that way, but we should probably test how this actually handles, because it Does have the shoud? Yes, it shout aka super handling, all-wheel drive, which we have loved in many different acuras.

So let’s, see how it feels here. So i’m going to downshift and it’s going to take a while, but let’s. See okay. Tires are screaming like absolutely screaming, but taking the tires aside, it actually kind of feels like it’s going to grip, but it also feels like it’s totally disconnected from the back end in terms of the front end.

What the wheels are doing it kind of feels like i’m driving a worm or a snake. I know a lot of people say the front is disconnected from the back. I’ve said that multiple times, but this is the only time that i’ve, like really felt that it feels like you’re on trace, slides on the front and the back on ice, but it still does pull You through everything, pretty easily it’s, just like an awkward feeling exactly because, like there’s, a lot of body roll to it too, and like the steering’s kind of delayed, almost it’s.

It’s, a weird feeling where it’s, not that good, but i also know it’s quite capable, but it would be interesting to see how this handles with like a super high performance and the shoud system. Yes, now this is the a-spec, so you’d, expect some more performance.

However, that’s, not the case. Here we don’t, have any adaptive suspension that’s only on the upper trim and it’s, going to be coming on the tlx type s as well. So, unfortunately, no adaptive suspension.

We do have a couple drive modes, i feel like they. Don’t really make a difference other than the throttle input, but the suspension itself is really comfortable over regular, bumps and stuff, like that.

It’s, just the handling, where it kind of feels wormy. Okay, there’s a lot of stuff. I don’t like about this car, but one of the things i really love is: when you put the drive mode into sport, you get the coolest anime style animation ever whoever did.

That is the best that is really cool. Then, when you got comfort, individual and normal, it’s kind of all, right animations, but like sports, so let’s. Put this into sport just kidding. I’m already in sport and floor it again.

Okay, power is actually pretty good and sound is a little bit weird where i feel like they’re, trying to simulate a v6, but power itself is actually decent like once the turbo spools up. I like it, because you can also hear some of the turbo blow hot fast.

There’s, still a lot to talk about. Let’s, get you into the driver’s; seat; okay, but first apple carplay had an update. Ios 14., it can’t, say jacob w again, you want to hear it call jakub w did you mean yarko tzapovsky, no call jacob w? I don’t, see a jacob w in your contacts.

Who would you like to call yakub w? I don’t, see a jacob w. Who would you like to call? It literally is the exact spelling of the yakub w that’s in my phone, this is trash. This is awful. Apple. Is trash guys, you knew we were gonna do this test? Can you fix this? So when we do the actual comparison, we don’t fail on this side and it also didn’t, actually work on carplay.

You have to disconnect your phone to get it yeah it’s. Acting up call jacob w. I don’t, see a jacob w in your contacts. Who would you like to call call yakub w calling jacob w home so now? Now it works obviously ios 14.

come on android auto. Also we get cool backgrounds, though [ Music ], all right with the distribution gauge. I can see that it was equal distribution to every single tire there yeah and it can kind of pick exactly where it wants to send power and that’s.

Why we like the handling so much like the rdx and other acuras, so moving inside things? I absolutely hate. This. Has the newer style, acura infotainment, that has the touchpad, where, wherever you put your finger on the touchpad, that’s, the absolute position on the screen – and i absolutely love it.

It makes so much sense in my head because i just look at the screen, so i kind of know exactly where i need to press on the actual touchpad yeah and it’s, a total nightmare. For me, i even hate it more than i hate the lexus and mercedes-style touchpads, where you got to slide your finger around, and i think i prefer this significantly to both of those and then we & # 39.

Ve got this little slider on the right. So we can go through the menu on the right and it makes a ton of noise. Yeah it’s got the tambourine sound. I mean you can turn that stuff off, but it’s on by default and then, if we slide to the right, we & # 39.

Ve got another menu to slide through it. We’ll click down and when we get to the bottom, we need to slide all the way up to slide the page to the next one. It’s, super unintuitive to me, and i hate everything about it.

I think they should stick to touch screens or knobs kind of like the honda accord infotainment or get a rotary knob or like a rotary knob option. And i think they did a really good job. But they should have given a touchscreen option as well and just brought the screen a little bit closer yeah.

I hate this so much that it’s, a total deal breaker for me, but having the screen. There is very nice to have it in your line of sight, so you don’t, get distracted staring at it, even though you kind of will trying to use this, but we do have a volume knob and a tuning switch yeah.

It’s. A little weird i mean two knobs would have been fine yeah and this tuning switch. If you hold it down, it’ll go through stations by ten, so you can rip through a lot of stations at once, but it’s like.

Why are you trying to reinvent the wheel or reinvent the tuning knob? You know what i mean: everyone has failed at it so far, well reinventing the infotainment every time i guess yeah. I guess everyone wants their product to be like the next like we invented this, and this is what everyone used for the next 30 years, but it’s just going to be touch screens.

I think everyone’s, going to do everything different anyway, but we still do have a bunch of hard buttons down here, which is very much appreciated and we do have heated and ventilated seats. Then we & # 39.

Ve got the weird acura style. Shifter, which does take a minute to get used to once you get used to there’s like absolutely no issues with it all right. I’m gonna put into drive. They’re gonna put into park, and when i let off the break, you’re gonna see how much it moves forward.

Jacob put it in park yeah, and then we also have the dynamic mode control knob, which is also massive yeah. I’ve confused that for a volume knob a few times, but i didn’t fully commit. I’m like no, no, no yeah.

I know not to do this and then materials in here are kind of weird. They’re all over the place. There’s, some gloss black there’s. Also some matte black and then there’s, also like some really nice leather and some weird textured stuff yeah.

All the stuff feels great. It definitely is luxurious. It is it’s, just like a weird mix of a lot of stuff and next to a lot of the chrome accents we do have ambient lighting as well. In the presentation video for this, they talk about how every lighting color is named.

After a different driving road, which is cool in theory, but i couldn’t figure out in the infotainment how to change the lights at all. Did you see cliche corner in there? No, no cliche corner would have been a would have been the color of flames.

Like my shirt that matches my honda civic. Oh look at these shirts. We’re wearing this matches. Kyle aka, my mustang in case. You guys missed this entire series, where we bought 5 000 cheap cars. Our shirts look like our cheap cars yeah and we got them a little bit late.

So unfortunately, we couldn’t, wear them in the videos, but here they are yeah and thank you to the five people who bought them. Yes, teespring shout out, thank you. So then we also have apple, carplay and android auto in here it’s, not wireless, but we do have a wireless charger, but the weird thing about apple carplay and android, auto dealing with this little track pad is for those apps.

It’s, not an absolute position, so top left isn’t top left. Then it’s back to the lexus mercedes style, dragging the thing around. Yes, it is a weird mix, but i understand why they did that because then they’d, have to like redevelop everything and it just doesn’t make sense.

Yeah they didn’t. Do it because they weren’t capable of doing it? Yes, so how about the gauges? Do you like them? I do, but i also don’t, so the red looks really cool, but the contrast on the silver is kind of hard to read during the day.

Yeah. It’s very poor color choices, but it does work well at night and that’s about it and i feel like they just barely kind of updated. The look from the previous gen they didn & # 39. T really do that.

Much to it and moving on to the steering wheel, the paddles themselves are all right which we’ve already mentioned, but the actual buttons on the steering wheel there’s kind of too many of them. It is a little cluttery and i think it comes from there being a whole bunch of different shapes, because i think kias and hyundai & # 39.

S have just as many buttons, but they’re laid out yeah more logically, but this i mean it looks cool from a distance and that probably helps to sell people the car in the first place it does and then, like the thumb, wheels, also Make sense because then you kind of push them in to move back.

So you don’t have like a separate back button, so i get it yeah. It’s just a little. There’s, a power button for your audio, which i’m like power. What does it turn off? My car is electric yeah, identical twins and the seats themselves are actually really comfortable like shockingly comfortable and unlike a lot of lexuses, which are competition for this.

This does have lumbar support that goes up down forward and back and in terms of rear seat room. It’s, actually really good. I fit behind myself at six foot one and a half and the seats fold all the way down with little latches from the trunk and what about the visors uh? It’s, a honda.

So three two one yes pass and then, as for cupholders, passing that mcdonald’s cup over there and that that that does not fit it does it fits just fine, look how much movement there is, though, but when there’s actual Fluid in there it like really barely moves.

I had i don’t know. I had a perfectly fine time driving while drinking my mcdonald’s. Small cup of coffee, not sponsored. I’m, going to call that dangerous out of 10. so now for a little super handling into cliche corner.

Send this worm into cliche it’s. So weird it’s very wormy, isn’t it, but it’s. Still quick. That’s. The thing it is, i really hope people don’t like learn to drive on this and think this is how you’re supposed to drive faster corners yeah.

It makes a lot of tire. Squealing sounds so this does have lane keep and radar crews. It works pretty all right, but i think it’s on par with lexus and like definitely a big step below kia. Hyundai genesis yeah for sure, but it’s still really good.

Like i like honda’s system, and then this only has a reverse camera, which i’m. Pretty disappointed in, i feel, like the kia products will have 360 cameras for something that’s similar to this yeah, but like a mercedes c-class or a bmw, 3 series or a comparable audi, probably wouldn’t, probably wouldn’T but then, like a genesis, g70 well for sure, so it’s.

Like just add it. I, like 360 cameras, so i feel like that’s, pretty much everything with the new tlx. We should probably get to the price. The a spec is two hundred and 49 dollars canadian, and i also have the american price, which is forty six thousand two hundred fifty dollars american.

I think that’s, a pretty good price yeah. I guess if you can get over the touchpad stuff, i unfortunately can’t. So i would not consider this one bit and i don’t mind it, but i think i like basically every other competitor more than this, except maybe the lexus is.

I think this would kind of tie with it yeah. I would just avoid the lexus and the acura in general, if i was in this area and probably the infinity too yeah. Well, i mean the genesis. G70 is so good and it’s priced so well and like the stinger is kind of competition.

Even though it’s, a hatch and let’s, not forget the g70 just got refreshed and looks incredible yeah, so i mean like, even though this guy refreshed, like they kind of just lost again. Let us know what you guys.

Think of the new tlx. Are you excited for the new type s, because i actually am. I just want to see how that thing drives. Oh man, i want to rip that e-brake and do those drifts that don’t exist and are fake and people should stop speeding up footage click right here, because we got playlists and stuff just click right


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