i’m jacob. I’m yuri. I’m, going for a drive 2020 nissan santra sr without launch control, brake boost – oh my god. Oh my god, wow that’s. Slow horsepower torque 149 horsepower 145 pound-feet of torque from a 2-liter 4-cylinder, naturally aspirated engine – and this is the slowest car i can remember driving.

Yes, this feels slower than the micro did borderline road hazard. Yes, if you’re trying to pull out of an intersection like out of a store, it’s, pretty sketchy yeah, but it’s. Fine. It makes driving on the highway very exciting, very exciting, because you’re trying to merge with traffic that’s right yeah, you’re like oh, no turn the ac off.

I’ve, been driving too many. Bmw m’s and amgs, okay, but this is genuinely slow yeah and i guess this competes with the civic and the corolla yeah and the elantra as well. Okay. This is like way slower than all those for a similar price which we’ll, get to at the end.

It does feel like that and what kind of transmission are we rocking in this bad boy? Well, yuri, let me sing you the song of my people. It’s. Gon na take a while hold on. We’re, almost there; okay, so it simulated the gear there.

So it’s, a cvt! Yes, it is. It is extronic x-tronic, the cvt it’s, a cpt that’s, the sequel to cvt yeah. I guess so, and you can get this in a manual version, but this one is not the manual yeah. You can only get the base model on manual, but that’s only in canada, i believe – and if you like, watching affordable cars, definitely consider subscribing yeah.

We do a bunch of affordable cars, but then we also do a lot of not as affordable cars yeah, so just subscribe for both this obviously isn’t meant for handling through cliche corner, but we might as well send it anyways might as well.

Well, i can’t downshift there’s, no paddles, but that’s, fine and sport mode on the shifter there’s, not as much body roll as i expected, and you basically just kind of power through Everything not that as much power, but your foots to the floor the entire time it’s predictable and you can rip through it.

It feels a little sketchy but honestly, like not the worst. If i was in a rush, i’d. Be okay with this, yes and then you could, and you mentioned you had it in sport mode. So the sport mode button is on the shifter below the handle, yes, which is a very weird spot for it, and then you can also put it into l, which i guess is lower cvt gear-ish, yes, and what i found is like when you’Re actually going through, like the main, turns at cliche corner, throw it into l, and you stay in like the right gear, ish the whole time but actual handling wise.

The steering feels totally normal. There’s, nothing weird there. The suspension is really comfortable way more comfortable than i expected, but you’re, not getting any sportiness out of it. Even though there’s more horsepower this year than there was in the previous year, and even though it is an sr.

Yes, which sounds kind of fast, but it doesn’t, make a difference. What was that older cooler yellow center called the ser spec v? Okay, so they just took out the e, the spec and the v yeah. They took out all of the good stuff, but apparently this does have active understeer control, so i guess it just tries to limit the understeer through the electronics.

I think it works okay, but this isn’t like about handling, and this also does have independent rear suspension too yeah. So just overall it’s, not the worst, but it’s. Definitely not the best. No, it’s, definitely not the bats, but, most importantly, it is comfortable, which is what you’re gonna care about in a car.

Like this, i guess more comfort, stuff. We can talk about out of complete order because, whatever today the seats yeah the seats, zero gravity, space seats – nissan – i was gonna say nasa nissan has nissan – has the best seats.

Every time i get into a car that i’m, not comfortable in, i wish they had nissan seats, nissan kill in the seat game, and these are the first cloth ones that we’ve sat in and they’re. Equally comfortable yeah, they’re nice, but, like i’m, not used to cloth like we, we have been getting spoiled yeah, obviously, and in terms of other drive modes.

The only other thing that we have is eco and it’s way on the left, not near the shifter, at all yeah kind of a weird place to space out your stuff. But i kind of get it. And while you’re driving, if you do toggle through drive low sport and eco, you can really see where the rpms sit to change the modes.

Yes and depending on what you’re in. It will simulate fake gears and i guess the person buying this would want it for commuting to work and they don’t really care about cars, so they probably want adaptive cruise control, which is what this has and the adaptive cruise control will come To a complete stop and go again, but if you stay stopped for too long it just lets go and starts rolling forward, which makes sense for a budget system.

I mean, like i, don’t get why cars do that, but i usually don’t use radar crews. I use it all the time i don’t use it in cars that don & # 39. T have like the full features of everything i like. I want the full level too, where i don’t care at all, and this also doesn’t.

Have any lane keep it just has like the lane departure warning, yeah it beeps at you and vibrates, which is like pretty good, and while you’re driving in rush hour traffic on your way to work, did you notice that both your elbows are On the armrest and touching the wheel, yeah super comfortable position and my elbows are actually super soft on both sides and at a smaller height of five foot, eight and a half ish.

I can also have both elbows on the armrest and touching the wheels and the steering wheel does telescope as well, which is really nice. It’s. Obviously, manual adjustment, just like the seats, are as well yeah, but there is no lumbar adjustment on these seats.

You need to get the sr premium, which kind of sucks, because i do like lumbar, and since this is one of the hottest days of the summer, this is front-wheel drive. You can’t get in all-wheel drive, so not a problem for us today.

Maybe in the winter, but still front-wheel drive you’ll, be totally fine. There’s. No problem using front-wheel drive there’s, no problem using rear-wheel driving, but some people think that so i like to.

Let them know that this is front-wheel drive, still not an issue and that they’re wrong. Yes and to finish off the interior before i get behind the wheel of this and just toss it right through cliche as fast as i can, how about the apple carplay and android, auto okay, so it has both, which is great and decent resolution.

However, couple problems with this infotainment number one it actually has to load there’s, a circle loading thing for both apple carplay and android, auto yeah, when you like, switch from a different screen, which i’ve, never seen before me.

Neither but it all works pretty. Well, then we & # 39, ve got satellite radios and it does rewind, which is nice. You got to click the replay button and we & # 39. Ve got a volume knob and a tuning knob, and the tuning knob works.

Very very well, and we’ve got hard buttons all below and it’s cool, because not only can you go through all of your favorites with the button on the steering wheel on the left. You can also toggle through not favorites with this button right here.

It’s, pretty much the best of all worlds for controlling radios and one of the worst parts of this infotainment is the brightness. I can’t, get it bright enough. Yeah, i could barely see it. I had to take off my glasses when i first put on the reverse camera.

It’s too dark, and there’s, always a glare on it. That part sucks. I’ve maximized. All the brightness settings like it just doesn’t get brighter and another thing that sucks about the infotainment is, if you’re trying to like push buttons for radio and set stuff, the whole thing kind of moves more than i’d expected to like especially right here, you can see it the entire screen flexes yeah, but i mean this is a budget car, but i don’t think the other competitors do that, so they don’t.

But i mean this does have really comfy seats. It does. Then we have some cool, looking vents down here kind of mercedes-like, which is pretty fancy. There is some gloss black in between, but not really an issue, and then we also have climate control and it’s all hard buttons, which is great.

Then we have heated seats and a heated steering wheel, which i don’t want to use on a day like today, and then we got two normal cup holders, except they’re. Squarish fits a cup of coffee, just fine and we’ve got carbon fiber wrap around that and on the sides yeah.

What do you think of this carbon fiber race, central floor? It for me whoa and let’s check the visors three two one yeah yeah [ Music ]. Then we got a sunroof. We’ve, got cool stitching on the dash. It’s orange to match, i guess race, karnes yeah it’s lighter orange than the titan did, and then we got some cool orange pattern.

On the middle of the seats we’ve got a sunroof. How’s? The back seat, room, jacob backseat room, is pretty good for my legs, not so good for my head at six foot, one and a half, and if you’re under six for one and a half there’s, a ton of room.

Almost uber-sized room in the back seats there and talking about these gauges very simple, to read very clearly laid out. I have no issues with these gauges yeah, but the stuff in the middle, like you kind of, have to like dig a little deeper.

It’s, not as easy to read as a kia, hyundai genesis, but no real problem, but it’s, cool that has some of the features of kia hyundai genesis. It tells you in the gauge cluster what settings are changing? Yes, i’m happy.

You guys stole that or invented it, and i didn’t realize before yeah and we also have a d-shaped steering wheel, but let’s, get you into the driver’s seat. Oh, my god, i’m doing anywhere bro. I’m gonna try to launch it in l, okay, okay, you really can’t get fast like eddie speed.

I think it’s. A lot faster launching indeed yes, but not a lot faster. So if you want a commuter car, you probably wouldn’t mind if it didn & # 39. T look bad! No – and this looks pretty good first thing i noticed right away – is it is a two-tone.

We’ve got a black roof and a white body, and i should mention that is a 500 option. I think totally worth it because, without that it doesn’t. Look as good and, generally speaking about the exterior looks before we dig into all the details.

It just looks like a tiny little maxima yeah, which is kind of cool, because that’s, two steps above center. There’s altima and then maxima and the ultima also looks like both of those now so you’re kind of getting like a mercedes c-class.

When you’re, getting an s-class look as well, so, starting with the front we & # 39, ve got the normal nissan front-end design, which i think they fine-tuned, and it looks really good up here, like nothing, looks out of proportion or anything, but They pulled a real sneak and got rid of the front license plate because they’re running manufacturer plates out back that’s.

That’s, a good sneak, though yeah, but like when you get it in real life. You’re gonna have to throw a plate on there and i think it’s called the v-motion grille anyways, like you said it does look pretty good from the front, but we do have some fake grille there.

But this is a bunch of car. Don’t really expect too much, and then we got like a cool little like lip at the bottom. That’s like silvery. That’s kind of nice. I like that too, and then the headlights are all right.

I wanted a little bit more led drl at this price yeah. I think it’s. The sr premium gets like an led strip, but this is like yeah. These are still led, but you, don’t, get the little yeah. I want cool drls exactly and in the side profile that’s, where you see the ultima and the maxima, because the two-tone roof yeah and then also when you move down to the body lines.

All the body lines are really good. Everything’s very proportionate everything, looks nice, it is white, so you’re, not going to get too many reflections or anything. But if you look closely at the paint, there is a lot of metallic and stuff in there and i actually really like these wheels.

They fit the car really well yeah, especially the two-tone yeah and the size of them, like everything that they do with the wheels on this type of car is very appropriate, and what is the continental recommended tire for this really really fast nissan sentra sr? Well, it’s, the continental, pure contact ls, and, to finish off the side, we do have like a little bit of lip kit at the bottom and on the doors we do have a button to unlock everything it’s, not like Proximity touch but at least the button’s there.

It all works, keyless entry, it’s, nice to have and moving on to the back end. I think the taillights are all right. They’re good for, like non-led tail lights or like non-good, led tails exactly and then we do have a little bit of a spoiler up top and we also have a real exhaust tip yeah.

I mean it doesn’t. Like look super good or anything, but it is real. I appreciate the effort of that. I feel like for this price. It would cost more money to make a fake exhaust tip. Oh for sure it would fake exhaust tips are like more premium these days.

For some reason, so overall looks wise. This civic corolla, i think the corolla looks the best. To be honest, i think this is up there with the rest of them. I just i think a lot of people are like sour from knee scents and like don’t fully like the look anymore.

What about the new triangular elantra, which is slightly less triangular? I think the new triangular launcher will be better than this, but this will be better than the last triangular elantra. I agree, and before we keep going, let me do a little cvt cliche corner sand.

This is terrifying yeah that active understeer control. I think i think it worked there. It didn’t feel good, but i got through it pretty quick and i did read through the literature for this car. Apparently, nissan says that it shares the muscular sporty design elements from models like the maxima and the gt-r.

Well, that is true. The design elements are shared. Yes, it has four wheels and in the jazz lights and in the gtr they are muscly. Yes, i see what they’re, saying it all kind of makes sense, but it’s.

Just like the car slump. I don’t see the gtr in this. I see the maximum so with all that out of the way let’s, get to the price it’s, pretty cheap 24 498 dollars with this 500 optional paint and that’s kind of the price of civics and Corollas, like we did in our comparison, video totally the price.

I think the central looks good. I think it & # 39. S got a lot of features. It definitely has the most comfortable seats, but i think the features from everything else beats this out. I agree, and maybe if you can get this at a cheaper price than the actual msrp, because there are some incentives for nissan – then maybe you shop this with that, but it’s like not bad.

I’ve, been fine driving it because i don’t care about driving. When i’m behind the wheel, highway’s, a little weird not being able to like pass people get up to speed, quick but overall for a commuter car it’s.

Pretty fine yeah! I would still 100 take a civic or a corolla and possibly the new elantra, but i haven’t driven it yet. So i guess just let us know what you think of this nissan sentra compared to the civic, corolla and elantra, and check out this playlist of affordable cars.

We’ll, try to do more of them. If you guys watch them, [ Laughter, ] uh. I bet you got a gti right now, though i bet everyone will watch that by the way he’s, floored


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