i’m yuri. I’m jacob. We’re, going for a drive, 2021 nissan rogue platinum, all-wheel drive without launch control. That’s, all right yeah. I got some weird vibrations, but horsepower and torque 181 horsepower 181 pound-feet of torque from a two and a half liter four-cylinder.

Okay – and this is the newly redesigned rogue. Yes, it’s, all new it’s, not just a refresh and before we keep going, maybe consider subscribing, because if you don’t, i’m, going to keep this camera out of focus for the whole Video please subscribe.

I’m going to talk to this camera. Now, oh no subscribe! You can solve this. Should we start with the looks because it does look kind of interesting. It looks totally different than the previous gen, so yeah, starting with the front, we have the v-motion grille yeah, which i think should be called the u-motion grille, because it looks more of a u than a v yeah anyways.

I think it looks pretty all right. It matches this more than previous generations, matched the front ends, and the headlights are kind of weird they’re. Doing that split thing like the palace. It has, where it kind of goes around yeah and then like the hyundai kona and the jeep renegade.

I think started, but i don’t think they did cherokee sorry, but i don’t think they did as good of a job as those other ones, because the dlls don’t really connect as nicely they’re just not as high quality lights yeah, i agree like looks wise yeah.

They may illuminate just fine, yes, anything else with the front end or is that kind of it? It’s kind of simple yeah. It’s, pretty simple, but overall, pretty good. Looking so now, if we move over to the side, the body lines are still pretty soft yeah, but it & # 39.

S definitely got an overall, more rugged and larger appearance from the outside. Now it definitely looks more modern than the last gen yeah way more. Then, how about these wheels? Do you like them? They’re all right.

It’s, nice that you get these big ones on this big old platinum and then what would be the continental recommended tire for the row, the cross contact lx25 and the viking contact 7 for winter and looking into my rear view, mirror we have Some nice big shoulders and or hips whatever you want to call that body line yeah, pretty sharp.

It does look pretty good, but overall appearance of this i think, looks a lot better in the champagne color, as opposed to this color yeah, and this red is actually one of the colors that you don’t get the two-tone roof yeah the two-tone Roof stuff looks better, but then they also have like the flat gray for this year, which is kind of like old news, yeah very old news.

They need to bring back flat, burnt orange, yes and looking at the back. The first thing i noticed is the tail lights. They’re kind of like the v shape they look pretty decent, but the leds in there aren’t cool looking or anything.

No, they could be sharpened up and brighter, like all the lights could be way, better looks wise, but they’re. Just not in this, and the rest of the back end is pretty just plain: there’s, really not much crazy stuff.

Going on there, no, but we do have kick to open, which is nice. All right, overall looks wise, solid improvement. Is it the best looking in class, probably not, but in champaign, just maybe yeah? I think the mazda cx-5 and the toyota rav4 look better than this, but this looks better than the honda crv okay, but is this competing with the new tucson? Yes looks wise, like oh, my god, one of those i think it’s.

The two-sided yeah that’s, the new one yeah, damn all right guys, a lot of you guys, aren’t subscribed and because you’re, not subscribed. Mitsubishi won’t. Let us review these two imes yet so please subscribe, so we can review imeves.

Look at those beautiful little eye moves. So then, moving on to the interior, before you drive and talk about the handling, the cvt and the weird vibrations we’ve been feeling we’ve got an updated gauge cluster, which is very smooth, very high res no issues at all.

I can’t believe how non-laggy this is. I am so impressed nissan because i have complained so many times in every nissan because of the gauge lag, and this has none of it and there’s. Another layout you can do which puts the tack and the speedo on the sides in a really cool 3d pattern.

Overall did a great job. The only thing i don’t like is there’s, no way to have the speedo that i found directly in the middle. No, it’s just to the right which doesn & # 39. T bother me at all kind of bothers me, and then we got a nice head up display it’s very easy to read, but it’s, also very bright, even in the least bright setting yeah.

It is so then, how about our infotainment also substantially improved in the way it looks and the way it functions, because again there’s, pretty much no lag. Okay volume knob tuning knob. They both work.

Great, we’ve, got hard buttons. All along the bottom for all the important stuff we need, and then we’ve got apple, carplay and android auto, but only apple carplay is wireless, but you can also plug it in that’s right and then, while you’re in any screen at the bottom left phone icon will always show which will be your apple, carplay or android auto projection, and this does rewind sirius xm satellite radio.

But you need to click a replay button to get to that screen. But then, once you’re in that screen, if you toggle through your favorites on your steering wheel, then you don’t have to change that you can just rewind whatever you want, and we have super high res reverse and 360 cameras, Which is amazing yeah? I’m shocked by that decision, but the only thing that sucks is when you click the camera button to go through your different options.

You & # 39. Ll only see the front right wheel. Yeah we couldn’t, find it to display any other wheel. Yeah, like kia and hyundai will do the both front wheels or the back wheels wherever you’re going. A lot of other companies will so i think they’re missing, that out, but high res so yeah step in the right direction, and then we have hard buttons for all of our climate controls and they all function pretty.

Well, we’ve, got heated, seats, heated steering, wheel and below that. We have usb and usbc with a wireless charger as well, which makes sense for wireless apple carplay, and i love the slow transition into the future with usb and usbc, not just full usbc.

I agree – and we do have some gloss black in here, but it’s, not too bad. We have this weird kind of pre-scratched gloss black, which i’m, definitely kind of okay with yeah. The line material is nice, but then this wood material is hilarious because it looks textured, but it’s just like screen printed on or something.

If you look close up yeah, i had to touch it to find out, so they did a good job of tricking me yeah for a nissan rogue. It’s exactly what i’d, expect from them, and all the materials generally are actually really nice.

Everything that you touch where your elbows are, but the cheapest thing that i find to be in this interior is actually the shifter, because just the way it feels feels lightweight, it feels plasticky and cheap, whereas everything else here is like not plasticky and cheap feeling.

All right guys, we’ve, been asking you to consider subscribing for a while now and obviously you guys aren’t considering hard enough, so maybe just subscribe. If you watch a bunch of our videos, stop thinking about it yeah and before you drive, i just need to go through this puddle, real, quick, okay, all right, your turn to puddle it puddle control, okay, so this can obviously handle a puddle because new for this Year is off-road mode, so i definitely sent in off-road mode.

We also have snow mode, auto eco and sport, and i find just leaving it in auto is just fine unless you’re, sending it through puddles for some reason, and this one’s, all-wheel drive, but you can also buy one in Front wheel drive, and i was complaining about some weird vibrations earlier.

Can you hit those vibrations for me sure? Will yuri feels like it’s, something to do with like the mounts or something, because this is a cvt. It’s x-tronic and the way that it like comes on. I just feel the vibration through the steering wheel and through the car in general yeah i couldn’t, really feel it here, but when driving and holding the wheel you can feel it more yeah, but you can hear it from the passenger seat other Than that the suspension’s, actually pretty damn comfortable like sending it through those puddles going pretty fast was no problem yeah, but that vibration is only sometimes like when you’re really on it.

Yeah that yeah, weird weird i don’t know how to feel about that. Hey editor keep that in the video we should probably do a proper launch that isn’t into a puddle. Okay, let’s, do a full that’s in sport mode.

It’s, not bad. It’s. Actually like one of the better cvts. I think i felt yeah speed is adequate if, if that means anything and other than that minor vibration, the way it drives is actually fantastic, like this feels like a great car to drive yeah, it feels good there’s, nothing weird about it.

At all, no like the steering’s totally normal, like none of that weirdness from other nissans. That i remember is here which is really good. It also has pro pilot assist, which is radar, crews and lanky, but i think this has the newer one that lets you do a little bit more.

If you have the navigation set to where you’re, going like it & # 39. Ll know that you’re, going on an on-ramp or whatever and slow down for that, and ours does have the navigation assisted one. So when you do come to a stop it lets, you sit there for 30 seconds, whereas if you don’t, have the navigation assisted one, then it’s only three seconds and then you have to control the car.

Then it lets off the brake like the center we had in adaptive cruise, which was very, very disappointing yeah, but this has the good one and then on the highway. It does keep you in your lanes, centered very well.

My only complaint is it doesn’t pick up the lanes as quickly as i’d, like it to as quickly as other competitors do yeah, but once it picks them up it’s, pretty damn good yeah. It’s good, so let’s, move back inside and talk about these nasa inspired zero gravity seats.

They are so comfortable. Nissan has one of the most comfortable seats in the business, and i love sitting in nissan’s, and on top of that, these have the semi-analyze quilted leather and i love it. The fact that you can get these in this car is amazing yeah.

It’s nice to have quilted seats in a row, but what i don’t like is that there’s, no lumbar controls for the passenger yeah. That’s right only on the driver which, again to get to the price point that’s, that that’s.

What they got to do, then, how about backseat room fantastic for myself at six foot, one and a half, and in the back we do get peasant blockers, which is amazing, yep. It’s very good and the doors in the back open.

Like almost a full 90 degrees which they tell us, is pretty good for putting a baby in a car seat in there and stuff like that. That would make sense and they do open shockingly big, and then we do have a whole lot of trunk room.

Right now, and then we got some panels that can go onto the bottom, so you get a little bit more room went over our boxes today, because we’re on a little bit of a daily press trip kind of thing. Yeah.

Our footage probably looks totally different than our regular stuff because it’s. Raining yes, and one thing that i noticed is actually really quiet in here, like shockingly quiet for this price, it’s.

Definitely more surprisingly, quiet than i’d, expect it to be yeah, and now our normal tests will fit a small cup just fine visor test. It says sliding visor. So i assume, i think we know three, two one good job nissan shout out for writing sliding visor on it.

It’s like a ford thing and lastly, they did mention that this is drive by wire now, so you do have more room underneath where the shifter is yeah for storage, which i actually have been using for my cell phone and stuff.

Even though i have a wireless charger masks sanitizers all that crap you got to carry these days, oh yeah, so i guess that’s, pretty much it with the new nissan rogue. Let’s, get to the price it’s, actually pretty cheap, and this one’s fully loaded at 39 998.

Canadian yeah, i feel, like you’re, getting a good amount of modern car tech. That’s really up to standard in this see, and my problem always with nissan was that they just always tried to check boxes.

It’s like yeah. You do have a 360 camera, but the quality sucks yeah. You do have this feature, but the way it works sucks this one everything worked quite well yeah, but my only real complaint is that you actually have to click the button on the handle to unlock the door instead of just putting your hand in and having it Unlock on its own, yes, it would be slightly more luxurious.

I agree if you could just touch the handle and then, if they really upgraded their headlight drl game and tail light game, i think then it would be like a no-brainer yeah spend your money there nissan.

So let us know what you think of the new 2021 nissan rogue. Is it better than the rav4, the cr-v and the cx-5? Let us know and watch some of those other suv reviews right here in this playlist people love suv, reviews you guys keep buying them.


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