just another sunny day i’m yuri. I’m jacob. We’re finally going for an lc 500. 2021 lexus lc 500 convertible without launch control. Ah, that’s, so good horsepower 470 horsepower 398 pound-feet of torque from a 5-liter v8 say it again: 5-liter v8 love it okay, so we finally have an lc500 yes and we have it in convertible form, with such a good spec.

This is such a good first lc 500 version to drive and by the way, if you like those really hype, intros, we & # 39. Ve got one in every single video, so maybe consider subscribing. Thank you. So since i mentioned this amazing spec, let’s, talk about the looks starting with this beautiful red color.

Oh my god. The way it reflects in certain lighting conditions is amazing. It’s kind of like that mazda miata red it’s, such a good red like there’s, so much depth to the paint and especially the way it pops off these body lines, because this is one of the Few cars – that is exactly like the concept, the body lines of this are so smooth.

They’re like yuri. Can we just acknowledge that we’re in an lc 500? Yes, it took us so long to get one of these. We finally got one all right all right these body lines it’s, gorgeous it’s, such a good shape like the big, wide rear, fenders and the way it kind of comes in and out a bit against the front wheels.

It’s, beautiful it’s, stunning. It’s gorgeous there’s, not a single thing wrong. With the looks uh great okay front end, we & # 39, ve got the big lexus grill, and this is like the most lexus of the lexus grills.

Yes, the flag, shippiest of the grills and the flag, shippiest headlights as well. I guess yes love it. So then, this being a convertible, does it lose anything? No, i don’t really think so. The only thing is it doesn’t.

Look that good with the top up, which is fine, because you should be driving this with the top down all the time anyways and you guys know i’m, not a fan of soft top convertibles, but this is, i think, one of my favorite.

Looking ones i don’t think it loses that much even with the top up, and we also have it in this gorgeous shade of tan yeah. I think it’s, the best looking automatic convertible designed since 1997. – oh good one yeah.

I didn’t say it though so then, moving on to the back end, we & # 39. Ve got really cool tail lights that are almost infinity tail lights. Yeah there’s, a lot of depth to them where it looks like there’s, so many different layers of tail light, because if you kind of look in there from different angles, it looks like it never ends, and then sometimes it’s all whited out, if you’re, not running your daytime running lights, which also kind of looks, like you said, an ironman mask where it’s, just blank white eyes, yeah, and then the turn signals are just like These kind of slits on the side, everything just looks so good back there.

Okay, how about the exhaust exhaust is decent because the circular tips are kind of blacked out and hidden inside the fake tips. 2020 one reel well, my isf had kind of the same thing going on way back in 2008.

So but it sounds really good. So good savage geese tribute that’s right buddy. He stole those up shifts from us in his lc 500 review. So now we’re, going to sue him for approximately 388 dollars. We should sue them for 5 liter v8 and one thing that we skipped over, which is probably the best part for me of the side profile.

Are these stunningly good-looking wheels? Yes, they’re, a very good shape, very good color and what would be the continental recommended tire for an lc500. The extreme contact sport so now to push this muscle car through cliche corner a little bit japanese luxury muscle it’s.

Such a good rear-wheel drive v8 feeling car. It feels like, like the muscle, car, challenger and camaro style. Yeah kind of i can see that very easy to oversteer. If you want and very controllable, you have to have the traction control off, which you can only do at a full, stop yeah and then the track control warning is always on which sucks there’s, no way to get rid of it.

So before you drive, i’m gonna blabber on about the interior. Real quick go for it. We & # 39. Ve got a nice tan. In here the materials are stupendous. Everything is so luxurious. It looks amazing. These door handles are so heavy duty and luxurious.

Everything about this interior is incredible. The grab handles the quality of everything. This is the convertible, so it’s totally different than the coupe, where we have semi aniline leather, because you’re.

Going to have the top down so if it gets wet, you would ruin suede. Where here you’re, not going to ruin it. It’s just going to stay gorgeous, but the only thing that sucks is our infotainment is not a touch screen.

It is controlled by this trackpad, which i hate. However, i like this trackpad more than i like the acura style, track pads, because this one isn’t absolute button touches where, like the top left, is the top left.

And then we & # 39. Ve got a lot of hard buttons volume up and tuning knob down there as well, so you can use a lot more buttons than just touch yeah and this car’s. Saving grace is the fact that it does have android, auto and apple carplay and rewinding satellite radio stations, of course, naturally, okay.

So how about our gauge cluster? It’s, one of the cool lexus ones that moves to the side with a little menu on the left yeah and it changes between the drive modes. Sport s plus, i think, looks the best with the white.

Obviously obviously so these seats very comfortable. No real issues at all, except for that there’s, no up and down lumbar only forward and back yeah, but ridiculously comfortable. Then heated and cooled seats as well, and we also have a little vent down our necks, which is not called an air scarf, but that’s.

What mercedes has and all of it is controlled through the infotainment, which is a little bit annoying to use, but eventually you kind of get used to it. Yeah they should have more hard buttons, but let’s.

Talk about these visors real, quick! Let’s, find out three two one: oh, that’s, really flimsy fail. Supercar cup holder. We have a little panel that flips up right here and it’ll, fit a small cup of today’s.

Mcdonald’s, coffee absolutely perfect, looks great, and if you’re doing a timmy’s, i think it’ll fit. Maybe i’ll test it out in the future. Lc 500. Maybe the coupe. When we do that, eventually, should we do a coupe, a review, i mean we’re doing the convertible we probably should, maybe with like the performance pack or something that’d, be fun yeah.

I guess who knows, because this one doesn & # 39, t have it who knows what the future holds for us. So, lastly, let’s. Talk about the back seats before you drive. Can you fit in them? Absolutely not? Are they real back seats? No not really, but who cares right? I mean they exist.

I want to find out if there’s more room in the back seats in the coupe, but we’ll find out that later your turn to drive, horsepower and torque. This is your first on-camera launch in an lc500, so excited yuri, oh yeah man.

That sounds so good. I think this is the happiest we’ve both been in a car. It sounds incredible. It feels incredible. It pulls incredibly. I’m. Going to downshift incredibly and listen to that again.

Okay, i’m nailing it off the rev limiter because it’s so fun to do it’s not going to damage the engine. It’s; fine savage geese has done it multiple times. It sounds so good that it’s hard. Not to do that.

Constantly. [ Applause, ], yeah yeah it’s, definitely really cool and like we both obviously love the sound of this right yeah. Yes, we can shift before the rev limiter, but i’m, choosing, not okay but say it’s.

Parked and i want to rev it – can i rev it all the way to redline let’s find out? Yes, you obviously can thank you. Every car company needs to do this. Yeah, like german cars, seem to not do it, but then some of the super high-end amgs do like the gtr.

Cars are weird. Yes, but if you buy a car that’s expensive, let me do whatever i want to it. That’s, the whole point of buying it yeah pretty much and then sometimes you’ll even get some like backfires or whatever.

When you’re shifting yeah, and it sounds so good because we have the convertible. So we can actually hear them, but you’d, probably be able to hear it pretty loud with the windows down in a coupe too probably, and it’s, usually on downshifts.

So i didn’t get at that time. Let me try it again: it’s got to get a little hot. No, not that much. It’s like a tiny bit like a pre-pop yeah, but you do get it sometimes and it’s. So good. When you do nasty and it’s and it’s natural there’s, nothing fake about it.

It’s, not like it’s, just good good, good, good, good yeah and our red line is around 7 000. Just over that and this 10 speed automatic is amazing. It shifts so quickly. So when you’re flooring, it you can actually feel the shifts and when you’re just driving, normally it’s, seamless yeah it’s, good, very good programming and the paddles feel really good.

They are metal, but i feel, like my isf paddles felt better than these ones in 2008, more metally, yeah and earlier you mentioned that this is rear-wheel drive, but we don’t, have any rear-wheel steering because you can’t get the Performance package on the convertible, not a deal breaker for me, i think after driving this convertible, i love convertibles.

I could probably use more convertibles in my fleet. I wouldn’t mind giving that up to have this see and i don’t have any convertibles in my fleet, and i would kind of consider this like a lot, because this is my favorite car.

I’ve driven this year daily, a convertible is the best and you should try it. I would love to with this and time for my first on-camera cliche corner, send in this. Oh, my god that downshift, oh and that’s.

Nasty. Oh, that sounds incredible. Okay handling the steering does exactly what i want it to do. I don’t feel like i need four-wheel, steering and let’s, see if it drifts sure, does no problem and it’s.

So predictable so precise, like don’t, you get those like camaro snl11le feelings from just a little bit yeah and the m2 competition everything that has handled well before this. This is that benchmark again, this is the top of the tier list for rear wheel, drive handling cars.

I’m, almost speechless like this is incredible. There’s, so little body roll. The suspension is also really comfortable. I am in sport plus or sport s, plus whatever it’s called it feels so good. I don’t feel like it’s too stiff even in comfort.

It’s, just it’s. Incredible they nailed it. Wow! No wonder savage geese has reviewed this like what a thousand times by now and then theoretically, if we wanted to do some burnouts and donuts, could we in this? Yes, we can it’s, theoretically, a whole lot of fun and we theoretically enjoyed it.

However, we had to theoretically make sure we were in traction control off before we started, because you couldn’t, do it while you were driving and if you’re doing a brake stand aka a burnout, you can’t.

Theoretically, have your foot fully on the brake? You have to let off just a little theoretically. Theoretically, yes and i did mention drive modes, but we didn’t mention how to change them. So we have these two kind of like horn, things sticking out of the cluster.

It’s a little weird, but it’s kind of cool yeah. It’s, uh totally weird, but i like that they put that there instead of anywhere else, because they didn’t ruin the looks of anything in this interior and i feel like adding buttons somewhere else might have done that yeah.

Pretty much and we also have some secret hidden buttons for the convertible top, which are so cool. Okay, this armrest slides back and then it also slides up and then in front of that is your little latch for your convertible stuff, which at first i thought it was just the palm rest and i’m.

Looking everywhere, i’m, like how do i take this? Damn convertible top down it’s, both yeah anyways. The way this thing opens and closes is perfect. Nothing weird it’s, not like it’s, going to snap your finger, it’s very luxury, and then we also have this weird shifter, which for the first time when i used it, i couldn’t Figure it out, and then i realized that it’s.

Just a prius shifter just made really fancy yeah. They just added a stick to a prius shifter. You could probably take this off and attach it to a prius and it’ll. Be the exact same thing yeah, because that pattern is actually just printed straight off the prius.

So you get into drive and you push down to go into manual and then to go back to drive. You need to click left down, not just left, because that throws you into neutral yeah and to mark the special occasion of the lc500.

I’m, going to do two sends through cliche corner – oh my god, okay, oh my god. This is insanely controllable, like i can make it do whatever i want it’s, insanely good! No, i feel like i feel like this is almost better than a supra.

It’s way better than a supra, but i don’t want to dick. I don’t want to get into that right now. This is yeah wow. So i want to bring up this head-up display. We have a hud button on the left, which will turn it on and off, but to control what’s there and the brightness and positioning.

We need to do that through the gauge cluster. I don’t really like this one. I feel like if you’re, not perfectly lined up it’s, a backfire yeah. It’s a little bit blurry, which we also had that issue in the rav4 prime yeah watch that video coming out soon.

So, overall, don’t need that head up split. No, because this gauge is perfect unless the traction control thing is in front of it, which we have no idea how to turn off close to perfect. And since this is a convertible, people probably are wondering about trunk space and it’s.

Actually pretty good. I can’t. Imagine there being much more room in the coupe, so i’m happy with that. It fits our carry-on bags just fine and at first when we were trying to figure out how to open the trunk there’s, no kick to open there’s, no actual buttons until we found the one hidden in the tail light.

Yeah sneaky, but i like it, and you can also open it from the fob and inside the car so with all that out of the way on. Finally, our first lc 500 review, let’s, get to the price downshift first. I think this is the best sounding vibe, yes right like for sure, like ever all around yes, 100 for not being too loud and the perfect tone price, okay, price, 122, 700, canadian, very reasonable price – i think yeah, i’m, actually kind of excited For these things to depreciate and like pick one up in like 15 years, yeah uh, considering the convertible hasn’t depreciated.

Yet because it’s brand new, i looked at the coupe prices and they’re kind of reasonable. Now, competition we’ve, got the amg gt convertible, which we drove earlier. The gtc’s man. I love that. But do you like this more, i think so exactly holy bmw 8 series convertible, this for sure, 100.

Even though that thing is probably way faster, yes, this can do zero to 100 in about four and a half seconds, so it’s, not slow, okay, a corvette convertible! I mean this over a c8 convertible i mean mid.

Engine is cool, but this sounds better yeah, yeah, yeah, jag, f type, maybe even the svr. I like this, even though the craigslist pods are good yeah. The crackers and pops were incredible. Unless you can get one of the older f-types in manual, then i could change my mind, but you couldn’t, get that with a v8 ever and i think this still looks way better and then.

Lastly, i guess the 911 cabrio yeah that’s, pretty much it maybe like an r8 and maybe even an nsx, but that’s going up in price yeah and then there’s, no nsx convertible. Unless you’re in the marvel universe yeah, this is my favorite car, maybe ever i think they killed it.

It’s. Awesome it’s perfect there’s, nothing really bad to say about it. Besides i don’t like this touch bed, but i also don’t care because everything else is so good. So let us know what you guys think of our lc 500 convertible review.

I don’t care what you guys think of this car. I just want to know what you guys think of our review, because it took us so long to get this and don’t forget to subscribe watch this video here, which is a i don’t, know something sports cars, sports car, Convertibles grand touring cars, maybe even like yeah stuff, like that click


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