i just wan na cry. I’m jacob. I’m yuri and we’re going for a drive. The all-new 2021 kia k5 gt line all-wheel drive without launch control. That’s, not bad horsepower and torque 180 horsepower 195 pound-feet of torque from a 1.

6 liter turbo four-cylinder yeah that’s kind of what it feels like. So this has the same drivetrain as the sonata, which we’ve. Already reviewed and that one was front-wheel drive, we mostly drove it on the highway.

So i would like to address the fact that this feels better off the line driving around town than it does on the highway, which is same for the sonata as well. Yes – and there is a faster motor that is going to be available for this in the gt that’s right, but we don’t have that yet no, it’s, going to have around 300 horsepower around 300 pound-feet Of torque, which is quite a bit, but it’s only in front-wheel drive form, and this is a pre-production unit.

So all of this may not be final, but shout out to kia for getting us one of these super early yeah, and, to be honest, this feels exactly like a production car would so i wouldn’t, be surprised if the actual one is like This, i think we should start with the looks on this one, because that’s, probably the most obvious thing, because this is no longer called the optima, so changing from optima to k5.

Apparently it’s been called k5 in korea. For a while that’s right, they changed the headlights and boy: did they ever do a great job? It looks fantastic, they kind of stingerized it. They call these the heartbeat drl, which i kind of get and just like the telly ride.

They now have the best headlight drls on a sedan. I’m, so glad they went with amber because it just stands out so well, i think amber is kia. Now, if this is the first video of ours that you’re watching, consider subscribing new videos every tuesday and friday and then the front end.

Has this crazy grill that they call a shark skin grill? Yes, which is also part of the tiger nose? So there’s, tiger nose and shark skin in the front yeah it honestly as much as marketing marketing it all kind of makes sense.

I think it looks really cool. It goes underneath the headlights and the part underneath the headlights, doesn’t have real grilles behind it and there’s. Some like grilles, that are covered up below. I feel like.

If you dremeled it all out, it would look extra extra good yeah there’s, definitely fake reels, but none of it looks bad and this isn’t a fast car. So it’s allowed to have fake grills and it’s also very flat and, like aggressive, it looks like a bad guy from a cartoon or something yeah.

I could see that it’s, definitely pretty aggressive. It’s, the most evil, looking 180 horsepower car ever pretty much and with the front end, if you do get a lower trim, they completely change the bottom of the front bumper and it changes the face like this one looks definitely more evil than The lower trim, which sonata also does, if you get the lower trim, you get those little hooks instead yeah and they even have the end line as well.

Okay, let’s. Hit up the side. I like these wheels. We get 18s on the gt line. Yeah all kia wheels are pretty cool, not my style, but i can see why people like them. The ones on the actual gt in 19 are definitely better, but this is pretty good for the gt line and what would be the continental recommended tire for the new k5.

The extreme contact dws-06 and the viking contact 7 would be the winter recommendation. Winter’s coming up guys book, your appointments get your winter tires on before november, so in case there’s. A snowfall, you’ll, be good.

Do not be a road hazard to everyone around you! Yes, do not cause traffic on the 401.. The body lines are okay, they pop sometimes, but it’s. Nothing spectacular, yeah. The overall side profiles is kind of like whatever they really spent their time on the front and the back, but from the side.

What is cool? We have the chrome line that goes from the roof all the way down and around kind of to like mirror what the sonata is doing, where the headlight swoops up and all the way around yeah. I’m, not sure if i’m a fan of that it’s a little weird.

I don’t really like chrome on this, but it kind of also works from the upper back. It looks cool because it kind of ties it all together, but back to that sonata thing these are pretty much the same car yeah pretty much.

I mean it’s, the kia version, and even though this does look kind of like a sport back from the side, it’s, not like a stinger. It’s just got a regular trunk yeah. So we’re, not gonna. Do the box test so moving around to the back.

It looks really good, starting with the tail lights. Kia always has good drls and tail lights, and they’ve made another iconic one. That goes all the way across and has little dashes. I don’t. Think anyone’s really done that before no, it kind of looks like road markings or like racing inspiredness like i’m, not really sure what it looks like.

Maybe it’s, part of the heartbeat thing, but like yeah, it looks cool that’s. The part where you flatline yeah, but i don’t really like the part on the edges where the taillight goes down and then up like, i think they could have made it better.

But overall having a new design is cool. It’s, definitely different, which is also cool, and then we also have some fake exhausts down there, which i absolutely hate they’re, the fakiest of the fake come on.

What is this kia, but the actual gt is going to have double dual round, which is really cool and yeah. This is the gt line, so it’s, an appearance package. So on this one on the bumper we get color, matched where if it was not a gt line or a gt, we get black behind there.

And since this is the gt line, we do have a little black spoiler on the trunk, which looks pretty cool. So cute and by the way, the trunk room, there is a lot and there’s. A nice button hidden there next to the camera, to open it up, but no grocery bag hanger.

So i’m, very, very disappointed in that, and you can also walk up to the trunk to open it as well. You just kind of stand there for a couple seconds, while it beeps yeah so overall looks wise. Is this better than the outgoing optima way better? This is one of the better looking sedans in the segment now i feel like they took a lot from the cadenza.

Yes, exactly and made it look awesome, which was the k900 or whatever so yeah so now on to some power and handling, starting with some handling through cliche corner and first thing i noticed. Yes, there is body roll, but it actually feels really good.

So this is the all-wheel drive one. It’s, a front bias system, but it doesn’t feel that front biased, but i mean it pulls through everything and i hate to say it, but it kind of gives me more confidence than the acura tlx, but let’s see okay, tires are screaming like absolutely screaming all right.

I’m, not going to say much about it, but i did not hear any tire squealing exactly and nothing felt weird it doesn’t feel like i’m about to fall off anywhere it’s, not Gon na understeer like crazy, it feels really good.

The steering is a little over boosted in sport mode, but it does change between the drive modes, but everything else about sport mode is pretty good, so i actually enjoy it and you can customize that and go into your custom mode and then just drop the steering Back to normal, okay in sport mode, do we get pumped in audio floor for me a little slow to downshift? I think right there, a little bit at the top, but it’s.

Nothing excessive! Now, try it in normal if it is pumped in it’s too subtle for me to fully point it out yeah exactly so it’s, not bad whatever they did is definitely not over the top, like the edge st way back.

When and for daily driving, the suspension is actually really comfortable at going over bumps and everything super comfortable, no complaints, really good job, very normal, normal people, car and now we’re cruising in drive just floor for me, a little bit slow a little Bit slow, but the attack moves a lot quicker to the gear yes, and on downshifts with this it’s, actually not bad.

So if i it’s, not bad, it actually goes relatively quickly, but we don’t have paddles. No, we don’t, but i don & # 39. T really think you need them, because this is that type of car that is totally fine to have this shifter thing, which we’ll, get to in the interior section.

But i assume the gt is going to have paddles and the gt. I guess lines up perfectly with the n line. Yes, but this is an eight-speed auto and it is all new, but it shifts really smooth when you’re just driving along like if you’re, not gonna floor it or anything like that.

You’re, not gon. Na really care about like the shifting times or anything like that, you’re, just going to want to know the overall smoothness and it’s really good and one of the coolest parts that we’ll talk about with The interior section, but i just want to address the fact that you can see the all-wheel drive system in the gauge cluster and you can see the power distribution, but you can also see the wheels turning which i totally didn’t expect it’s like a nice little graphic design, thing forward or left and right left and right see.

Look oh effort! Yeah it’s like something i totally wouldn’t expect. I would expect that in, like a four-wheel drive car all right, my turn to drive your turn. Let me just make sure the car is set to user profile yuri with the palm tree background.

It’s already been that yeah just making sure. Let me put into manual shifting and launch good for a slow car and it automatically up just for you yeah. You also didn’t manually upshift any of those shifts because i didn’t have to.

I just wanted to put it into things so now for a little bit through cliche with all the aids on give it a big boot yuri little boots. How good does that feel? It feels totally fine. It feels like a normal car.

It looks it felt like it killed power a bit there yeah, because your traction’s on because i got everything off so it’s, pretty fine, even with traction on it.’s, not like clunking at you, with abs or anything, but it does kill power on turns yeah, but it’s, not as bad as like mercedes, even in terms of like pulling back the power yeah because mercedes-benz, i know i know All right now for the fun stuff, the uh infotainment yeah.

So we got a big one in this one. We’ve got the wide screen, which is only on the higher trims, and with that you get a volume knob, but you lose the tuning. Knob and hard buttons you have these like lcd touch buttons which totally suck yeah.

We didn’t like them in the sonata, and we also don’t like them here. Actually, i i hate them there you go, but it does have a very cool look on your home screen. You’ll, get your time temperature and just like a weird looking map.

If we swipe to the right, we & # 39. Ve got these cool neon, looking icons, which make it a lot harder to figure out what you need, because they all kind of blend together, but we have the name there too.

You can customize the home screen, so i only put radio climate and apple carplay on android auto and we have android auto and apple carplay, which is really nice. Yes, but apple. Carplay is proper widescreen and now, with ios 14 we can actually have our google maps show up in that secondary home screen.

So you can have your google maps with navigation and your music, showing in apple carplay. Oh welcome to android auto we’ve. Had that forever yeah, but you can’t, have a full map wide yeah, but you can’t either when you have your music on the side.

But i can, when it’s, fully open yeah, you can’t. Yes, so i’m in the lead there and anyways. I got this to work with jacob w. I added a bunch of pronunciations, a bunch of phonetic sounding stuff, a bunch of telling you how to say it.

Hey siri call jacob w calling jakob w home wow that took a lot of effort eh it did, but it worked, but now it works. So this does have rewinding on cr6m satellite radio, which is expected from a hyundai yeah.

So it works pretty well here, just like it does basically in every other hyundai kia, but you only get 10 channels which is like how it & # 39. S always been which kind of sucks i want more to rewind, and there was one weird thing that you showed me: okay, when you add your channels now in siriusxm, you have to click the purple star to favorite it, instead of holding it on a favorite where You want it to save and then what happens sometimes all right jacob, you’ve, got channel 44 as a recorded favorite.

Yes, i do so what, if we add 40 and then what, if we add 39 and what, if we add 37. now 44, is not a recorded favorite. That’s weird, so it pushed it out of the way yeah. But what if i go here and then oh so it’s, a favorite.

So if i unfavorite it and i favored it again, it’s, not yeah a recorded favorite, so it’s. Just like a really tricky system. You have to do to get the correct 10 favorites there weird and then we also have really cool graphics for all the radio stuff yeah.

It looks like old tubes yeah, but i mean instead of these tubes. I’d, rather have like the actual logo of the station, a little bigger, and even though i hate these lcd touch buttons, i’ve got this star set up to my iphone projection and then i & # 39.

Ve got the radio button that actually goes to radio, so everything is fine, but we also have another mode in here for the radio. If i click it on my steering wheel, i can go to sounds of nature. Oh, let’s.

Go open air! Cafe i haven’t heard one of these in a long time kind of miss the sound of this wow people. This is what people sound like. I don’t mind the sound of dishes: clanking, calm, sea waves yeah.

Now i need to pee that’s. What it’s at see that, like the sound of water, never makes me need to pee, but i get that that’s like a thing. So, moving on to the rest of this interior, i really like all the hard buttons for the climate controls, and this actually has a heated windshield, which is awesome, and i totally didn’t expect.

But with that comes all the lines that you see in the windshield, which is what we complain about in jaguar land rovers that have it yeah you get used to it pretty quick though, and then my favorite part of the auto climate is that you actually have Three fan levels for auto, so if you actually hit auto, you can set it to the maximum fan speed but still stay in auto and down in our center console.

There is a ton of gloss black, which is disgusting, but we have the coolest aircraft inspired shifter yeah, and i mean when we read that in the press material we’re like all right. This is this. This is going to be.

This actually looks like a throttle from an airplane thrown into here. It’s. It’s pretty funny. This is the first aircraft inspired thing from a press release that is actually aircraft inspired. So then we also have a wireless charger here that is cooled, that’s, pretty awesome yeah, but there’s, no wireless android, auto or apple carplay in this particular model, but it is available in the k5, which is nice.

But if you just need a place to put your phone, that’s, not a wireless charger. There’s, a nice spot up here up front, and so we have our drive mode selector down here yuri. What’s? The drive modes, smart, normal sport, custom and snow – and you’ll – be fine, keeping this in normal yeah or sport.

I really like that, and then we also have heated and cooled seats, which is really nice and a heated steering wheel, yeah same kind of buttons that you’d, get out of a kia stinger and cupholders. Do they fit a small tee, just fine? How about the visors? Let’s, find out three full faith: two one yeah, but just remember this is a pre-production.

The pre-production veloster and we did did have a passenger visor that extended. This may not have a passenger visor. That extends, if you buy one of these check, the visors before you buy it check every visor.

Always yes, and the worst part of this entire interior is the gloss black on the door panels. It’s, actually pretty much the door pull and it’s so annoying because you actually have to reach for that all the time.

So that’s, going to be filthy every single time you drive this car yeah. I agree with that. I feel like we’re. Another car recently that didn’t use, gloss black but was still luxurious. Was that the audi yeah? Something like that? I forget anyways, it’s possible exactly, but the rest of this interior also looks really good.

We have some faux. Wood trim, definitely fake, but they admit it, which is good, but it looks really nice. It’s very good, fake. Looking wood and then we have satin metal everywhere we got leather and we got plastic.

But overall everything that you want to touch is actually pretty high quality and for the gt line. We do have a flat bottom steering wheel with gt line at the bottom, and gt line is one step below n line, even though they both have line in the name yeah it’s, not exactly the same, because the end line of a sonata Will actually have gt power from a kia yeah, it’s kind of weird, but i guess kia doesn’t have their n, yet it’s like if kia’s top model was a 43 yes and Hyundai gets 63’s, essentially sort of something like that, except it’s, almost like a 53 and a 63 okay, not enough of that yeah yeah.

The seats are really comfortable, really well bolstered for this type of vehicle, but mostly very cushy. Okay, i got two complaints with the seats i like what you do. Our lumbar only goes forward and back no up and down, and then there’s like a pattern right in the very middle where my spine is, and i really don’t feel comfortable with that, like it totally makes this a deal.

Breaker for me, oh i don’t, even feel it yeah. I know it’s like different people, have different sized bodies and affects them differently. Yeah so sit in one of these before you drive one sit in everything.

Wait sitting before you drive one well yeah you’d, have to sit in it before you drove it. Wouldn’t. You do you and sitting behind myself at six foot one and a half, no problems super comfortable, yes and the back seats fold down from the trunk, so that’s, nice! So quickly.

Touching on these gauges, we have an analog tack on the left. Analog speedo on the right and a nice normal kia screen in the middle, with all the information you ever need, and we also have very cool looking numbers in the middle for your speedo yeah.

The gradient in the number doesn’t change. Even if you change the themes, because you have a b and c themes which changes your d p and whatever is at the top basically and the background yeah. And i really like this purple background – and the last thing that i really like is the lane.

Keep assist the radar cruise and the highway driving assist same thing in the genesis g90 telluride palisade that we love love, love just as good as anything tesla’s coming out with it’s, a crazy good system.

Okay. So now let’s, get to the price, not the price. Yet because i have some marketing be marketing, they jump this okay, yeah yeah. They friggin jumped two of these and then drifted one underneath like what the hell kia that’s.

Amazing, okay, obviously those aren’t production models. They had roll cages yeah, but they’re, not trying to hide the fact that they’re modified. They jump this and they were using foot hydraulic brakes to do that.

Last e-brake turn, but they were all in roll cages, so it’s. Fine. So, even though that’s, marketing the marketing shout out to any company that jumps their car in terms of marketing because jumping your car is way cooler than fake drifting, yeah yeah.

Whoever got that approved at the company that’s, the real hero he’s like yeah, we’re gonna jump, cars and all right. This sounds like a great idea to sell cars exactly obviously not, but i love seeing it so now let’s.

Get to the price hit me with it. 35, 995, canadian, which is a pretty good price and in line with its all-wheel, drive competition, which would be the subaru legacy. The camry all-wheel drive and the nissan altima all-wheel drive as well hate to say it, but between all of those pretty sure.

This wins. Even though i hate the seat and i don’t like the touch lcd buttons on the infotainment screen, but you also like the camry as well. However, you can’t get the v6 with all-wheel drive yeah. I like it, but not compared to all the features i get in this yeah.

I like this a lot, but this doesn’t have a 360 camera. This one only has a reverse camera, which kind of sucks. So let us know what you guys think of this car, because i really like it yuri really likes it.

So let us know in the comments and watch this playlist right here of other sedans like this one headlights of the year. Am i right, or am i wrong


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