I’m Yuri. I’m Jacob, going for a drive, 20:20 toyota camry xse v6 TRD without launch control, okay, so the midrange. There was nothing but before that and after that, not bad horsepower.

Torque 301 horsepower 267 pound feet of torque from a 3.5 liter v6 and before we get into the TRD of this, let’s. Talk about the competitors, the fusion sport, that’s, pretty much dead. The Accord, sport, the Sonata and line coming up, which probably will be a competitor for this, then the Mazda 6 and the Passat GT.

And when you said a fusion sport, which is pretty much dead, it’s, definitely dead. Ok, but I mean you can still probably pick them up on a lot yeah I’m, probably not come on it’s like two years up, man yeah.

So this is a TRD, not a TRD pro yeah, so it’s, essentially a package on the xse v6, but it deletes some features from the interior and stuff like that. But it’s actually cheaper than the xse v6. It’s, a very weird thing that they did but kind of liked it.

So the whole point of it is to make it sporty ER, but not really with power mostly looks and a little bit of suspension quite a bit of suspension, but yeah mostly looks you remember I really like the looks of the xse v6, the white and black One with the red interior yeah – I like that one as well, and this one is way over the top version of that.

This is as fast and fierce as they could make it from the factory, but like be acceptable. You know what I mean yeah, because if you did this from the aftermarket, you show up to a meet. You’d, probably get laughed at what the TRD badge you’re.

Okay, all is forgiven. You kind of get some respect. I think, maybe, although for this one, I’m kind of not sure okay, so starting with the front pretty much the same XS II, bumper, but we & # 39. Ve got a lip kit.

Yeah we got black grills everywhere, they are real and there’s, some fakeness kind of behind them. But I appreciate that it is all real and then the headlights look awesome and amber not the white DRL kind of thing, because there is no real DRL yeah.

I think the amber bulb is nice. When you’re, not running cool-looking DRLs yeah, like this doesn’t, have like really nice-looking LED strips or anything like that, but front end. I think it looks really good.

I still think it looks better than the Accord so now, if we move on to the side, seam or body kit – and you see that new wing which we’ll talk about at the back yeah. So let’s. Stick to the actual side, so yeah we do have this massive side skirt, and I appreciate that it’s.

Actually, like this sparkly gloss, it’s, not just gloss black. It actually has flake in it. Yeah it’s. Actually got a ton of flake in it. If you look up close and then the wheels also look awesome, they almost look like full racecar wheels.

Yeah I couldn’t, believe them when I first saw them like wow nice-lookin wheels like I wouldn’t, mind purchasing these ones aftermarket and then what is the Continental recommended tire for the Toyota Camry TRD, the Continental Sport contact five and Behind those wheels we have red brake callipers and in the front we have slightly bigger brakes than the regular xse, okay and then on the body.

As for the body lines with this paint, this red – it really pops and we’ve – got a very pronounced body line that sticks out right along near the top, and I should mention that this is an optional paint, so you do have to pay For this particular bein, probably worth it like it, I think so it looks really good.

It’s, a good-looking red and then looking up top. We do have not really a floating roof missing, roof yeah missing, roof design. So there is that flake in it as well. I think it looks pretty cool a little bit weird at the back, where it meets the actual red paint, but I really liked it and that’s.

Part of the reason why I, like the looks of the XS II more than I like the Accord, I just like the flake in it, I think it looks really good, and now I’m moving out to the back end. The coolest part is we & # 39.

Ve got this low profile, spoiler that actually sticks out a whole bunch and looks pretty cool, and it also has that metallic flake in it. I think it looks pretty funny it’s a little bit awkward. It’s a little over the top.

It is, but when you look at the lip kit around the whole thing, the diffuser at the back, the exhaust, which is really cool it all kind of matches it does match. But the wing is just very extra: it needs that wing and then speaking about that diffuser it looks pretty cool and those exhaust tips look amazing and actually sound pretty good.

So let’s have a listen but like how good does that? Look? That’s, 2000s real yeah yeah, that’s, real real and they’re nice rolled tips. I like what they did a lot. It says TRD on the tips as well, but the only thing is with this exhaust sound.

I found that it drones a little bit at certain rpms because it is a v6 with an exhaust so that tents, that kind of happened. But it sounds really good where you’re, just parked and revving it, and you can rub all the way out.

Yeah most cars, don’t. Let you do let’s rev that again, apparently you can even do it in neutral, while rolling so overall looks wise better than an X se or not. I’m, not really sure. I think yes, the wing, I think more childish than an X se – maybe not better, but I overall really liked it.

Now let’s, see if there’s, some performance with this send into cliche corner for me yeah. I keep it in automatic because the manual transmission kind of sucks yeah, we’ll, get to that way and you can hear tire squeal and just like a whole bunch of understeer yeah.

So this is front wheel drive, but it is very flat. Ish. You could tell that like if you set it up right, it could probably do some damage on the track yeah. This is definitely flatter handling than the regular XL II v6 that we drove and that already handled pretty good.

But this is much better. So TRD really worked on the suspension on this mostly and then steering wise through there, like everything felt good, nothing felt weird. I know a lot of cars will feel weird like you hated the m5, which is not a competition for this, but I felt fully in control and I knew what the car was doing and I disagree with you on the steering.

But I’ll. Get to that when I Drive so comparing this to the competition which would be sedans that look faster, but aren’t really faster. Maybe have some suspension tuning or body kit. Does this look better than everything else like? Does it look better than the Passat GT? I mean the Passat GTE looks cleaner.

It’s, definitely not over the top Accord. Sport again that’s. Much cleaner! Looking like you almost can’t, tell it’s a sport and that we haven’t seen the Sonata and line. But I think this is not am. I will probably look better than this, but I think this overall wins for the most fast and furious version, 100 % most fast and furious.

I don’t think it’s. The best-looking though it’s. Definitely crazy! Would you would you want to own this? No, I did not. I’d, be embarrassed to I & # 39. Ll, be honest. I’d, probably go with just the XS, exactly it’s, hard yeah, but kudos to whoever does get this yeah.

I’d, be embarrassed that I Drive a prowler, but at least I don’t have fenders, so the looks out-of-the-way attempt to get you behind the wheel talk about driving an interior, because I know you’re, pretty cramped In this passenger seat right here yeah, this is the worst part of this car is sitting on the passenger side.

I’ll, be the judge of that ball. For me, I’m, not cramped at all. Over here yeah, you’re, not time to Florida, though okay, so obviously from you’ll drive again, not really the fastest, no launch control, but not that bad.

It’s, pretty good and like this is kind of a lot of power for front-wheel drive. A lot of cars have a lot less yeah and, to be honest, the first time that I got in here and I drove it. I’m like huh this faster than I remember.

I know we say dad fast a lot, but this is definitely dad fast. It’s like the definition of dad fat. Exactly so, if you’re, not sure with dad fast is go test drive of an ex se, v6 or RTR D. If you can get one cuz, these are actually very limited.

So let’s, send this into cliche corner and then I will break down exactly what TRD added to this, like you said, definitely some understeer, but there is quite minimal body roll compared to the regular ex se.

So if you’re, not okay, with daily driving a stiff suspension car, you & # 39, ll, probably be okay in this cuz it’s, not too stiff. It’s, really not bad for dealing. But, like definitely the looks are more jarring than the suspension yeah.

Okay, what the looks this Vecchi will be an issue because it’s, not bad. That’s, pretty true, okay, so let’s, get into the TRD stuff. So they lowered it with their own TRD tuned suspension. It’s a little bit lower than the standard XS Ede.

Then they added a bunch of braces underneath the car and there’s, also a V brace behind the rear seats, which makes you not able to fold them down that’s kind of a deal-breaker. I think for a lot of people.

Yeah it’s kind of crazy that they did. That like did it really add that much and like well, I mean it is very still yeah, but it’s, not overly stiff yeah. That’s. Probably the perfect decision to make, I guess – and there’s – also stiffer front and rear sway bars which will help with the body roll.

So we’ve already addressed the power. Now let’s. Talk about this 8-speed transmission! I’m gonna floor. It a little bit slow to downshift, but it sounds pretty good. It definitely sounds very good for what this is go back to the actual transmission.

So it is an 8-speed Auto, nothing crazy. Here we do have paddles, but they’re more for gear limiting. So if I’m gonna downshift right now, it’ll. Actually, let me, but if I’m flooring it and then I try and up shift it probably won’t actually option there yeah.

So it’s, not the best. It’s, pretty much exactly everything. We complain about in f-sport, Lexus’s yeah. So basically, just don’t use the paddles and put this into sport. Shifting with this actual shifter, which says TRD on it by the way, and then you can also turn off the traction, but only when you’re fully stopped and that definitely helps because if you have the traction on it & # 39.

Ll totally bog down yeah that’s. The only reason I was able to do that front. Wheel drive a burnout launch thing, but once turn traction control off the middle display and the gauges always says traction control off it’ll, say click back to get rid of it.

You click back here if it pops up right away. Even if you don’t, stop it’s really intrusive, like okay, maybe I want traction off add. I want to see my digital display of my speed, no yeah it doesn’t.

Let you it’s like just a reminder. Your traction is off, which is probably a good idea for anyone who buys this car, but back to this transmission. When you’re driving normally and you’re, not using the paddles and you have it in sport, shifting I find that it just gear hunts.

Quite a bit like it. Doesn’t know what gear to be in and then it’ll, downshift and kind of takes a while. So like right now, if I’m gonna have floor it and then I let off, and then it’s like it’s, just not sure what gear to be in it’s like are you Still flooring it are you gonna floor it again, but I think that’s good, because if you are flooring it it’s, not kicking you out right away and then, like still, the downshift will work pretty like quickly yeah, the Downshift will work, but not the upshifts, which takes a lot of the fun out of it.

The whole transmission takes a lot of the fun out of this car because that engine is actually pretty good, but the transmission just makes it kind of feel like it sucks, and if this had a manual transmission, I know it.

Doesn’t exist anymore. Don’t cares blah blah blah. Nobody buys them, but like the position like where your arm would be like there’s, a lot of room where your legs are like this would be again cool and you can get the Accord in the manual.

So let’s. Not forget that, yes, yes, okay, so into these drive modes, we & # 39. Ve got eco normal sport. I really don’t, find a difference between any of them. No, except for that colours change in the middle to gauge pretty much and then back to that.

Steering that you mentioned that you didn’t have any issues with earlier. I actually do have an issue with at first it doesn’t. Really do anything like this loose part and then it kind of does stuff, and then I’m okay with it.

But it’s. That first initial looseness that doesn’t give me that sports sedan feeling and but that first initial looseness doesn’t bother me because, unlike the m240, I I don’t feel this is drifting. While I’m driving true, so it’s like it doesn’t really make a difference to me.

It just doesn’t, inspire handling confidence to be yeah. You’re, not inspired, but it is there. This car is not your life coach. No, it’s. Definitely not so now let’s get into this interior, as we touched on it a couple times earlier.

We’re kind of jumping all over the place. Passenger seating is kind of cramped for me, but it’s totally fine. If you’re a little bit shorter, like Yuri and everything looks really cool in here. I love the super design.

I remember when this came out. It was like, oh my god shapes teleo. It has got off the deep end. It’s, a little crazy looking, but it looks cool yeah. I, like it a lot and the materials they use are cool.

We & # 39, ve got red stitching, everything is mostly soft and then we & # 39. Ve got this cool pattern which, like isn & # 39, t carbon fibre, but it’s also textured, but it’s kind of carbon fibre and then from my driving position.

I’m totally okay in here, not too cramped. I can actually move the steering wheel to a pretty comfortable position. My driving position overall is pretty good and, like you mentioned earlier, you & # 39.

Ve got the TRD branded shifter, but we also have TRD branded seats and red seatbelts. Yeah and the seats themselves actually look pretty cool as well. We’ve, got a ton of red on them, but yeah there’s, red seatbelts that that’s, a characteristic of Type R or crazy cars that a lot of cars in this class don’t go To the seatbelt thing they just kind of leave in black bet.

You GT n lines gonna go with the coloured seatbelts, how they will for sure, and then the Elantra GT online had red seatbelts. I think oh yeah, I guess the judge was the Elantra GT sport for a while yeah I mean I feel, like red seatbelts.

Isn’t that crazy for the cars that are trying to look cool that are lately more cars. You’re, getting it, but like the Passat, doesn’t have anything like that. The fusion never would have anything like that.

Satis I gets the red line yeah on the outside yeah yeah. Save that tell you’ve. Had the red line red and then like the last Camry we drove, we do have a cell phone holder here that will slide forward and hide your phone for a compartment below, but it does not have wireless charging, because this is the TRD, so it gets deleted.

I’m. Okay with that and we’ve got cup holders which will fit this crushed up, can of Buble just fine should we check the visors price the same as last time, not looking good. Three two one fail: yeah got the extension, flap doesn’t, go all the way and, like we said in our last video, sometimes the Sun still gets through there.

It does. It really does and we have the same sparkly gloss black infotainment section here and the infotainment finally has Android auto you mean you don’t need to worry about using Amazon Alexa to drive your car.

Now ya know to order my Amazon supplies. While I’m driving, I just don’t get Amazon Alexa, but anyways no issues here we have Android, auto and apple carplay. Obviously yes, and we & # 39. Ve got rewinding satellite radio, just like the last one.

If you have your home screen set up correctly, you can have your winding and forwarding satellite radio set up right there. So when you have your head on the shifter, it’s right within reach, and then we don’t have a 360 camera.

We actually have a pretty terrible resolution, backup camera yeah, but it’s. The same Jam like they can’t really change stuff halfway through I’m, just stating it, and one really nice thing that we have is a volume knob and a tuning knob, and they’re in line with each Other so I have to reach across the dash yes, and then we got secant track on the right.

I don’t know they always have the tuning knob or you think they add remember. After all, like the people yelling over everything, maybe watch our last video and let us know and then back seat room is also pretty good.

I have no problem fitting back there yeah. I actually have really good Headroom at 6:00, but one and a half. Well. What could you expect from a taxi cab right yeah? This would be the coolest taxi cab as a TRD.

This is gonna come up. Someone’s, gonna be operating this for sure I don’t think so. Maybe, though cuz it is actually cheaper than getting an exit visa yeah, you might as well just get this yeah and obviously we’re, not gonna box this this, because it is not a hatch, but here’s.

A look at the trunk there’s, lots of room and we have grocery bag hangers and a cool TRD mat in there. So that’s, pretty much it with the Camry TRD. Let’s, get to the price. It’s, actually not that much money.

Thirty six thousand seven hundred and eighty five dollars sounds like a great deal to me. I think so too. It’s actually cheaper than the excess cv6, because this looks so wacky, even though a little bit embarrassing, but I mean I Drive a prowler.

So Who am I to talk? I’d, probably get this over the xse. I see the value in it, but I still think I would get the excess vp6 just because this is a little too outlandish for myself. So let us know where the Camry TRD falls in line with your sedans that look fast, but aren’t really that fast and here’s, a quick reminder of all the ones that compete with.

Let us know in the comments don’t forget to subscribe. Yeah. I’m, saying that I’ve, brought that back the notification valve patreon.com a straight 5t spring. We got mer time that’s. It the videos done now, then we’ll play the old outro yeah yeah I’m Yuri.


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