Jacob. I’m here. He goes for a drive, [ Music ]. What do 20 Porsche Macan turbo with lost control? Yes, and where’s, bark dirt 444 horsepower 406 pound-feet of torque from a 2.9 liter twin-turbo v6.

Okay, for me, do a couple ribs. I want to hear some options: okay, admittedly, this sounds a lot better from outside or when you have your windows down. But when you up shift this, I got God yeah it’s way better from the outside.

It’s, got that kind of like Chainsaw things, EPS yeah kind of like the Snellville Quadrifoglio, which I still think that one was better, but this is like next level. Yes, so this is a 7-speed PDK and it does shift like lightning man.

We had the tie guard for a while, but like get back one of these kind of dies, yeah yeah, the mechanical stuff – is really nice and being able to shift manually, which I have to explain. Isn’t, the best kind of thing, because I have it in manual mode.

However, I’m in fourth gear right now. I’m gonna floor. It kick down pedal and it automatically goes to second and it up shifts automatically, even though I’m in manual mode okay, what if you floor it with traction all the way off still down shifts, let’s, see for the LOB Shift, yes, it’s.

The LOB shifts okay, so you can’t get rid of that. No so that’s, the part that sucks about the manual mode of the shifting, because the paddles are so good to use. But there’s kind of no point of using them.

If the thing is just going to automatically up chip. Yeah, I feel like Porsche and neuters. They’re SUVs and you can tell because when you look at the shifter right away its up for up down for down where every other Porsche is the opposite, the correct way.

However, I really like having this now old school type, shifter cuz it’s, not that braun shaver thing. Okay and now back to the launch, control real quick. It did sound amazing yeah, it did and it’ll.

Do that launched in 4.3 seconds to 100 km/h, and just for the record I don’t fake it. I don’t smack my head back. I just take it with a limp neck. Like I could flex, I just don’t and if you guys enjoy launch control at the beginning of every single video make sure you subscribe hit the bell, maybe if you like, yeah yeah.

So since this is a Porsche Macan, turbo led to downshift into cliche corner and see how well it handles yaaaas, I’m gonna guess really good yeah, obviously really good. So there’s, pretty much no body rolled.

There is a little bit because this is quite tall and we don’t have the optional air suspension, but I mean it still handles like a Porsche, so we first reviewed the previous gen makaan GTS. We noticed that it handled like a car was the craziest handling ever and we also drove the courage, n makan s and more recently, the AMG GL c63 s, which is pretty much a competitor for this yeah.

So it’s hard to remember both of the other Mekons, but I can vividly remember the GL c63 s and that handled incredibly well, so this turbo compared to the GL c63 s, which one do you think you could go faster through cliche corners.

I think it would be in this one, but I would have to manhandle my way and have more fun in the GL c63 s to keep up, because that thing just wants to drift, where this feels more planted. As long as you have the traction control off in that one, otherwise you just understeer because it cuts the power not stop in this one.

I’m just in regular mode. I don’t even have to have the traction off or in sport, and it just rips through cliche yeah. This thing is like very, very fast for an SUV and again because it’s, an SUV. It is all wheel, drive and it is rear, biased and you do feel it, but it’s like it’s, one of the best handling SUVs, again kind of feels like a car, but you mentioned this earlier – is that it’s a little bit taller than the GL c63 s yeah, the GLC securio felt like an undercover car as an SUV, but this feels like a straight-up SUV until you drive it, yeah yeah yeah exactly and the thing that you get in Porsches is the Amazing driving positions, so I do feel like I’m cocooned in here.

I’m very low to the ground, but I think I’m lower to the ground in the GL c63. However, my driving position is still really good and really low in this, and the other thing that you get with Porsches is amazing.

Steering like I love this steering wheel, the feel and everything about it. Yeah it’s. It’s. Pretty perfect it’s, got the right amount of weight. The drive modes are awesome. We do have the drive mode shifter on the steering wheel as well, and you do have the sport response button, but the whole thing just feels so similar to a regular 911 or any Porsche car.

I think that’s. What makes it so fantastic it really does, and with this one we also have the sport exhaust, which is why it sounds so good. So let & # 39. S have a listen right now, yeah and when you let off in Sport and Sport Plus, you do get those backfires, which is nice, because a lot of Porsches don’t do that in Sport, Plus it’s.

Honestly, one of the better sounding Porsches, I think overall, because even that, like Turbo S, 911 kind of sucked yeah and the tyke on turbos, they don’t even make any noise well and that with the Cayenne Turbo.

I think that v8 sounds like kind of garbage. To be honest, this one sounds a lot better. Yes, the sound engineers nailed it and right. In the beginning of the video I mentioned that this is downsized from the previous year.

However, there’s more horsepower, so not only did they decrease the displacement, they just added more power, which is actually pretty impressive for them to do that. Yeah and everything about the whole drivetrain of this is spectacular.

Hey you’re, an auto right now floor it that’s so fast. It drops two gears like that and then the tach just flies across and it just goes. It’s like the most satisfying thing more in in one of these portions.

It really is it’s such a satisfying experience to drive this car, like it just floored all day. Like I love this looks so much turbo boost and before I let you drive with stock suspension, it is so comfortable to drive even in the stiffest mode, because we do have four modes of adjustment yeah.

They definitely know how to tune that up properly. They really do alright, let’s. Get you to do some lunch control have a limp neck: okay, [, Music, ]! Okay! I love how you don & # 39. T have to do anything silly to get into a lot of control on Porsches.

No, it just does it drinking gasps, it’s so sick and when you’re at a light, if you go into launch control, it’ll, just ping off the thing it’s like the coolest revit, Because this doesn’t, let you rev it all the way out when you’re in drive or Park or neutral Road yeah, the best way to get the most rpms when you’re idling or if, when you’re parked is too much control, then letting off when you’re yelling.

If it goes like that gift of, like car, guys yelling at each other across the intersection, just two dogs barking stiff neck launch: okay, [, Music, ], my veins, just Bobby so being behind the driver’s seat.

The first thing I notice is: we have the good old in the drive bar, not behind it so being in the driver’s seat. The first thing I’m noticing we have that awesome. Last gen Porsche attack. Yes, it’s, the best and the whole gauge cluster, because you can see it all yeah we don’t, have digital screens behind the wheels it’s perfect, just one digital screen on the right and the analog tach.

With the orange needle, the only thing that sucks is that the whole redline is an all orange. I like to have like a good differentiator when to shift, but, like I said earlier, you don’t need a shift, which is why it & # 39.

S like that yeah and the next thing that caught me off guard was the fact that we have like a thousand buns. You had previous gen stuff, but I’m gonna say: sweet spots. Okay, we got out of the tyke on turbo and the 911 Turbo recently and they had a ton less buttons.

I don’t mind this. It’s like a little bit of shock used to it. You could touch everything it’s better. I love this like getting in it’s, a little bit of button shock, but sitting and driving it’s. Amazing, it definitely doesn’t, look as elegant to them.

No, you’re. Definitely right! This is definitely a downgrade. If you’re trying to impress people with just a look and then moving on to this infotainment real quick, it is the last gen style, not the new one like the ty con and it is still wide screen.

But what sucks is that, when you throw in your apple carplay, it does have like the tiny little baby. Icons like I swear. An NBA player who can just palm a basketball would have no way to touch the apple carplay icons.

Well, they probably have a looking assistant in the passenger seat to just do things like that after you Siri the whole time yeah. I guess Oh what about when you can plug in Android, auto whoa widgets.

Here we go and like I always complain, there is no way to program your shortcut button to toggle through your satellite radio favorites, but can it rewind yeah? I got ta rewind, but have fun like scrolling through a million channels, and now I wanted a 360 camera and reverse camera.

It’s. Okay, but compared to like every Hyundai Porsche quality is really not that good for reverse cameras and even in the newest icon, yeah. So the actual video quality is good, but the warping is what makes it bad yeah.

I just warped so much you don’t know how far things are like you were reversing this car. You thought you were right next to something and you were like a mile away yeah. It was actually the next lane over it’s.

It’s, a lot of trickery. I think they can do better steal someone away from Hyundai. They got that stuff dialed yeah, but since this is of the mid generation, we do still have hard buttons for everything which is awesome.

Yeah it’s great. You got a tuning knob volume knob like hey Yuri watch this. Oh, my god, did you just change the bed with your hands, crazy and moving on to the general interior. We do have the optional carbon fiber package.

However, this one kind of looks like a race flag pattern: yeah a checkered flag, carbon fiber, so it’s, the way that they oriented the material. I’m, just not used to seeing it like this and it’s kind of different yeah.

It almost think it looks like it’s, a metallic carbon fiber. I know it’s weird, but it is cool yeah I like it, but I am sick of carbon fiber, but whatever doesn’t matter and the seats are very well bolstered a little bit too bolstered for someone of my stature, yeah And I love them.

I’m like so comfortable in here. This is fantastic. I would love it for daily driving and we do have adjustable bolsters. So, even in the most open setting there’s, still a little tight on me and backseat room is best box test, but you didn’t, expect that one one two three four five, six seven is our new box test.

Member Jeff em how’s, it going eight nine and ten get your own box at patreon.com, slash straight pipes and for three hundred and forty dollars you can block out peasants. Yeah cost you that much for that and then we do have cup holders down here.

There are different levels. So if you have a smaller cup, it can’t, stick up a little higher and let’s. Do the visor test! Alright, you know I’ve done so many Porsches. I still can’t even remember. If this passed in here three two one yeah, I don’t think so I think most of them fail to be on so yeah.

But I mean everything else is pretty good: [ Music ] and then it also says that we have lain keep on this vehicle. Yeah Lane keep assist. However, it’s, just the audible thing where, if you go to your Lane, it’s, not live Lane.

Centrum stuff yeah yeah, not the good stuff that I liked in the talk on yes, but we do still have adaptive cruise, which is nice. Now we should talk about the looks, but first I want to give a couple mean up shifts it’s, a lot smoother that time I couldn’t hear it because the windows were up yeah anyways, it sounds great.

I would only drive this with the windows down, but we’re filming right now, so microphone wind, you know so on to the looks you guys have already watched our makan s video. So we’re, not gonna focus too much on the overall looks, but the changes for the turbo, for once we don’t have the black body panel at the very bottom of the doors.

This one is color matched. Yes, the carmine red on black accents does look fantastic with the black sport exhausts as well and moving on to the front end, we & # 39. Ve got a really big weird-looking grill, but I kind of like it.

It’s that turbo thing. Where they kind of square off the grills and make them really big, and you can really see the inner coolers through there yeah, I think the intercoastal there that’s like the least fake vent in the world.

But then we also have the most fake vents right below it. That’s kind of funny Porsche doesn’t really do fake pens, but I guess for optimum air flow. They probably just had to put it there for some reason.

I think we can’t just make it normal vacuum, yeah, anyways whatever and then the worst part is we’ve got the new Ontario license plate front that God discontinued. Yes, this is not a thing. Everyone. If you’re watching from everywhere around the world, they come, I’ve, never seen such a goof yeah and it’s like a place to grow a place to glow.

Am i right because you can & # 39? T see it when this is not a thing. This was a temporary thing, has gotten out so in case you’re, very confused, pronin ontario gets it, but the rest of the world gets gone.

I’ll, never say anything bad about Ontario license plates again no except to get rid of the front plates, though, which they won’t. Not what do you think of the wheels on this bad boy? Love them? 21 inch RS Spyder wheels.

They are perfect for this car. It does look pretty good, but the stance feels like it’s a little high. But what is the contents will recommend a tire for the makan turbo, the Conti Sport contact, 5 P and then moving on to the back end.

We do have a cool black spoiler up there, which matches all the black accents on the car, and then we & # 39. Ve got Porsche written out in like 3d letters with really cool, taillights and matching all that are those black sport exhausts and they are very real and they’re very thick for some reason.

Yeah yeah like very thick walled, thickest in class and before we get to the price little cliche corner sand. This is unreal life. A little bit of oversteer from this rear, biased, all-wheel drive. This doesn’t feel I got SUV.

This feels better than I think, all the other SUVs we’ve driven through here. I just had more fun in the GL c63 s because I had to manhandle it yeah cuz. You had more chance of sliding through it’s like ah man yeah.

This would definitely be faster, so overall looks wise. This Porsche Macan turbo or the GL c63 s, the GL c63 s just looks better to me same, but there’s like nothing bad about the looks of this and if anything, it’s like one of the better-looking porsche SUVs.

Oh yeah, definitely even better than the new Cayenne Coupe a yes absolutely you know so weird, but like it’s, the best of the coupe, A’s. So with all that, out of the way, we definitely think everything in here is the sweet spot of Porsche of the new and old.

Let’s, get to the price. It starts at $ 94,200 median with a couple options checked off. That gets us to one hundred and seventeen thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars, so that’s. Definitely a lot of money, but I feel, like you’re, getting a lot of SUV and you’re.

Getting a really cool brand name yeah, and this would be more than a comparable Mercedes. Gl c63. Yes, but you’re, getting a Porsche like you said: okay, so which one would you take gol c63 s or this, and I think I would go geo c63 s because it’s more aggressive and it & # 39.

S got all the track play stuff. It just seems like a little bit more fun. I would for sure as well – and I’d – probably even consider an Alfa Romeo still vo because of that yeah. I would ghost LVO Quadrifoglio over pretty much everything but like this is awesome, and I think this is one step below the Stelvio Quadrifoglio exhaust and the GL c63 a3 is a half step below the style vo for exhaust.

I do agree with you, but the is that I do have to stress about Porsches that you probably don’t get in alphas is the build quality sitting in here. Just feels like balling shutting the door just sitting in here.

Looking at everything, these just screams build quality, it does, but I mean I kind of like those carbon-fiber looking buckets and this now I know I get it. I just think for the both of us. We want something a little bit more aggressive, but if we weren’t those kind of people, this is like the perfect SUV for plotting pretty much.

So let us know where you guys would rank this in the SUVs in this class and take a guess at next week’s, video. I wonder what that is and if we got an order dog, I’m sorry easier right. We do this in advance


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