i’m jacob. I’m yuri and we’re gold for a drive 2020 maserati levante trofeo with launch control. Oh, that’s, a good launch horsepower and torque 590 horsepower 538 pound-feet of torque from a 3.

8 liter turbo v8 made by ferrari. So previously we drove a levante gts. Now we’re driving the trofeo, which is the top trim yeah. So this has about 40, more horsepower than the gts and trofeo in italian to english means trophy.

I guess this gets the trophy for being the fastest one ooh. Thanks for that translation, what does maserati mean in english? I don’t know i’d. Try some guy’s last name, and that sucks too about not being italian, is.

If you make your last name, a car company, it’s, gonna suck yeah yeah. You’re totally right, taressian. Well, it’s. Gon na sound like a soviet rocket ship or something i mean it’d, be cool to have a rocket ship yeah and if you like, fast italian suvs that sound, really good, consider subscribing yeah, we’ve done a lot of other Ones like the alpha stelvio quadrifoglio and the lamborghini uras, which is kind of italian there’s.

Lamborghini it’s, italian god. So let’s get to all the performance stuff, because that is the piece. The resistance of this whole car it handles amazing. The engine is amazing and i absolutely love everything about the way this drives.

So, like all maseratis, they say this is supposed to feel like a rear wheel, drive car, even though this is all-wheel drive. Let’s, send it into cliche corner to find out how it handles. Oh, my god that downshift and holy crap dude.

This is like taming a wild stallion like i hate the cliche, but like wow. Does this get out of hand? It’s, weird, because the grand lusso cuatro porte, didn’t feel like that at all, like not at all. Why are there suvs more wild than their sedans? Well, this is the top trim of the suv.

So maybe that has something to do with it, but man this thing feels wild. It’s all over the place like it’s literally, like you’re, holding on for your dear life like with a horse or something like that.

Yeah and i feel like the last levante. Gts was like that too, and the cuatro porte that we drove was an sq. It was not a gts or a actually. I don’t know if they have a trophy that was one of the most exciting scenes i’ve had through cliche corner, i got to say that, because they make cool cars in italy.

This is amazing. It’s. Just kind of all over the place, but at the same time it’s, also extremely controllable. I know exactly what it’s going to do. It totally does feel rear-wheel drive yeah, they nailed it on the levante.

They really did so. We’ve, driven the jeep trackhawk. We’ve, driven it through cliche corner. This is the italian trackhawk like it really is. Well, okay, the trackhawk had an orange motor correct. Yes, guess what color this is.

Isn’t. It red red because of ferrari you’re, gonna, say orange, just like wait. No, no! No! No! It’s red and it looks so cool like this is probably the coolest engine bay of any modern car yeah. It looks really nice ferrari knows how to build engines, because this is a hand-built ferrari engine.

It’s like designed by maserati, built by ferrari in marinello, yeah yeah. It’s like the opposite of, like apple iphones yeah, designed in had like built a child, china, yeah yeah, but at the end of the day this is an fca product.

So there is a lot of fca in here, such as the infotainment and a lot of the buttons which are straight out of like a dodge, challenger or charger. However, they all work perfectly, so it’s like the best of both worlds, but my god, okay, so let’s.

Talk about this engine, the way it sounds and how hard it pulls number one. The sound incredible like the most unique v8 sound, maybe ever i don’t, know about ever, but i do like it a lot, but my only gripe with it is when you’re flooring it and when you’re Up shifting you’re, not getting those that you get on the six-cylinder italian cars yeah.

So this is an eight-speed zf transmission and we typically get that crazy. Chainsaw up shift sound out of these, like we did in the trackpad, make the sound with your mouth yeah. There you go, but you & # 39.

Ll still get a bit of it, but since this is a luxury car, it is very insulated and it’s harder to hear from inside from outside. You can like really hear it when it passes by you yeah. It sounds way better from the outside, so let & # 39.

S have a listen to the outside. So now let’s. Talk about how hard this engine pulls. I’m, going to downshift and go all the way to 7000.. Oh, my god. Yes, that that feels really good. It feels really good throws you right back in your seat, lifts up the nose, love it.

It sounds good and if you’re driving with the window down, you’re gonna get a ton of blow-off valve sound yeah. You really are so. I’ve, been driving in corsa mode, which is the fastest mode, and that also changes the way that the gears shift like way faster, and do you love shifting with these carbon fiber paddles that are column mounted, you know it and it’s only like a 500 option to get these in carbon fiber yeah.

Otherwise, you’ll, get them in aluminum like i’m kind of cool with both yeah yeah, but the carbon fiber is a nice touch because it does match the rest of this interior and, like i said, i was driving in corsa, Which is the craziest mode? We also have sport and we also have ice.

What’s? Ice ice is increased control and efficiency. It’s, not internal combustion engine yeah, which is basically comfort mode in any other car, and then we also have adjustable suspension and the funniest thing.

The most italian thing that this does is when you have it in corsa, and you try and put in soft suspension it’s like now. You’re in sport mode now yeah yeah, but you can raise it and lower it. A lot like a lot a lot, and it does it very quickly yeah, because this does have air suspension.

It’s, adaptive and it’s, really good suspension really comfortable more on the firmer side, because this is a sporty suv and, i guess part of comfort and drive modes. If you’re driving normally on the highway, you can put it into lane, keep assist and it & # 39.

S. Got such a good highway driving assist mode, one of the best that we’ve ever used in any car or suv ever, but it only works on like real registered highways, or else it & # 39. Ll. Give you the warning, and sometimes when you’re, going near an off-ramp or if you’re, going from one a highway to another.

It & # 39. Ll cancel itself, but like generally the best, but you’ve, got to have two points of contact at all time like if i have one finger off it & # 39. Ll, give me the yellow thing and then it’ll, go full, yellow and tell me to put my hands back on yeah.

You can like tap your fingers between green and yellow. So now let’s. Get to the looks of this italian trackhawk. Do you like it? Obviously i like it. I like everything that’s italian design. I like it as well too, but let’s start with the front end.

We & # 39, ve got a huge grille and i think the maserati suvs look way more aggressive than the cars. Because of that i totally agree, and especially because of the headlights, they’re, just like these straight slits yeah.

It looks really good, but i feel like i’ve, seen a jeep on the road that has very similar ones. I’m going to try to get the picture of that, and you know they are the cherokee. It’s, something i just can’t tell, but i feel like they’re kind of got similar ones fca.

Even though maserati headlights still look like maserati headlights, yeah and the overall front end, does we do have the same grille just like we do in every maserati? And then we have that big trident up front and it’s cool because it’s, all real grilles up there and moving up to the hood.

We actually have two vents, which kind of remind me of the trackhawk. They are real. Yeah, oh, they’re, very real and moving on to the side. We also have some more vents there and what do you think of the overall side profile? I i thought it was weird.

The first time we drove a levante like a little. I’m, not proportionate, but the more i look at it like i’ve, not seen a single thing that doesn’t look out of place on this. I’ve, come to a revelation about this suv and it’s, my favorite of the non-koopie suvs because it’s, the most koopa, regular suv, even more than an aorus yeah.

I think so. Where’s? Aku i like the urus more but the shape of this okay. I like more okay, yeah. I think it looks really good. I really love that huge, hard body line we have at the rear quarter panel yeah and if you get it just right in the sun, it reflects pretty nicely.

Yes, we have a really good paint color on this. I think maserati kills it with all their paint. Colors as well yeah, they’re very metallic-y, and then we have the maserati logo with trofeo on the c-pillar, and i love it yeah.

I think that’s, a cool way to flex on what model you bought. Having that on the badge on the side, yeah, if it didn’t say trofeo would be like oh yeah yeah now i know to look for trofeo and i really like these wheels.

They’re like the trident style but blacked out. Yeah, i’m, not really stoked on black wheels on this model, but i don’t think they look bad at all. And then we have big brembos up front which don’t, say brembo, they say maserati and you can get them in a bunch of different colors as well yeah for zero dollars.

I believe okay and then what is the continental recommended tire for the levante? Trofeo, the sport contact six and i’m. Moving on to the back end. We do have a cool little spoiler up there at the non-koopie koopa part, and then what do you think of the tail lights, the normal maserati tail lights? I really like the maserati style tail lights.

They just work on their suvs and their cars. I’m kind of surprised. They haven & # 39. T tried to do something that, like stretches across the whole back end like everyone else, is doing. Yeah yeah it’s, cool that they’re like holding on to the older style and moving on to the bottom.

We do have some quad exhaust back there and i think it looks really good yeah, but it’s. 20. 20, real, like it’s, not connected, which is weird, because i feel like on a lower trim. It would be connected, i think so too, so that that’s kind of weird, but i get it because, like you need that big aggressive look – and it also is nice that everything on this one is blacked out like all the window trim and Everything, i think it looks a lot more sporty that way.

Yeah it’s, a pretty aggressive overall looking car. I probably wouldn’t, get it in gray, but it is a nice metallic grip. I don’t mind this great because it’s like a beigey metallic ray like this pops, when it pops it pops really well, let’s pop you into the driver’s seat pop pop.

That sounds so good that’s, probably the way you get the zero to 100 time, which is 3.9 seconds a little bit slower than a trackhawk. So now moving on to the interior, it is red and black and lots of carbon fiber, because that seems like the sportiest option to do, and you know how i feel about red and black and carbon fibery interiors.

But everything here feels very luxurious. Besides the infotainment, which is chrysler-ish, but i get it, it works. So i’m, not mad. Yeah everything works exactly as you’d, expect you plug in your android, auto you plug in your apple carplay.

Everything works. You can rewind satellite radio, i believe yeah yeah and then we got a 360 camera reverse camera, but it is low res quality. It’s. Definitely like current slash the last gen fca yeah, and then you still do have some of your hard buttons for your climate, which is really nice, but you don’t.

Have your heated and cooled seats in there, and one thing we notice in this is when you turn on the car it & # 39. Ll, give you like a warning: it’s like do not use this infotainment while driving and if you don & # 39.

T click. Okay, that thing stays on for a really long time. Every other car will just flash that up and like all right, like you know, 10 seconds later it’s gone, you have to accept, and then, if we move on to our gauge cluster, we & # 39.

Ve got an analog speedo on the left, an analog attack on the right, a very visible red line, and the tacks are cool because they extend on both sides and you just see like everything moving when it’s time to floor it.

I noticed that, and it almost makes it feel like it’s weighted. It takes effort for the actual rpm gauge to move yeah. It feels more special, so moving off the gauges. Again, we do have our column mounted pads, which i love, and then we & # 39.

Ve got the steering wheel, which does feel pretty big, but it & # 39. S got something i also love, which is buttons to control your radio behind it. Yeah just like an fca product, yes even older ones, and then looking at this overall interior, i really love the white stitching on the red and especially the way it looks on the headrest yeah it’s.

A really nice contrast – and you pointed this out to me earlier – how many cars do you see with these kind of cool headrests, not white stitching, because i feel like that’s going to get dirty and that’s like a rich People thing to have so you’re, assuming that rich people enjoy spending their money to have their car cleaned because they have to oh for sure they’re like oh.

No. I got this dirty on purpose. All right! Guess i’m gonna have to get it cleaned again. I assume i wouldn’t know no idea and everything’s. Pretty soft touching here the seats are also really comfortable yeah.

I definitely like the seats in this levante trofeo more than i like the seats in the cuatroporte, which i assume would be the opposite, because that seems like more of a luxurious car to me yeah for sure, but these are more bolstered.

So i’m, also equally more comfortable in this, and you know what’s really cool. Is that if the whole seating position, doesn’t suit, you perfectly you can adjust the pedals to come closer to you with this button, underneath the seat yeah such a random button location for that.

But i guess like for a luxury car, you want it to be perfect for whoever’s driving it. I get it and we also have memory seats, obviously, and heated and cooled yeah. No massage though, but this is race suv, so don’t, expect it and then rear seat room is not the best for someone at six foot, one and a half, and then we also have built-in peasant blockers into the doors that are automatic and The doors in the front and back are frameless, which is like the coolest thing to have in an suv frameless with peasant blockers is now my new thing like that’s, my favorite and these doors have soft clothes and they don’T have notches before you open the door, they kind of stay wherever you put them.

Unless it’s really windy, and then i’d, be like pretty sketched out. I think i’d, be sketched out, but like on really windy days, like i’m, sketched out no matter where the door stops. It is nice in a tight parking lot, though, and in the center area we do have two cupholders that come out of this cool carbon fiber thing that opens up, but they are american-sized cup holders for north american canada.

We’ll, fit a canadian cup if it’s, that’s, that’s, an american small, i think yeah, but it’s. A canadian cub yeah, let’s check the visors. Now: okay, three two one: oh yeah, that’s a pass. I guess it passes, but it’s all the way at the top like this will not block anything.

So the angle of that, because of that, i actually hit into the handle that’s so funny it’s, not a good design visor, but it’s, a full pass there’s, a full pass. Unfortunately, what about the backs test? Let’s, find out one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and nine get your own box on patreon.

com, the straight pipes. The weird thing about the trunk is that you expect the trunk close button to be at the very top somewhere, but it’s at the bottom left and we get these cars for a week and every day this week we’ve, Been trying to press the upper button, which doesn’t exist every single time we still can’t get used to it.

I’m sure. If you owned it, it’d, be fine so that’s, pretty much it, but before we get to the price, i want to do a couple up shifts downshifts and a little bit of cliche. Please do. That sounds really good.

Sounds really good. The way that boost kicks in, but it just doesn’t sound as good as i want it to sound. You know what i mean, but the thing is, i know how good it sounds outside i know, but when you drive it, you want to hear it yeah yeah, i know, send it into cliche yuri.

Oh, my god. How easy is that this is more fun than most cars on cliche it’s, not safe. It’s kind of a wild stallion, yes, a wild stallion. Okay. This is like the most legit suv. It’s. The craziest like yeah, all right, let’s, get to the price.

It’s, a lot of money, 168 560 to start canadian, and this one is 170 210, with pretty much no options. Honestly, i feel like with the minimal options that this has. It has as many options as i need yeah, because this competes with a porsche cayenne, turbo, a bmw, x5m competition, a mercedes, gle, 63 and kind of a jeep trackhawk and also a range rover.

Sport sbr looks wise. I will take this because there’s, less of them on the road, and i think it looks cooler than all the competition. I agree launch wise trackhawk’s still the best. I also agree engine wise.

I definitely want a ferrari motor more than i want anything else. I do love that trackhawk engine though, and i fully get that, but i i would want the ferrari motor. This is a lot classier overall sound.

I think this is just below trackhawk for how good it is, but i like the rarity of it, so i think i would take no. I still like the trackhawk more. I love the trackhawks this, but then this goes below the trackhawk and then everything else is like way below because, like i would take the sound of this over amg, bmw and porsche, no problem yeah like the cayenne turbo, feels the most luxurious the most refined.

However, i would still take this or something like that, just because it’s, less refined and it’s more fun and then, as you saw, that sent through cliche driving-wise like it’s. Unreal hand like this is the most fun this feels like you could do donuts anytime, you feel like it.

If you wanted to skit some stuff. This is the coolest suv, one of the best to drive for sure no question and then lane keep this also kind of wins like yeah. This has so much going for it and i really like it and even android, auto, like this probably beats a lot of the competition for you, okay, porsche right off the list: bmw, well, bmw, now, apparently, so let us know what you think of the levante: trofeo Does the math add up? Is this better than pretty much every other suv? Is it the coolest ever? Let us know and definitely watch our jeep trackhawk review and some other fast luxury suvs.

Nice playlist right here, so nice, very clickable, snackable size, playlist click, it


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