i’m jacob urea. We’re, going for a drive when 224 deaf 150 King Ranch super crew without launch control. Little bit sluggish off the line, horsepower and torque 375 horsepower 470 pound-feet of torque from my EcoBoost three-and-a-half liter v6, pretty much the same.

Twin-Turbo v6, that’s, found in the new Raptor yeah, just detuned slightly less horsepower, but you can get that actual engine in an upper trim. That is not a raptor. China had a v8 yeah. This actually comes with a v8 and you have to option the EcoBoost on top of it for no charge and this being the King Ranch version.

It’s, pretty much a direct competitor for the RAM Longhorn yeah. We loved that laramie longhorn, and this is pretty good, but definitely not up to snuff, compared to the new generation of the RAM 1500 yeah.

So these are both cowboy themed trucks. So what do you want to get into? First? I think we should get to the looks because the new f-150 just came out yesterday and here’s. What we think of it. I think the new one actually looks pretty good.

They did a lot with the headlights. I love what they did with the new grille on the f-150. I really wish they went more cyber truck with it. It just looks like a regular truck. I’m, really loving this new tailgate innovation.


They brought to the new f-150 and the taillights are pretty standard, not the best. I don’t really like these new wheels. It’s, so awesome that they brought that new infotainment. I can’t believe they didn’t, bring the Raptor back in the first year.

It’s, really nice that they kept all the trim names just like they did for the previous generation. It’s like a throwback to heritage stuff and that’s. The time that we’re filming this we actually don’t know what the new f-150 looks like.

So here’s. All the alternate takes that we did, I think the new one kind of sucks and the old one definitely looks better, not really a fan of the new grille on the f-150. I really wish they didn’t, go so cyber truck on it.

It just looks so crazy. You know I was honestly expecting more tailgate innovation with this new f-150 and the taillights are actually really nice. I really like the new wheels of bringing with this. I’m, so happy that the Raptors back for the first year, man, I can’t, believe they brought that new tablet-style infotainment.

I can’t believe they kept the same names as the previous generation. What are they thinking? Well, we use the ones that we actually felt yes, so the one that you saw was how we felt about the actual new one or is it is anything ever really what it is so, starting with the front end, we’ve got a ton Of chrome, which is an option yeah, even though this is the King Ranch, you would expect a lot of chrome.

You don’t have to get this much, and then we also have a cool square mesh grille. It’s like very square, it is very square and I don’t really like it. I do, I think it looks cool and let’s. Talk about these headlights because I really don’t like them.

They look so cheap and aftermarket yeah. They’ve kind of got more dots between everything, but howdy is kind of bringing that style back. So maybe that’s gonna be on the new f-150. I just really liked the ones on the Raptor, because they’re like a solid line, not because it’s, the Raptor speaking about just the headlights yeah.

But maybe they needed to change it up, because people who would buy the King Ranch want like weird little things like that, then make theirs a little bit different. I can see an older person, someone that would shop on ebay putting these on and then we also have chrome tow hooks.

Obviously, and then, if we move on to the side view, this is a two-toned vehicle yeah it’s, not that apparent in every light. Okay. So what is this color blue called blue jeans metallic? I believe it is such a metallic II blue.

It has so much flavor in that color, I really like it and then it’s, matched with a brown color on the outside as well yeah. I think Ford actually has really nice metallic paints yeah. I think the two-tone color is definitely like older person’s back like that looks really good.

If you’re a senior citizen yeah, and you actually have to pay extra to delete that so that the whole thing is color matched. Oh really yeah and then at the bottom we have side steps that come in and out every time you open or close the door.

Yeah the motorized side. Steps are nice, which I’m sure you would turn off in the winter because that would get jammed up and they’re, so Chrome yeah! No, I’ll, keep it on on the winter. Why not? Now cuz? They’re gonna get all gummed up.

What’s, the worst that could happen, frozen electronics, frozen, rust, everything I don’t, believe it exists, and then we have an Ice King range badge on the side yeah. I don’t understand what the King Ranch badges.

It’s like a W and then like it was like another line. Is it like a snake like what what’s going on? I’m, not sure what the actual logo is or what it means, but it’s. I mean it’s, obviously Ranchi. So, okay, so King Ranch, it says establish 1853.

I looked it up turns out it’s, a ranch that’s named after a guy named King; okay, it’s not like this is the king of trucks. Literally somebody’s last name, but that’s, a good way to do that. Yeah it’s, a good it’s, good trickery, exactly it’s like how everyone said, McDonald’s had like a company that was called 100 % beef, but it wasn’t.

Actually, a hundred psi remember that everyone, everyone thought that was a sneaky move. I don’t know if it was real, though I don’t, think so I can’t. I don’t know if anything’s, real is one of those like high school rumor kind of things that you heard and then at the back we’ve got the fx4 off-road sticker, which lets you know.

This has the off-road package yeah, so you get a bunch of skid plates, so it’s, cool that you can still get that on the King Ranch edition and then what are you think of these wheels, which are so chrome? These are probably the chromis wheels we’ve.

Had I don’t personally like them, but they make so much sense for the King Ranch Edition and in the center we’ve got that King Ranch, snake badger or whatever, and then what is the content to recommend a tire? The continental terrain contact 18.

So now I’m. Moving on to the back end, it says King Ranch across the not chrome thing across the tailgate. I really like how that looks like that’s. Probably my favorite part of how this thing looks: it’s, nice that it’s, not Chrome.

I kind of like to see the rest of the car in that, like not full chrome, I believe it’s called satin, satin, chrome, yeah and the same old taillights that we’ve, had on the f-150 this entire generation.

Then we also have the gimmicky tailgate, which has the step that comes out and the handle, and you can fold all that stuff back in and this one also has the optional kick step on the side. So you can get into the bed pretty easily, and this is a six and a half foot bed and thankfully it’s, not body-colored in there.

No, they actually did get the spray in bedliner, but from the factory which is nice. So that’s, pretty much it for looks, but did you know that this is not the top trim of the f-150? What is the top trim of the f-150? There’s.

Actually three trims technically. Above this I don’t. Doubt it hit me with it, the platinum, the Raptor and the limited that’s, actually the most expensive, the limited yeah nice yeah crazy. Well, considering, I guess they’re licensing, the name King Ranch from a ranch they want to be able to like fully own their top trim.

So that makes sense, and in the limited that’s, where you get the actual Raptor engine with the same horsepower and torque, but the funniest part of this having this EcoBoost and that five liter v8, which comes in this is this gets pretty much.

The same fuel economy, however, this can tow more, which is why I assume they optioned it in this, so when properly equipped, this can tow over 13,000 pounds, which is very, very good. Now we touched on the FX for off-road package.

So what did we do today? Yuri we did some light off-roading at the straight pipes ranch. We had a lot of fun. We wanted to make sure that this could actually climb murder Mountain and it can and then going through the regular bumps and our fake a little bah-ha section, dis performed way.

Better than the Nissan Titan pro-4x yeah, the suspension damping on this is actually amazing in comparison to that which has upgraded trucks, it’s, nowhere near a raptor, I have to say it, but this is very, very good and it was still very comfortable.

Yeah and considering this looks way less off-road II than that Nissan Titan. Did this knocked it out of the park? It really did. So if you do own a ranch – and you get one of these, you will have no problem.

Climbing hills. We really don’t know what goes on on ranches. Do we know we don’t like the horses yeah, I think driving fields really horses, a cattle? Maybe so now let’s. Talk about this EcoBoost engine! I’m just gonna floor, it torquey and very audio pump-tini yeah, and it’s like very slow.

When you floor it like what no matter what gear you’re in everything takes its time to get moving yeah. It takes a little bit of time to build boost, but you do have quite a bit of torque, which is really nice.

So you do feel that in the upper rpms, but it does kind of sound like it’s, trying to imitate a sound of a v8 and you don’t have paddles to shift with. If you want a shift, you have to put it down into manual mode and then use the shifter to shift, and this does have a 10 speed auto when you’re just driving along it’s pretty smooth.

But there are a lot of gears to go through and then, if you want to put it in sport mode, there’s, another button that says DM and that’ll, get you two different modes. I thought that was the same as drive manual on the gear selector, but apparently that’s, Drive mode.

Yes, so it says DM next to the DM on the shifter, so drive modes in terms of drive modes. We have Sport, normal tow Hall, snow, wet and eco. I’ve, been driving this in sport and it’s pretty good, but that’s.

When you get the pumped in engine sound that’s like very noticeable, I feel like they could have just written the words drive mode on there like there’s enough room or even just mode yeah come on Ford.

I think I mean is generation great job fixing that for this next generation – yes, yes, yes soon and let’s, do a luxurious truck, send into cliche corners, so obviously not at full speed a little bit of body roll, nothing too crazy, very comfortable And the thing that I noticed the most is it’s really quiet in here yeah there’s, really not much noise from outside at all, and, like I said earlier in the off-road section, the damping is actually really good.

So this is just a very comfortable truck to drive everyday. I don’t, think it’s quite as comfortable as a ram with air suspension. No, but this is luxurious for a truck. It really is so let’s. Get you behind the seat and talk about this interior, which is miss cool, is the updated 2021 f150 interior.

Not even close, I think, launched him. It’s torquey in the upper range yeah. It’s, pretty good, but it doesn’t like feel exciting or anything. No, it doesn’t sound that good just option the five litre v8, which is the default one for this car.

So now, moving on to the interior, let’s. Look at everything! It is all brownness, which is cowboy themed yeah. So do you like this shade of brown? I hate this shade of brown. It like reminds me of like a dog poop or baby poop, or some kind of like it’s just too reddish it’s, an interesting shade.

I don’t mind it as much as you do. I think it reminds me of a baseball glove and then we & # 39. Ve got a couple, other shades of brown to go with it. To be honest, I think it looks kind of weird nowhere near as good as the way dodge did it.

No not even close, and then the wood that they have in here also looks kind of cheap, especially compared to that Ram. Yeah yeah, not dodge sorry, old habits die hard and then we & # 39. Ve also got some matching wood on the door panel right here, which another current-gen f150 thing.

Every different kind will have like a different kind of pattern. Remember the Shelby had like something way faster. I forget what it was and the Raptor had optional carbon fibre there yeah yeah, I mean it’s, it’s it and in the center armrest.

We also have this caribou color logo. Yes, is that a W I don’t even know me. The W in ranch is silent, alright, brilliant right, and then we also have established in 1853 right here, yeah right on the side of the seats.

Probably a couple other places too, and the seats are actually really comfortable and they look pretty cool, yes very comfortable and then the seats in the back there’s, a lot of room and they fold up.

So you have a lot of room for stuff in the back yeah tons of room back there, and if these seats aren’t the perfect size, for you say you’re a little bit short. We do have adjustable pedals too, which is pretty standard on most trucks yeah, but not on cars.

No, I know, but cars had it. I done that’s, a run, so wait crown vics. Okay, my Grand Marquis never had it yeah, but crown vics, because cop cars and moving on to the we have some pretty high quality physical buttons.

I think they look and feel great yeah. We got a volume, knob tuning knob, one, two, three, four, five: six: it’s like it’s kind of like a weird, almost phone layout, but we & # 39. Ve got full buttons for our climate control and we & # 39.

Ve got the old infotainment, but they updated it enough so that you can’t have rewinding satellite radios. Finally, proper winding satellite radios that you don’t have to just do, live or winding, and we also have android, auto and apple carplay, but like how crazy is it that they finally updated that, after all these years, been complaining for like four years, You have and it’s.

Still the exact same system like they didn’t change the whole thing. No, I know they just it’s. It’s, a download it’s, a software update and then above the infotainment. We also have some more buttons, so we’ve got our hill descent Assist and we & # 39.

Ve got our camera, so you can look at the front when you take off what I think is great, because these trucks are gigantic, and sometimes you don’t, really know what sneaks up in front of you, and this does have 360 cameras, which Is nice, but they are definitely not high-res? No, but they’re very accurate.

Just like I liked in the f-250 review a couple years ago. It’s like so easy to park with them, probably because trucks are so high up, yeah and way better than the Nissan Titan pro-4x camera. And then we still have our 4×4 adjustments.

We have two high for auto for high and for low with a locking, rear diff and then, if we move on to our gauge cluster, it’s, pretty much exactly the same as everything this f-150 generation yeah, nice and clear.

And then this does fit a cup of coffee, absolutely fine, but it’s, not nearly as gimmicky as that Nissan Titan. So I’m a little bit disappointed and let’s find out if the visors pass. I have full faith three, two one: yes, perfect, good job, Ford and back down in the center console area.

We do have regular old, USB, not see which I assume the new generation has done confirm and then we also have a lane. Departure warning, which is partial, assist yeah and then we’ve got radar cruise, but like the lane, keep will not keep you.

It’ll, just kind of pull you right out. So I think that’s, pretty much everything with the Ford f-150 King Ranch. Let’s, get to the price it’s. Obviously, a lot of money for this type of vehicle starts at 73,000 $ 199 Canadian, and this one is eighty one thousand eight hundred and sixty nine dollars kind of a lot, but it is definitely a luxurious truck.

It’s, pretty much in line with the RAM 1500 Longhorn. So if you had to pick one the King Ranch or the Longhorn, which one would it be well, since I’m, reviewing this current 20 20, I’m. Definitely going team Ram yeah that Ram had a lot more little details.

It made it look a lot more special than this one, even though this is generally nice for current gen Ford f-150. But now that I’ve seen the new King Ranch. I’m. Definitely King Ranch there’s. No way they tout the King Ranch.

You actually think they did. They’re, not gonna do it. I know, but I can watch this video later when it’s out. So let us know what you guys. Think of the King Ranch trim of the f-150 and don’t forget to guess on what next video is.


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