i’m jacob. We’re, going off-road 2020 toyota tacoma trd pro with crawl control. That’s right. We’re off road, so we’ve, already reviewed the trd pro with the snorkel. Last year. There’s. Some updates to this one we haven’t had a chance to off-road it.

So we’re at canadian tire motorsport park to test it out and it’s, not open to the public. We ve got a special exception and you mentioned desert air intake already. So the funny thing is for the 2020.

They made it optional, whereas before you had to get it probably because so many people complained at how silly it was, i think so because it wasn’t a real snorkel. It was a desert air intake and before we talk about the updated headlights, let’s get some angle here.

Oh here we go maximum articulation and we are in four high. We’re, just gonna start with that. Stop stop stop! Let’s, get our let’s, get our angles. Okay, let me just go to my off-road settings, so the first thing that i noticed is that i’m, nearly 30 degrees, but it doesn’t.

Tell me the actual degrees, so that kind of sucks, but if we are in four low, then we’ll, have a camera with full off-roading stuff set up on our infotainment screen. So let’s set that up yeah. So we don’t actually need it on this kind of course, but we’re gonna use it just for the camera for the gimmicks.

Yes, four lo is enabled gonna hit the camera button and we’re good to go so it does work. It doesn’t. Show you exactly what angle, but it & # 39. Ll also show you, you know where 30 is, but the frame rate sucks.

The resolution is awful. You see the camera on the side for the wheels as well like it’s, a cool gimmick, but this is 2020 and we’re using 2001 technology yo. I would call these like, oh my god it just it turns and like angles it when you turn the wheel, it also tilts the camera wow.

This is like android like first year of android. This is so bad, but it is cool that we actually have cameras. So cameras do exist so worst case scenario: you do see larger objects and stuff it’s. Just the resolution is so bad, like incredibly bad like criminally bad, and that is new for this year.

I believe yeah, and this does have crawl control, but let’s, get back to those headlights. They’re new for this year. They look really cool, like the leds. Look very modern yeah, and the first thing i noticed is that it says trd and then i looked at the other headlight and it says pro that’s, the coolest little thing ever and when you have your full headlights on it does light up.

So like major points for that, and since we are on this tight off-road section where my raptor pretty much probably would not fit, i really appreciate the size of the tacoma because, as i’ve mentioned in my raptor off-roading video, the trails in ontario Are basically all jeep trails and a tacoma fits on jeep trails yeah that’s, actually fantastic that this would fit.

I feel like we would hit way more trees in the rafter. Oh 100, like i wouldn’t, have any paint left through here. So we got some big ruts here and i know we got a little distracted off the looks, but off-roading is off-roading wow.

This is actually handling those huge ruts like no problem. Nothing’s, bottoming out yeah, no issues i’m, actually very impressed and getting through these super tight trees. Where again, i don’t think my raptor would leave its mirrors here and good to go no problem and having this camera does help exactly that’s.

What i’m saying, even though it’s low-res, it still helps a couple mclarens driving by no big deal. Oh, that’s, cool shout out to canadian entire motorsports park for letting us use this okay. Now we’ve got the downhill.

I’m, going to use crawl control. I believe yep yeah it’s in the middle. So let’s, go into low crawl control mode and you’re. Going to still keep your hands on the wheel. Well, yeah! I know i’m, just saying the the brakes are like going nuts right now, so i’ve, adjusted it to the lowest speed.

Let’s! Let’s turn that up a notch, oh no, keep it low, keep it low. We’re good, pretty gnarly. This is not gnarly dude. This is crawl. Control like this is cruise control for off-roading. Look at look at my wheel! That’s, because you don’t have your hand on it.

It’s. Not lane keep assist. It should be, though. No i’m just kidding this. This works really well yeah. This would be very good if you weren’t a confident off-roader and you needed to go through something steep and you didn’t want to like lock up your brakes and slide into a tree exactly so it’s.

Using like the abs and everything, so i’m just going to disable it with my foot on the brake and let’s, get a little bit more speed going and then we also have mud terrain, select mode up here. So then, if i press that, then we have mud and sand loose rock mogul rock and dirt and rock those modes kind of all overlap.

So i’m just going to leave it in the first mode, which is mud and sand, because this is kind of muddy and sandy. I noticed you looking at the cameras, so the cameras are functional. Oh and we’re, going to the part with the alternating ditches, so we can see what’s.

How much range of motion we get out of the suspension? We have articulation levels right here, so this is not bottoming out. This is really good. Oh, i think we bought a note there, but we don’t actually have any side steps or anything like that, and this is doing a lot better than i think any like cuvs would do through here.

Yes, we have taken cuvs through here in the past, but they were like mercedes and bmw. Yes, with like air suspension that we were able to jack up all the way, let’s, go let’s, go the harder way! This time.

Oh, let’s. Go look at these graphics. You can see it like tilting, yeah, yeah, okay, so they put like video game graphics into this kind of thing, like straight out of nintendo. Yes, this is nes levels.

Yes, all right! Let’s. Take this rut appropriately! Let’s, see if we’re gonna bottom out here, oh solid breakover, that’s, good okay and that’s, probably part of the reason why we complained so much about the floors last year and How your seating position feels like you’re lying down, but sitting so high up.

Yes – and that is still the same complaint that i have this year, but i mean, if you’re off-roading, i guess you get a higher level like yuri said, so that’s, probably a good thing to get into the truck you Pretty much need to get in over the height of your knees, yes, and the same problem that we had in all previous years is that your knee still hits the bottom of the steering wheel.

Yeah. It’s a little bit annoying. But if you don & # 39, t think about it. If you’re, not analyzing a bunch of different cars, it’s, not really an issue. Hey yuri. We got a little sidetracked with this off-roading we didn’t talk about the horsepower and torque horsepower 278 horsepower 265 pound-feet of torque from the same old three and a half liter v6.

278 horsepower. Oh no! I’m off-roading again yuri. I got sidetracked with off-roading. I actually have to focus now. I already forgot the torque figure dang. This is actually kind of tricky. I don’t think anyone has a cottage with a tricky like layout like this.

To get there, though yeah i don’t think so. Oh it’s. Getting pretty tight here and there’s. A pylon telling me that i probably shouldn’t proceed past that so let’s. Go this way. Oh i don’t know that looks like atvs.

It looks a little gnarly. Let’s. Let’s. Go up this way all right now, while we climb up through this little narrow path. Let’s, talk quickly about the infotainment, because we have apple carplay and it works just fine and we also have android auto, which is also new.

We & # 39, ve got rewinding satellite radio stations and this is a whole new 8-inch screen that you get on the trd pro. We got a volume knob and a tuning knob, but the knobs are so small trying to change it.

You need baby fingers to do it. Yeah the forerunner has a way better system because they’re like massive buttons and then back to complaining about the infotainment. We & # 39. Ve got a couple of hard buttons on the side, but apps doesn’t, bring you to your apple carplay projection map.

Doesn’t, bring you to your apple carplay map. Clicking phone will bring it to your phone screen, but then, if you want to get to your map, you need to click an extra button overall, too many buttons to click, to do things that don’t get you to where you need to be Right away, and while you’re complaining about all of that, i’m legitimately actually using these garbage cameras because they still help yeah.

I think that’s, the thing just having cameras is great and the fact that it’s. A hard button is so good. We’re recently in another car that i’m, not sure. If we can talk about yet, but that camera button was hidden in the infotainment with a swipe yeah that was the all-new yukon 84 make sure you guys watch that video, because we were the only ones in canada able to review that car shout out 1 million Subscribers thank you guys for subscribing and we obviously keep getting sidetracked because we are off-roading, but let & # 39.

S finish. The looks real, quick. The straight pipes from now on is a side track. Channel there’s. No more format so looks wise. I think it looks really good. I like the grille, we do have our radar crew sensor and everything up there, and then we also have our trd skid plate underneath yeah the skid plate looks really cool, makes it look really aggressive.

We’ve got that cool color for 2020, but i feel like the 2021. Color has already been announced. Yes, it has, and i don’t think it looks as good as this, so i would recommend trying to get your hands on a 2020 while you can, because this army green is sick, and i can bet you pretty much a million dollars that Every single trd pro we get next year from toyota is going to be in that color, and do you guys appreciate the fact that we drive every trd pro every year? Basically? Well, sometimes it’s on-road.

Sometimes it’s off-road. I think we’re, doing a good job of switching it up. I think so too. Okay side view. This is a full cab. What do you think about the wheels? The wheels are new and i think they do look better than last year’s, but you know would be even better a set of black horn off-road wheels.

You got it bh01 or the bh02, so we’re working with blackhorn off-road. I have the same wheels on my raptor, the bh02s and i absolutely love them, but the toyotas can actually take the bh01s and i think they also look really good.

And here’s. What it would look like, photoshopped onto the tacoma and if you go to blackhorn offroad.com and add some wheels to your cart. The discount code is straight pipes. You get five percent off and free shipping in canada and the united states of america.

I’m on a tree stump. We’re on a log that log i didn’t even see it. No, no! We’re, going to use the trd pro dude. How big is this? I got ta check it out because i can’t see it in the camera all right there’s, a log.

Oh it’s huge! I’ll just go around it. I guess that’s, proof that you do need better resolution. In these cameras it’s. Definitely proof because i totally missed that long. So don’t. Forget blackboard, off-road, yes right now, and then what would be the continental recommended tire for the tacoma trd pro the terrain contact at just like i have on my raptor as well back end.

We & # 39, ve, got the altezza style, tail lights, kind of yeah, they’re whatever, and then we have a damped tailgate. Yes, except it’s kind of heavy to put back up yeah. The opposite way is like extra difficult.

Yes and then we & # 39, ve got cool, little tie straps that are adjustable on the side and we also have trd on the exhaust tip, and this v6 sounds alright. So overall looks wise, tacoma trd pro compared to all the other small trucks like the ranger.

I think this looks the best and i’m coming around to really liking the gladiators. Still, though, and the colorado zr2, i think, looks pretty badass as well. Yeah, i guess this is the middle ground choice yeah! I’m fine with that all right, so enough middle ground, let’s.

Get you into the driver’s seat! Do some off-roading some high ground and some low ground. We should probably talk about how it is on road yeah. It’s, not the best on the road. It’s, just kind of the same as it was always.

Apparently they did retune the fox suspension, but i haven’t, really noticed a difference at all. What i noticed that i really hate is the brakes on this particular model. I’m, not sure if it’s like that on all of the models, but it is so touchy.

It’s like an on off switch yeah, and i don’t, remember previous ones, being that bad on the road, but it’s, definitely noticeable but off-road. I don’t, really notice it. No, but that’s because, like we’re kind of going slow and crawling and kind of just taking your foot off the gas and going zero, but which is what you do off-road [ Music ] on road.

This is untolerable. It is, i would not be able to live with the brakes on. This version check your version to see if it’s like that, when you test drive it. Yes, okay, let me get some side or what’s? That roll angle, you can get more than that, come on it’s only like 15-ish yeah, it wasn’t even that good.

I’ll hit harder on the way back all right, but i do want to go up some of these gnarly little hills. Ah, it’s like really not challenging at all. In this no, i mean i mean these are also really easy trails as well yeah, i feel, like my honda element, would have a hard time uh, some of it i don’t, think your honda could do any of the articulation.

It would just bottom, i’d, have to get pulled out by one of these, and the thing is my raptor would probably not even be able to get there. You know it & # 39. Ll do the articulation, but to get there is a bit of a challenge.

You’re, going to need some paintless dent removal on one of the doors once you’re done yeah and new mirrors, and then we’ve. Also got lane keep assist, but all it does is beep when you’re already out of the lane like way too late.

Yes, and this being a toyota also just makes a lot of beeps and stuff when you get out and leave it running, all toyotas seem to just want to beep all the time safety brah yeah. We brought this up in our prius review, so just watch that one if you want to know about beeps – and this still does have the same ancient six speed, because it is a toyota toyota, doesn’t, really update things.

It takes a very long time, but that’s, also why everything is basically reliable, so no issues with this one and then driving on the highway. It’s, a lot easier to keep it in the lanes and everything than the jeep gladiator we drove and pretty much every other jeep.

So if you’re, mostly like city driving this and not off-roading it, i think it’d, be a solid choice compared to the jeep. I think so too. Oh there you go. You got some decent angle this time, oh, not that i’ll ever know exactly what angle yeah, that’s, the thing it’s like a simple thing that they could have added, but i guess not.

Everyone wants to know the exact angle, maybe in the 2045 model they & # 39. Ll have the 20 20 tech yeah and they & # 39. Ll have an eight speed by then, maybe and then, when it’s time to park. You do have your reverse camera that pops up automatically, but then you can also click the view button to get the front or you can get the size of the wheel.

So you know when you’re close to a kerb or not not that it matters. You can like kind of pop over anything in this. But what sucks is that there’s, no beeping for parking sensors, so you’re, just backing up trying to see where you are on this low-res camera yeah, because this doesn’t have any parking sensors because it’s like an off-roady thing, so you wouldn’t put them in the bumper yeah, because i guess they could get damaged or whatever, but like that’s.

The only beep that i want is parking sensor views i understand, and another annoying thing is that you get past like 13 kilometers an hour. The front cameras turn off like when you’re off-roading. When you’re in four low.

I think they should have a mode where the camera just stays more on well, even four high. If it just stayed on because for low, you’re, not supposed to be going that fast, anyways but yeah, and how about the uphill visor test? All right, let’s, find out three two one.

Yes pass good job, toyota uh yeah, happy! I got this front, camera nice and slow. We are still in mud and sand mode. Oh yeah! You avoid the trees with the camera. It’s, pretty good, except the trees on the ground, which are massive logs, which i already hit, and what about the driving off-road cup test? It obviously fits a medium cup of coffee.

We have four cup holders. We & # 39. Ve got two at the bottom at the front here which have little grips that can adjust for different sizes. Then we & # 39. Ve got two right here, but one of them will get in the way of the shifter.

If you have a big cup and it’s square yeah, so even if you had a fiji water, it would still be in the way of the shifter overall, 10 out of 10 for cup holder options, and then we also actually have a wireless Charger which is convenient not that you’d, use it off-road.

While i’m enjoying my descent, we’ve got a pretty plain interior. Everything’s kind of cheap plastics here and there, but that’s kind of what you want in a truck like this and at this price point that’s.

Really all you’re gonna get yeah. It’s. Fine, we & # 39. Ve got hard buttons for climate. We got the little lcd screen that’s tilted away from us, but it’s still very legible and in terms of back seat room it’s.

Not that bad. For someone of my stature at six foot, one and a half sitting behind myself and what’s nice? Is that the way the seats in the back fold up? You can actually kind of use it as a platform.

So it’s. Easy to get to any bags you have in the backseat yeah, not a lot of trucks. Have that feature so that’s cool and i’m going through this articulation section no problemo and a couple other truck things that i’m sure people shopping for something like this are going to want to know.

So this does have an electronically locking diff, you press it up here, and then you also have your mts and your crawl modes up there. So all your off-roady stuff is up at the top, except the camera being down at the bottom, and if you also want to tow stuff, this can tow right around six thousand pounds.

I think around 6 500 ish so that’s, pretty much it with the tacoma trd pro. Let’s get to the price. It is pretty much the same as last year: 56 150 and you don’t have to get that stupid, desert air intake and i highly recommend not getting it because i really don’t think you’re, going to Use it after driving this thing off-road.

I totally understand why you would want to get the trd pro version, because, if you actually need it to get to like really tricky places, this thing is pretty next level and it’s. Effortless yeah and a lot of it has to do with the size, like i said, because my raptor just wouldn’t fit down.

Half the stuff, you’d, be like six feet in the air on edge to edge with your wheels trying to go over some of these yeah and my mirrors folded in and just yeah. So let us know what you guys: think of the 2020 tacoma trd pro and definitely watch our older tacoma trd pro reviews right here and let us know what you think of these off-roading reviews where we’re, not actually kind of like ripping it.

On streets, and just going slowly through some trails, we’re having fun it’s. Relaxing i think it’s, an important thing to do both for sure


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