2020 Nissan Titan Pro-4X

I’m hearing on Jacob record for a drive, . What you twenty Nissan, Titan pro-4x with note: Watson, troll Hill, Climb yeah, let’s! Try it [ Music, ], easy! No issues horsepower and torque; 400 horsepower.

413 pound-feet of torque from a five point, six liter v8 and, as you may have noticed, we are at straight pipes ranch, but back to the horsepower. Is this the most in class? Yes, can these sign claims that it has most power in class? Most safety features in class and most technology in class, apparently.

So what are the main competitors for this? This would be the f-150, the RAM 1500 Tundra, that kind of stuff and the Silverado yeah yeah Silverado, and I should mention that you only get 400 horsepower on 91 octane on 87, you get about 10 less horsepower, so that’s, where the new Power figure comes from okay, so let

S start this off with the looks and what this is, because this kind of looks like a Raptor to me. Okay, it’s kind of a raptor competitor, but at the same time, not at all it’s more on par with the tundra TRD pro.

So it looks wise the front end. We’ve, got a matte black grille up there, and then we have lava red for the Nissan logo and then we & # 39. Ve got really cool, DRLs, probably better than everything else in the class.

They are razor sharp and I really like them, and then we & # 39. Ve got a skid plate at the bottom and red toe hooks in there yeah that’s. The part that kind of looks Raptor ish but yeah the lava red toe hooks overall, the whole front end looks awesome, it does stay, tighten up there.

I really like the look, and it even says pro-4x and the grille, but it’s like pretty hidden and then, when you’re. Looking at the side view. The first thing you notice is: we have that sport bar at the back yeah.

It looks pretty cool from the spa. Okay, we are offroad, it looks pretty cool from the side, it does say Titan in it, but overall I think I would probably delete that know that what makes it look so cool and a raptor ish.

Well, the raptor doesn’t have one yeah. I know it adds to the off-road enos look of it. It does kind of, and then from the side. We also have black fender arches, but they’re like kind of weak. They’re, not fully complete and like they.

Don’t fully connect, even with the front bumper yeah, and especially around the gas tank. I found that one hilarious, like they just kind of notched it in there yeah. It definitely looks a little bit incomplete and then we also do have sidestep running bore there yeah.

So I think they made a bad decision with the type that they put on here, because they lower the actual is clearance by quite a bit, and then they also stick out. So if you were gonna take this rock crawling, you’d, probably get caught up on these a little bit yeah.

But after taking this off-roading a little bit, the straight pipes Ranch it’s, probably not the kind of truck for that, but we’ll, get into that later. Yeah it’s really not but anyways, and this is a full sized crew, cab, yeah and in Canada.

They don’t actually offer anything smaller than this. You can only get the crew cab, but like overall side dimensions, looks really good. What do you think of the wheels the wheels are pretty nice? They’re, not like too special, but they fit the truck.

And then what is the general recommended tire, the general grabber apt, which is what we’re rolling on and for those of you confused Continental owns general and then what kind of tires do you have on your Raptor? I have general grabber, 80 X’s, slightly more off-road II than these ones and then moving on to the backend.

The first thing I noticed is we & # 39. Ve got that black thing across the tailgate, which makes it look exactly like a rafter. Yes, it does, which obviously makes it look pretty good and from a distance.

I actually thought it was a rafter. It does have that silhouette, but I’m. Like I, don’t think the rapture comes in this tan color, no exactly it used to in the first generation and then what do you think of the taillights cuz? I think they look really good.

They & # 39, ve got a cool design or whether they’re on or off yeah. I really like the tail. It’s actually for a truck. They look pretty nice and then do we have a gimmicky tailgate or anything. No, it’s, just regular tailgate and it’s very well.

Damped it’s, actually pretty light to lift up and put down, and then we got a side step to get into the back on the side of the rear. Bumper yeah, it’s, a cool little addition, you just kind of kick it down, but again you lose a little bit of ground clearance on that one corner, but so far through straight pipes ranch with our messing around on these pretty bumpy roads.

Road paths yeah it hasn’t really caught or like caused any trouble. No not too many crazy angles here and then now moving down to the exhaust. It is on the passenger side sticking out and it does sound really good, because this is a v8.

Yes, it does so let’s, have a listen [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], so overall looks-wise, definitely one of the best looking trucks but maybe over performs in the looks department compared to the driving department and then exhaust wise, probably also the best Sounding in class it’s, really good.

It’s up there with the tundra, TRD pro and then briefly, moving inside before you start driving, we do have a good infotainment screen. Finally, in a Nissan, it has apple, carplay, Android, auto rewinding satellite radio stations and it’s all really high res yeah, except for the reverse camera and the idea oh and the front camera, which will show the front wheel.

Besides that, they & # 39, ve actually got their infotainment up to the standards of 2017 Hyundai Kia, which was the best for a while, which are now going downhill because they added a whole bunch of LCD buttons.

And this isn’t even that laggy like they’ve, actually deleted the leg they’ve improved so much with this infotainment and then we & # 39. Ve got a volume knob tuning knob, hard buttons for everything, hard buttons for all your climate stuff.

Your heated seats, your cooled seats, protraction parking, sensors, your safety halo, it’s, actually very, very good and the sound system it’s. Fender yeah, usually in a Volkswagen, you get fender, you’re kind of like okay, whatever this is actually such a good sound system.

It is bangin. I love playing my rap music in here and as for the gauges, they’re. Very simple: they kind of remind me of the RAM gauges, the color and the font, but in the middle we have a little bit of off-road eNOS, because you can see your angles and all that kind of stuff.

You can see your diff locks and your 4×4 is your four by twos yeah. They’re, not missing anything, but it’s. Also not super special, but not everyone needs to be super special. They just need to kind of get it right.

I think yeah. I think they did a really good job of updating this truck. So with that interior stuff. Out of the way there’s more to talk about, I’m gonna Baja you into the driver’s seat. I’m kind of nervous about buying through this.

Here we go okay. So now let’s. Talk about the suspension! You get Bilstein dampers on this and I don’t think they got the compression in the rebound right because off-road going through a lot of this kind of stuff.

It’s. Very jumpy and bumpy and like it’s, just not well damped. We’ve, also driven a four f150 through here, and it feels like you’re, getting bunny hopped out of your seat a lot more in this then doing it in the fort.

At the exact same way, you’re driving yeah, so this is a lot more bouncy now on the road. This is very comfortable and I was expecting a lot for an off-road, but off the road it’s. Just it’s, so bouncy like they just did something with the compression in the rebound.

That’s, not quite right but say you’re, not full, sending it through stuff. It’ll handle pretty much all the terrain, just fine, and since it’s very comfortable on the road and looks really cool, I think they did a really good compromise all around yeah.

So it’s kind of almost like a rock crawling kind of thing, rather than like a baja raptor type of suspension, even though the look is definitely a baja type. Look yeah, I feel like it’s, just the Raptor and there’s, a tower that’s like ready for Baja, ish, stuff yeah, and this paint color that we mentioned earlier.

It does have Baja in the name. Even okay, but it’s like Baja line yeah. Yes, all right! Let’s, see if I can drift this corner with the attraction fully off in 4×2, no, the traction still kicks in and that’s.

The thing I can’t get it to fully turn off and we & # 39. Ve got the parking sensors off the safety halo off the diff, lock and traction off it. Just like won’t. Do it yeah? I’ve tried pressing it. I’ve tried holding it it.

Just it. Doesn’t fully turn off, which is pretty annoying. Maybe there’s a way, but we couldn’t figure it out and the traction control system, which appears to be off is a little bit intrusive, going up the hill.

So now I’m, going to attempt to climb the hill again, just like you did, but I’m gonna go a little bit slower. I’m gonna keep it in four by four floor high and we’ll see what the traction control system does up the hill.

So I’m gonna slow down in the middle of it, and then you’ll, be able to see it kind of kick in and I’m gonna floor it and you & # 39. Ll see nothing happens so right now, slowing down. I’m gonna floor.

It you see how it’s like varying because it’s like simulating an LSD, basically yeah, I don’t, really know what it’s doing, but it gets up every time it does it hasn’t failed on it, so that’s good and does this have hill descent Assist? Yes, it does so let’s.

Try that out now on murder, Mountain okay for high hill descent control is on it’s. Not flashing, if, like all the brakes there, it’s working okay, that’s, pretty damn good! My foot is completely off of every pedal.

This is nice, nice and controllable, yeah, okay, so hill descent works, 9, 19, 22 degrees, 23, 23 degrees of forward angle, nice, okay, so hill descent control works flawlessly. I’d, say I’m gonna turn that off and back into two-wheel drive.

So now I’d like to talk about this engine and transmission, which are fantastic. That is the best part of this truck CVT right. Yeah right, whoever designed this 9 speed, auto put this in every Nissan except the GTR, but you probably also worked on the GTR, because that transmission is also fantastic.

Whoever did this needs a race. It’s honestly amazing. It almost feels like sports car quick on the road and the engine pulls really hard. It’s a v8 there’s, no lag truck people love v8. So I’m glad that Nissan just gave people a naturally aspirated v8 and there’s, no paddles to control this, but you can go up or down for the gear on the shifter, which is a column shifter.

It’s, a massive column shifter, and then we also have a tow mode. But the funny thing is it’s, so massive that it actually blocks your rear defroster. So you can’t see you have to look around it, but in in the buttons defense I feel, like you put on your defrost when you get into the car cuz that’s when you start it and it & # 39.

Ll, be in part you’ll notice. The back is frosty. You’ll, be like I should click this button. Ok, but if I wan na adjust my climbing control, I have to shove my hand through the tow mode and then almost miss it come on bad design.

You’re, bad agree, disagree and the other thing that I noticed on the road is that the steering is way too light. It’s really good for the slow speed offroad he stuff, but it’s. Just it’s so over boosted that I’m constantly making adjustments on the highway.

I found that it was light, but I didn’t think it was nearly as bad as a jeep rubicon cuz. I could Jeep Rubicon, like. I really noticed that it bothered me this. I didn’t really notice until you brought it up that it was pretty light yeah.

For me, it was equivalent, if now worse than this, so to sum up all the off-road eNOS of this truck, it’s very good for lower speed stuff, not the best for higher speed stuff. Even though it’s. Baja inspired, look and design baja inspired paint, color name in the look come on.

I mean a lot of stuff has skid plates. A lot of stuff has red toe hooks yeah, but i’m. Pretty sure you even said this looks like a baja truck in the beginning, yeah, but, like you know whatever, and before we move on to the interior, let’s.

Talk about towing. This can tow just over 9,000 pounds, which is not the best in class. It’s, I believe the worst in class, but you can still tell jet skis so whatever yeah, that’s, really all that matters exactly so now let’s.

Talk about this interior! Ok, some really cool stuff that it has. It has the cell phone holder slot just like the Dodge Ram, and it also has a cup holder there too, which will fit a cup of coffee just fine.

But what’s cool? Is you can pull these things out and switch on the spots customizable cup holders? It’s totally modular? That is very cool, and then you can take all that out. Then you have a ton of room below you, have a ton of room in this armrest compartment with more stuff that comes out, and you got these little slots here: lots of compartments for lots of cool stuff and then down here near the cupholders.

We also have heated and cooled seats, because this is the luxury trim of the pro-4x and you get USB and USB see ya. Thank you for providing both in this transitionary period. Ok, then, how about the visors? Let’s, find out.

It was a big three to one yes, full bath, good job Nissan and how about the backseat room? Fantastic, but not as good as Ford’s, crew, cabs, yeah, a lot of room for five foot, eight and a half you’ll, be fine.

Yes, even six foot, one and a half, but the coolest part of the back seats is all the storage underneath the seats as well as the part that folds out to make a flat load floor. Yeah it’s, pretty cool and there’s, lockable compartments as well.

Then, if we look at the dashboard, we do have a lot of nice. Soft textures cool materials. We’ve, got like a brushed steel, carbon fiber. Looking thing and then we’ve got cool like orange red stitching that also matches the Nissan logos on the outside, that’s right and on the steering wheel and speaking in the steering wheel.

It’s, so thin like that’s, the daintiest part of this truck, but we did just get out of a BMW and those have like really thick steering wheels, but not to bring up my own truck. I’m. Going to bring up my own truck, this is so dainty in comparison to feeling like my own truck.

But what’s cool, but the steering wheel is all the are very easy to use and it’s all black. It looks very bad ass for a steering wheel. Okay, yeah, you know not every steering wheel, I used to look badass or not, but it doesn’t, look, not badass, and then we & # 39.

Ve got hard buttons on it and they all functioned actually pretty well yeah. The only thing that sucks is to go through your favourites on the satellite radio. You need to change your gauge screen to the favorite screen and then go up and down that’s, the only way to toggle through your favourites and now talking about these seats.

These are zero gravity seats and they’re so comfortable to space seats yeah. Well, now NASA’s, sort of back in space with SpaceX, so yeah NASA inspired SpaceX inspired Elon Musk inspired I don’t know what they’re gonna call it anymore.

Oh, they’re gonna they’re gonna milk Tesla. They’re gonna, say: Tesla, inspire, yeah, okay and then we & # 39. Ve also got this cool huge moonroof. It’s. Actually massive! Then the back window opens up just like every other truck and back to more on-road stuff.

There is no Lane keep assist it’s only lane departure warning, but we do have adaptive cruise, which is nice, and if you’re in America, you can get different trims and different bed lengths, depending on which Titan you order.

The pro-4x has a very specific trim in canada, so i think that pretty much covers the nissan titan. Let’s, get to the price. It starts at fifty thousand four hundred and ninety eight dollars, Canadian, and this one is optioned out to sixty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety eight dollars.

I feel like that’s right in the line or with every other truck. It kind of is actually so. Do you think that’s, good value like would you take this over any of the other trucks? I would definitely consider it.

Ford’s. Drivetrain and its general looks yeah. I think I’d, still want to end up with a ram rebel. I think the RAM rebel is definitely best-in-class right now, because the Raptor is out of that class, but this is probably nicer inside and everything then tundra yeah.

Oh for sure it is and it’s more updated, and I, like this, looks nice too yeah and I like the drivetrain better in this than the tundra, which is shocking because that’s, got like a six-speed it just it’s so dated at this point, we liked it, but this is like a better dated version of that kind of same idea, and I did spend a lot of time in the Silverado trail boss.

When I was out in Prince Edward Island, I feel like I kind of liked that one a little bit more than this like that felt more solid, but looks wise since I haven’t actually driven one. I think this looks a lot better than that disgusting thing I mean I like the silverado looks too so I think this might edge it out, buy it no edged out by a lot with this hirato trial.

Boss still looks really cool my eyes, so let us know what you guys think of the new Titan pro-4x. Were you surprised at how much we liked it and guess what the next video is right here? It could be Tuesdays or Fridays because that’s.

The next video we don’t know what day it is today


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