I’m hearing Jacobs board for a drive,20:20 mercedes-amg GLC 43 4matic without launch control, a solid kick in the back It’s very fast, but it doesn’t have launch control, horsepower and torque 385 horsepower 384 pound-feet of torque from a twin-turbo 3 litre v6 yeah.

It’s, pretty damn quick. So it’s. The small fast SUV, but it’s, not the fastest version and it’s, also not the smallest version. It’s kind of the smallest version of the regular sized SUV’s because it’s, not like the mini SUV.

They’re coming up now, the super subcompact ones and since it’s, an AMG, it should be fast. So I’m just gonna floor. It [ Music ], not the fastest, no, definitely not, but it crackles and pops and, like we said before 43 AMG’s.

Weren’t, really real injuries. We can say that they’re, not real. Amg’s because it doesn’t have launch control, but it is still good. I think it’s like a perfect entry level to faster cars yeah, and everyone thinks that I hate on them when they say they’re, not real Angie.

I still like these because there’s, a little good car. This one is very, very enjoyable, especially because of the crackles and pops and the shifting and everything yeah. So the engine is not hand-built on this one.

It’s, AMG enhanced, but on some other Mercedes with different numbers like 45. Those are still hand-built but 43 and 53 are not. Yes, did you guys get that and there’s, also a 35. There is a 35 now, but that five isn’t cool, like the other five, that’s right.

It’s, not a 45, and it doesn’t interview 12, like 65, no, not even close, and previously we reviewed the last gen GL c63 s, which was faster but didn’t. Have all this updated, infotainment everything and the new headlights and the new taillights yeah? I’ve loved that engine though, but we’re gonna stick to the 43 stuff and all the stuff that’s been updated.

With this one, so since it’s, an AMG, we should assume that it can do donuts right. It has an angie badge, so I guess we should find out. If it can do donuts yeah let’s find out it kind of just piles around in circles, which is super disappointing yeah, just flowers like it really was understeers and doesn’t do anything fun and I feel, like I had the Same issue in the GL c63s, so the interior does have the new MB UX with hey Mercedes and it’s got the new trackpad.

Only it doesn’t have the rotary wheel. So it is a lot more difficult to use. Yeah and the screens look nicer: they’re. Also bigger yeah, you’ve, got the fully updated infotainment. I think the last GLC had one that was like three generations back yeah because of the way everything gets updated.

So this one does have nice high resolution, reverse camera and 360 cameras, and it has a bunch of themes which change the way. The gauges look, the actual screen and then your head up display as well yeah.

And so, if you go to like the racetrack one, it & # 39. Ll show you your AMG performance. If you go to the off-road one, it & # 39. Ll show you all your angles and everything considering how confusing this infotainment is to use that’s, a really nice feature, and this is also a touchscreen.

This is the first generation with touchscreen in Mercedes yeah, and I like that, a lot because you kind of have to touch screen when you get too frustrated using this trackpad pretty much exactly or you just talk to it.

Hey Mercedes turn up the temperature. I’m setting the temperature on the driver side to 18 degrees, but that’s. Also, frustrating even talking to it like it does ever want a Satellite Radio’s, it does have to mix, but you can’t set up your toon mix as a favorite.

There’s, no favorite buttons anywhere pretty much getting to everything is difficult, but on the plus side it does have apple, carplay and android, auto yeah and they work pretty flawlessly. I would say yeah, except it’s, not full widescreen, like the older generations of Mercedes were and then even getting to my apple carplay is way more difficult than it was with the older ones, with the rotary wheel, the rotary wheel.

I know if I click home with my middle finger: click up on the scroll wheel once and then tap down. I’ll, be an apple carplay. Here there’s, a lot more. You need to like click home there and then scroll around with the trackpad, which we pretty much always miss.

What we’re aiming for yeah, which is why I use the touchscreen and that’s. Why? I said as follows for me, but like even the touchscreen it’s, pretty distracting like there’s, a lot of little buttons and stuff to click more than I think it should have it’s.

Definitely not the best. Infotainment – and I think BMW is now the best personally between Mercedes and BMW. Yes, but I really like out he’s like I think the most. Actually, then, if we move on to the gauge cluster now we have classic sport and Super Sport.

Super Sport is the best one because it & # 39. S, got the speed in the middle, it & # 39. S, got your gear in the middle and it & # 39. S got a nice tach on the outside yeah and you get your redline when you need to shift everything’s flashing at you.

It’s. A really good-looking system. Yeah it’ll show the gear you need to go to on the left, and then you & # 39. Ve also got a head-up display that can have a whole bunch of different displays. It’ll.

Have your tach all the way across it can have your timing and everything for track base, which we’ll talk about in a second and then, when you’re in manual mode, you’ll, get additional shift lights that Are more accurate than everything else, because if you try to shift right on the line it & # 39, ll, definitely bog down so track pace is the thing that Mercedes has been adding to AMG branded vehicles, so basically allows you to time yourself on the racetrack And then you can see your sector times and a bunch of cool stuff like that, like you can see a whole GPS layout of the track.

Yes, so in the previous generation it was an app that was only on your phone, but it would connect to your cart to get telemetry. Now it’s more built into the actual infotainment. However, it can also connect to your phone, but we had a real hard time.

With that I followed all of the steps I connected it. I went without internet. I pretty much followed every instruction and I couldn’t really get it to work easily. I’m sure there’s, a way to make it work, but I think we spent like ten minutes and we were stumped yeah.

So we couldn’t, actually get it to pair with the phone plus the car. So Mercedes, let us know if you have a representative that can help us out, because we tried our best yeah cuz. It’s really cool, because you & # 39.

Ll have all the telemetry from the car going to the app and then your phone is going to be recording everything you’re doing so it’s like a built-in 4k dash cam with good footage and then also with the lap Timing and sector timing, when you have your head up display in that mode, you have all that stuff in front of you.

So you don’t have to like look away click a button to reset it every lap. It seems like you’d, be perfect for track driving, even though you probably wouldn’t tractor have a 43, but all that stuff’s. Gon na be on the higher models too well, especially in of GLC, an SUV yeah.

I feel like a c43 made coop a is like max for track pretty much, but the coolest part of seeing like your sector times and stuff is. It reminded me of eye racing because you can see your exact pace on each section of the track.

Yeah that would be very convenient to have live instead of just like guessing checking the footage later and then like coming back the next day to see how you could improve yeah, because you know where you can improve at the exact same time.

And then I do think that is better than what Corvette is offering, even though the Corvette stuff actually works. If this worked, it’d, be better yeah. Well, the resolution I’m sure is gonna be way better on this, so that’s enough about the interior.

For now, we’ll talk about more later because there’s way more stuff in here, but let’s. Talk about the outside looks because this now has Mercedes new design and starting with the headlights yeah. So I think Mercedes design language translates really well to SUVs, but not so well to the C and the E and potentially the s-class.

So we’re talking mostly headlight design because they’ve kind of made it similar across the board. Whereas it used to be a lot more creative between each model yeah, so there’s, no more like two lines: three lines between the two models.

Now it’s, just kind of like an outline and it’s. A different outline, but it’s. The same type of outline yeah, like the e-class, still has two dots to go with the outline and the s-class love like three dots or something, but it’s, not as individual exactly so.

It actually does look pretty good on the GLC and then on the front. We also have the Panamera Canha grille yeah. I think this is a really good-looking SUV and, dare I say it looks better than the previous gen for once yeah.

Well, the last gen c43 had the pin style grille and compared to the GL c63. I remember it just looked so lame a little too high. This is pretty good. So moving around to the side there’s, no crazy, fake vents or anything like that.

No vents, but we do have really nice looking wheels like some of my favourite wheels come out of Mercedes yeah. It does look really good and what is the Continental recommended tire for the GLC 43 AMG? It’s, actually the ones that we’re riding on the Conti Sport kontakt-5 P, but from the side view doesn’t.

It look like it’s still a little bit too high a little bit, but not as bad as the x6 looks like that was just monstrously high. Yes, and this does have air ID, but only to lift it up. You can & # 39, t really drop it extra yeah, which sucks because like it would have been nice to have a button to lower it and it does lower in each mode or raised in different modes.

So, depending on the driving mode that you’re in and then we do have plastic cladding over the arches, I feel like all the stuff we’re complaining about in this right. Now is the reasons why they want you to get the 63, which will have all that stuff fixed for sure it is, but some people don’t care about that stuff, and this is still a really good car.

They need to get like a 63 line for the 43. Oh god, no just the appearance package. Oh well. They kind of already do that. But anyways, let’s, move on to the back taillights. What do you think they’re cool? It’s, the updated design language.

These are like little bubbles. I don’t really have an issue with it. Yeah it’s, not like overly fancy. It’s, not as cool-looking as the headlights for me, but they work pretty. Well then we & # 39. Ve also got a cool double dual exhaust at the back and a pretty mean looking diffuser, but the exhaust is fake, so 2020 real exactly but the actual tips themselves.

Look pretty nice! You just just don’t. Look through them. I don’t, mind double oval at all. I like how Mercedes has like double square and double oval. So since we’re looking at the exhaust, we might as well talk about it.

So let’s, have a listen. Yeah and it’s really good, because when you shift up at the top, you get those nice pops pretty much. Every time when you’re in Sport Plus mode Comfort, it’s, pretty chill sort of like you shared this.

With someone who didn’t want a loud car, they might not even know you have a loud car and I think it’s kind of pumped in here when you put it into powerful, because it also changes the valves on the Outside, let me check I, it sounds like it might be pumped in, but then that, like you’d, put up from the back, you’re like okay, it still is very real yeah.

It does sound really good from the outside and the finish off looks. This is the SUV version of the GLC it’s, not the coupe, a SUV version yeah. Thank God I mean I have so much better. I don’t mind the GLC version, but I know you like this version more and I think this looks really great as well.

We should probably find out how much room it has as a GLC SUV with the box test. One two, three. Four: five: six and shout out 7 Matt brand cars who’s back again: 9 10. We now have warehouse 74 and 11 shut up Chris 22, that’s, our full first box test with all patreon boxes.

Thank you patrons. So, overall, this looks pretty good better than you’d, expect it to for a43 yeah. This is one of my favorite refreshes from any company, because it just looks really good for this type of car.

You’re, like this looks as good as the last GL c63 yeah yeah. I kind of so I’m gonna. Do a quick little cliche extent before I get you behind the wheel, so sport+ no race mode, because this is not a real AMG, very neutral like not really plowed, not like the x6 was yeah.

You can feel the ESP or the traction control kicking in, but it’s like it keeps you really neutral, which is good, but it’s, also not like extra fun. Exactly it’d, be a good getaway car cuz. It probably won’t crash on your way to getting away.

You’d, have maximum traction on your way from the bank yeah and then a dark color like this people, probably wouldn’t notice. You yeah it’s, not too flashy. Maybe the wheels are the flashiest part, but there are still not that flashy.

Alright, so lets get you behind the wheel and talk about everything else. Launch control, nope, just gonna send it. You have a choice. No okay, those upshift that was good for you. It like shifted a lot later and you got those crackling, but I lost it.

I got a little bit less out of it. Yeah yeah cuz. It just does different things. Sometimes like did you notice to the shift of work as piling like next it’s like when it shifts early. It’s, more neck-snapping, but less jerk, yeah so many ways, but it’s all in automatic it’s all doing its own thing.

Oh yeah, I wasn’t even touching the paddles, but we’ll get to that in a little bit. Also, if anybody at Mercedes knows why the 43’s, don’t get launch control and you have a good reason. Let us know because it is very disappointing.

Well, they have a marketing reason for you that’s about it, though I mean come on. Okay, so let’s talk about performance. So, yes, this is a twin-turbo three liter v6 and I think it pulls pretty decently.

There’s, nothing too crazy about it, but it’s very linear. It’s really smooth, and I’m gonna flow right. Now it’s, just very linear, like it almost feels. Naturally, aspirated yes, but when you floor it, the transmission doesn’t kick into like a low gear, quick enough yeah exactly so.

This is a nine speed. So there’s, a lot of gears to go through, but it can just go from nine to three, but it just doesn’t want to do that. Yeah! You’re in Sport Plus in automatic, and it’s still not doing it exactly so.

This is a nine speed. Auto it’s, not a dual clutch or anything like that, which is kind of appropriate for it not being a 63 and that’s. Exactly what I was gonna say, because people probably don’t want that kind of stuff and the paddles are pretty quick to respond not as fast as like a dual clutch, but I’m totally.

Okay with this, I think the the sound from most of the up shifts really helps it. Does it really does, and since we mentioned so many times that this doesn’t have launch control and we would like to find a reason why it still does have a zero to 100 kilometer per hour time.

It’s very reasonable. 4.9 seconds that’s like good for even a sedan. It’s, really good for not having launch control yeah. Exactly like we’ve tried brake, boosting this. It helps a little bit, but not that much so, like you mentioned earlier, this does have air suspension there’s, a couple of different modes that you can put it in, and it actually makes a really big difference between Sport Plus and comfort.

Oh yeah, it’s very noticeable and talking about suspension between Mercedes Audi and BMW, I think Mercedes is always the stiffest and the BMW is always kind of just right. It’s like the right amount of sportiness, but still comfort, yeah.

This is more aggressive, exactly the whole car just kind of shakes a little bit more is just stiffer generally in comfort mode, but by no means is it uncomfortable yeah. It’s still very, very comfortable, and we touched on the drive modes earlier.

There’s, several different ways to change them, which is really cool. So there’s, the classic way, which is a little toggle switch in the center console, and so we have slippery individual Comfort, Sport and Sport.

Plus we don’t have race, because this is really ng and again I’m, not knocking it. I’m just saying that, okay and for everyone who says it’s, not up to us to decide what a real AMG is. It’s up to Mercedes name G, to decide what a real AMG is.

Well, what happened with the edge st line? Because we said it wasn’t, really a real edge st and now there’s, an st line. They extra watered it down. This is what happens when you guys argue yeah, just wait for the 43 and so the 63.

We should be the ones to help judge what it is, and now I’m, going to judge it into cliche corners. So I’m. Going to full send in Sport+ okay, this is very, very neutral. It is a rear, biased, all-wheel drive system, but it doesn & # 39.

T really feel like that, but I don’t find that it really takes away from it at all and the other crazy way that you can change the drive modes is through this dial on the steering wheel. That’s. Part of the updated mbx a lot of the new mercedes do have that now and then we also have these really cool buttons on the left side.

That also changed, but they changed two different ways, so you can actually click the icon or you can actually click the button. Yes clicking the screen changes. What’s, going to be there and clicking the button? Toggles the Preferences for that, and then you can also click down on the screen on the right, which will put you an individual.

So this is one of my favorite steering wheels now. I think the way that they have this all set up is really nice and impressive, but the steering wheel does keep the same paddles that’s, had for a long time on Mercedes and a lot of the other buttons like your cruise control and Everything else yeah and the paddles are really nice metal.

But, like you said cruise control, this does have Lane centering. So on the highway, it is just fantastic. Yes, it’s, really good, still, not as good as the palisade Telluride g90, when it is really really good.

Yeah Hyundai Genesis, Kia really have the lane centering stuff down and then, as for the rest of this interior, like we said earlier, this does have the updated screens everything this one is much wider than the last gen was, but this trackpad I hate it.

Sorry, I bring it up again: it’s, just one of those things yeah, and then we have our exhaust button. We & # 39. Ve got a bunch of crazy modes down here as well. Just like we do it pretty much every other Mercedes.

We’ve got carbon fiber, which looks amazing. Everyone knows I love carbon fiber and it looks amazing in here and then we & # 39. Ve got a lot of hard buttons for you, like your telephone radio, car the start button to go home and your favorites, then we & # 39.

Ve got hard climate buttons, even though, when you click them, it does change all the screens and everything. Then we have really cool materials up here on the dash it’s kind of like a brushed steel and nice leather everywhere, because it’s a Mercedes and there’s, no massage seats or anything like that.

We do have heated seats, no cooled seats which kind of sucks as well yeah. I asked hammers, ladies, if it has seat kinetics, but it said unavailable unavailable because it didn’t work or just doesn’t.

Have, I think, and another weird thing about the interior and the tech. Is there’s? Only us BC, no regular USB and you have like 5 USB sees in the car combined like give me one USB. This transition is too difficult: yeah yeah it was a very abrupt transition and other companies like Jeep and stuff.

They give you both yeah and then we also do have ambient lights in here. It is pretty nice, but it’s, definitely not as nice as the e-class, but you still do get a lot of cool colors and back to the center console area.

We do have wireless charging and how about the cup holders do they pass? It does fit a medium cup today, apparently that’s, good, no problem. If you would like your cup to be used, patreon.com, Sasha straight pipes, we can make that happen.

That’s, not a thing yet. Iso ISO, you’re, reaching for these ready for this three two one. Oh, that’s a hard slide, but I mean a pass. It’s nice! I didn’t think it passed. I didn’t either that’s, a full pass good job or Sadie’s.

Did I pulled on that earlier? It didn’t slide. You give it a lot there yeah it didn’t fly off and then how about these seats seats are really comfortable, like almost like sitting on a really comfortable couch that is slightly raised couch and this car outperforms the bolsters you do get tossed Around a lot I don’t have an issue with these bolsters.

I think they work pretty well. I am a little bit bigger than you, but they’re know, like 63 type, bolsters yeah, but you can get super crazy seats for this as well, which are like race buckets. But I wouldn’t recommend she & # 39.

S got the 63 yeah yeah and even then don’t even get the bug. It seems like bucket seats, an SUV well, the Alpha already sick yeah. These are cool. I don’t. I don’t know. This is fine, then, how about the back seats back seats are really good.

I actually fit totally fine at six foot one and a half yeah and legroom plenty of room back there and the seats can fold down and you can have a lot of room for stuff. You could probably fit a full-size road bike because I think Mercedes and like SUVs and stuff like this and wagons, are pretty much for rich people who have rode bikes.

You don’t, I mean yeah, but I mean these aren’t as expensive. It’s like sixty threes and stuff, like that yeah there’s, just a bike shop near my house, and I always see like wagons and like Mercedes, SUVs and stuff with roof, racks and stuff.

Like that, I think that’s, what it’s for so overall this interior. I think they a really good job, updating it, except for this touchpad yeah. They need a rotary wheel until they bring that back. I think Mercedes is gonna have to take it out on the infotainment compared to BMW and Audi like a hard L for sure.

So, with all of that, out of the way we should probably get to the price, it starts at sixty-four thousand four hundred dollars. Canadian and this one is optioned out to eighty two thousand eight hundred and ninety dollars kind of where I expect it to be like everything’s, getting more and more expensive yeah, and in like a 63, it’s still like in The 90s, so it’s optioned out just right, maybe a touch above where it should be.

Okay, would you take this over the BMW equivalent Jaguar equivalent how the equivalent, I think, the Porsche Macan is probably my favorite. This one would be a tie with BMW, but this infotainment is terrible.

However, I don’t really care about that that much I really like the driving dynamics of this mini x3, so I would just straight-up tie those you can’t. Go wrong with either since it’s, not almost 63. I do want to have as many conveniences as possible.

This does have to mix and even though it has a trackpad, I’ve, gotten pretty used to it. I’d say this is probably tied with the Porsche Macan and the BMW for me. So let us know what you guys think and where this ranked and check out this video, which is the it’s.

The next week’s, video! You guys got ta get. Oh, you got ta guess when you’re gonna get. Oh my god. Yes, let us know in the comments


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