i’m yuri. I’m jacob. We’re, going for a drive 2021 toyota rav4 prime xse, with technology package, with no launch control pretty fast for rav4. Oh 302 combined horsepower and there is no actual combined torque figure.

So if you actually do combine all of the torque figures, it totally doesn’t make sense 451 pound-feet of torque. So this is the first plug-in hybrid suv from toyota. Yes, that’s right. They’re, trying to get a chunk out of those sales from the mitsubishi eclipse cross, which is the world’s, best-selling plug-in hybrid suv, that’s according to mitsubishi, yes, because when they came out way before everyone else Now everyone’s, trying to catch up pretty much, and the fact that you can’t actually buy one of these kind of helps mitsubishi, because batteries are actually kind of hard to get so toyota’s.

Having a tough time actually trying to get enough of these on the road, so where can you buy them currently in canada? You can get them in quebec and then next year you can start getting them in bc and then ontario and the rest of the country in the united states, probably california, first and then the rest of the country.

So now the important stuff. This can go. 68. Kilometers on just electricity alone, yeah, which is pretty damn good and it’s, the highest number for any plug-in hybrid. I believe, and then you can also charge the battery back up while driving by holding the charge hold button pretty much.

All the electronics in here are just like the prius prime. We drove earlier this year pretty much exactly the same, but this actually feels a lot faster. So if i floor it in auto hv mode there we go like a lot quicker than a rav4 should be it’s.

Not that quick. Once you’re already going off the line, this thing’s kind of a rocket yeah. You turn traction off. You can straight up peel the wheels peel the tires now, a full electric only launch it’s.

Gon na be kind of slow wow, that’s, torquey a lot slower, but still torquey yeah. You really need to combine everything to make this into the sports car suv that it is well which that gets you the 302 horsepower which is combined and it is all-wheel drive, but it is mostly front-wheel drive and it only sends power to the back through the Electric motors, when it needs to yeah and it’s, pretty cool – you can see it all in the settings on the infotainment, but it’s a lot going on.

So it’s kind of distracting. If you’re trying to see what’s actually happening, and since we’re talking about horsepower and speed, did you know that toyota claims that this is the second fastest toyota in their entire lineup after the supra? After the supra three liter and two liter or super in general, the super in general, so this is actually the fastest toyota that they make.

Yes, because this is a toyota engine, not a bmw yeah. So this is the fastest toyota toyota to make that’s kind of ridiculous, really funny kind of sad yeah, but uh, interesting exactly so driving. This has been pretty chill the whole time i’ve, been trying to cruise, mostly on electric and hybrid.

I just leave it in auto most of the time because it’s, hard to really charge it living in an apartment, but there’s been a lot of conveniences with this, starting with the keyless entry. It is so good.

It works on every single door. Every single time you don’t have to do any weird stuff where you open the front, click a button and get to the back. That’s, one of my favorite things and then moving on to the trunk.

It is a power liftgate, but when you try to close it, it takes so long. To close, i wonder how many boxes it fits box test one two, three, four: five. Six, seven, eight nine and now we have raj and s’s box at ten and todd misses elise at eleven and get your own box on patreon.

com, the straight pipes and in the back we don’t have grocery hangers. We only have a net and i was doing like a pretty big haul and i just kind of had to tuck everything under there. It was a total pain.

I would much rather have hangers on the side, because then you can actually put bigger stuff in the middle still and then, as for just driving it. This one actually does have a pretty decent lane. Keep assist system with the radar crews it’s, not as good to me as the kia hyundai systems, even the older ones.

I feel like it failed in a lot of points, especially on on ramps, off-ramps and like when lanes weren’t as clear. So it’s, not my favorite, but in stop and go traffic. It did help a ton, but then, while parking it, the 360 cameras were pretty helpful.

Do you like the resolution of them the resolution sucks, but it’s kind of cool that you can rotate around in 360 and kind of change. The color of the vehicle and stuff like that yeah, so you get all those options when you’re in park and then you push the camera button on the bottom left, which is a hard button which is very convenient.

But the weird thing is the resolution of our rear view, mirror which is actually a camera as well, is so much clearer than all the 360 cameras yeah, so just put whatever tech they put into the mirror and just put it into all the other cameras.

Even though that’s, probably too expensive for toyota – and you can also change the camera, so you can see your front wheels while you’re getting into your spots, so you don’t, hit your wheels on any curbs And when i got in this car after driving for a few minutes, i turned off the head-up display because the projection hurts my eyes and i thought it might have been because of my astigmatism and glasses, but yeah you got a problem with it too.

I had the exact same problem where it looks like it’s blurry, it hurts your eyes just like it hurts your eyes to look at a camera into a rear view, mirror it’s almost like just the camera’S out of focus just by a little bit there’s, something up with it, and i don’t know if it’s, this particular model, but that would be a deal breaker for me.

If i loved heads up displays, so if i did this with this camera, that’s kind of what the head up display looks for us and the last cool feature that i like with this whole camera system. If you’re in drive and you come to a stop, say, stop and go traffic on the road, and someone crosses in front of you.

When someone crosses in front it’s automatically going to throw up the camera, so you can make sure you’re, not driving over anyone who might have snuck in front of you. While you weren’t looking. Does it beep, though, pretty sure it beeps everything beeps toyota? Well, that would be super annoying in the winter when the cameras are covered and all that kind of stuff.

I think when the camera’s covered, it would probably just say like not active, not working. You know what i mean that’d, be better because i think porsches also beep and stuff when they come to a stop.

So that’s, really annoying in the winter. Sometimes, so i’m, going to end off my driving portion with some infotainment stuff. I like and don’t like everything in here is pretty much exactly the same as the tacoma, so we’ve got apple, carplay and android auto, but this volume, knob and tuning knob are much better than we had in the taco.

But everything’s exactly the same like every other rav4 we’ve already driven, but i’m kind of getting super annoyed of tuning knobs being too far out of reach old cars. Everything was out at the bottom.

It was easier to reach i kind of want them to reimagine everything like cadillac’s, doing where the volume knob and tuning knob are closer to each other yeah. That makes sense, but this one’s, not an issue for me, because you’re taller right exactly and just like the tacoma.

I hate that when you click map it doesn’t go to your google maps and carplay. There’s, no button to go right to your carplay projection. If you click phone, it’ll go to the phone screen. It adds too many extra buttons, but that’s, something i’m going to work on shortening in every single car.

So now it’s time for you to drive it and launch it faster than most toyotas. Actually, before i drive it, i hate being on the passenger side, because this passenger seat is so much taller than the driver’s seat and there’s, no way to lower it.

Just like every other rav4 that we’ve, already driven oh yeah, that’s. Another thing i don’t like, if you put your key in a bag in the door panel, when you open it and close it, it won’t realize that it’s still in the vehicle.

So here grab my little fanny pack all right. Now everything is fine. Well, there we go finally wow. That was really weird traction control it just like kept trying to catch. It has a lot of power and we should also mention we’re.

Reviewing this car for eco month as part of being members of the automobile journalists, association of canada, yeah shout out ajax shout out ajak, and this does have a zero to 100 kilometer per hour time of six seconds, which is why it’s.

The second fastest in the toyota lineup. So if i just floor it, when i’m driving, you can hear and feel the transition between the gas engine and the batteries. But it’s actually really good, because this has a cvt and it’s, not annoying.

This is like one of the best cvts i’ve ever driven and toyota does a really good job of doing cvts in hybrid vehicles. Okay, how about the paddles, though? Well, we do have paddles, which is hilarious and we don’t have attack or anything.

So i can downshift, i mean, makes noise and then no idea when to up shift and it doesn’t upshift, either yeah weird gimmick but uh. Okay, they’re, just kind of downshift paddles like downshift, questionable gears, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Even do it. They’re, useless straight up useless. So let’s. Kick this thing into sport mode and send it into a cliche corner and see how this okay loads of understeer, but man this is actually pretty quick.

I think it does handle better than the regular rav4, because all the batteries are below us. So you get a lower center of gravity, oh yeah, it must be, and you get that tycon feeling of pulling out of corners that we got on the racetrack.

When you’re, accelerating out somewhat yeah yeah, you get that the stuff you wouldn’t get in an only gas car. Yes, exactly it’s like the instant torque for like a couple seconds, because we drove the tyco with the all seasons which wasn’t super grip, central.

No, it wasn’t, so i said i did that in sport mode now let’s. Talk about these drive modes because it’s very confusing, and there’s a lot of them. So we have eco sport normal trail and then we also have auto ev hv and then charge hold and ev yeah.

So there’s like three or four different ev lights in my dash, depending on what mode i’m in and it’s so confusing to know what each mode does, so, you kind of have to dig through the Modes, take like a day or two and figure out exactly what each mode does.

I think you also forgot that there is sport shifting on the shifter by hitting it to the left. Yes, but there’s, no manual because cbt, i think when you get in it, you put it into auto. Unless you know you want to drive only electric, then you’ll click, the hv ev button, not the auto ev hv button, and when you see evie in there you know you’re, an electric, even if you floored it’ll stay in electric and then, if you know that you & # 39, re gonna need electricity later like.

If you’re gonna be driving in the city or something like that, and you’re currently on the highway. Then you wan na charge up that battery and get it ready for. When you’re in the city to save more gas, then you would hold down the charge hold button.

But if you’re already at full, it’ll. Tell you, you can’t yeah, because this has a max range of 68 kilometers. So you can’t over charge the battery and then, when you’re. Looking at the tach in the gauge cluster, we do have our battery meter on the bottom right in analog and then we & # 39.

Ve got our fuel at the top right analog, but then we have one of the screens in the middle. That & # 39. Ll also show a more precise figure of how many kilometers you have left in each and don’t. Forget the analog tac on the left as well, which goes off charge, eco and power.

So when you floor, it goes into power, obviously, and then for the most part, you’re, just kind of chilling in eco, and then you can also see that all in your head up display as well, if your eyes are able to focus on That which mine are not and everything else, feels kind of like a regular rav4, the suspension’s really comfortable.

I’ve noticed no issues going over bumps or anything like that. It’s, just a regular old rav4. Okay, a regular rav4 thing i don’t like is that the lumbar is only adjustable forward and back not up and down, and since this is a plug-in hybrid, you guys probably care about charging times.

This can charge in about two and a half hours on a level two, because this is the top trim, but realistically any plug-in hybrid, they design. So you can plug it when you get home and it’ll, be ready to get you to work and back probably the next day.

Oh for sure, no problem overnight, because this isn’t a full ev, and even though this does have tons of torque like we mentioned it, can’t actually tow more than a regular rav4. So it could tow up to 2 500 pounds, which is still enough for at least one or two jet skis, and what, if you needed to seat some people in the back seat to ride those jet skis later? Is there enough room for tall people at six foot one and a half totally like no issues, no complaints with seating room in the back for this car? What if those people were thirsty and wanted? A small cup of coffee looks like it passes to me, yeah.

Just barely, but there’s enough room on the sides to grip it and what? If the sun was shining on those people as well? Well, they’d, be screwed in the back, but let’s check the front three. Two one fail: oh extensions, yeah, and, to sum up this overall interior, the quality is really good.

The materials that they chose are good. The colors are pretty cool. The seats are overall, pretty comfortable. So let’s. Talk about the outside because it’s, not that much different from a regular rav4.

Starting with the front end. We don’t have a front plate on it, because this is a quebec car because you probably can’t, get them in ontario yeah with a green plate. So that means you can go into the hov lanes.

The front looks very nice, just like all the other rav4s. It is different than that trail that we drove earlier, but i think this looks better than that red one. We drove yeah, they’re. All pretty similar.

I agree like white is a good color for this, especially with the black accents everywhere. Yeah, not having chrome on this looks pretty cool and from the side view the roof is blacked out. So, against the darker background, it looks like there is no roof.

Oh, we’re, definitely ruthless. This is a convertible you ready, so the body lines on the side are very crisp, like all the other rav4s, then, if we look at the plastic cladding around the wheels it’s actually gloss black now.

Yeah it’s, just black on the outside, and then what do you think of these wheels? I actually hate them. They kind of look like they belong on a 10 year old, maxima yeah. They are kind of weird, but they are slightly electric-y.

They’re, not electrically enough, but they’re, also not cool enough for regular looking wheels and then what would be the continental recommended tire for the rav4 prime, the cross contact lx25. And if you look behind those wheels, you’ll notice.

There’s, some nice big red, springs and stuff, weird that’s because, like off-roading, you know what i mean. Oh yeah. This is trd off-road aka! No! But this probably can’t off-road, pretty well, yes, considering we do have a trail mode.

It must be pretty good on the trails and then moving on to the back same old, rav4 kind of looks, but i really hate the rav4 from the very very back it’s, just a very weird shape. Overall, i think this is a really good looking car yeah and then looking at the exhaust tips.

We do have dual exhaust and it is real, but you can see the one exhaust in the other exhaust tip, which i kind of don’t like so that’s, pretty much it with the rav4 prime time to get to the Price 57, 245, canadian yeah and only available in quebec right now, yeah – and this is the top trim, pretty much fully loaded so overall impressions of this rav4 prime.

This is one of my favorite vehicles of this type that i’ve driven and i’m shocked at how much i like it. Yeah there’s, a lot of nice things about it, but there’s. A lot of little tech things that kind of suck like the infotainment and the lane keep.

So i think i’d kind of just wait for maybe like a hyundai version of something that has all the features that are better or just go for something that’s full electric. So let us know what you guys think: leave a comment below and check out this playlist right here of probably electric cars or something like that, and let us know if you try to buy one of these and if you have an issue yeah, if you can’t get one because you can’t get one


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