2020 porsche cayman gt4 with launch control, whoa whoa back off there, that’s, the top of secondary horsepower torque 404 horsepower 309 pound-feet of torque from a 4-liter, naturally aspirated flat.

Six cylinder all right, so i did that launch control with traction all the way off and it was pure slippage. Yes, it’s, a lot of fun, not very quick, and i think i even shifted into second gear way too early.

Yes, that was way too early. Alright, so, and i still shifted early because redline is so high up. Yes and the speed is way too high, but we did get a chance to drive this on the track where it does really shine.

But we’ll talk about that later, yeah, the track stuff is really good. First, where does this fall in the lineup of porsches and caymans and 718s and gt cars? This is the best cayman that you can buy.

So it is a real gt. Car it’s, a gt4, it’s. The entry level gt before you get into the 911 gt3 and the gt3 rs, and we also reviewed a 718 spyder. Yes, which is the boxster version of the same drivetrain, which we have the same complaints about this transmission, but we don’t have those complaints on the track sort of and that’s, also technically a gt car.

Yes, it is because for the first time ever it’s, got the exact same drivetrain as this, but it doesn’t, say gt no yeah. So briefly, touching on the looks, if you look at the front, you’ll notice, a gt car because it says gt4 in the front, splitter yeah and it’s got the traditional kind of square.

Big large openings in the front definitely looks like a gt car. It looks kind of like a 918 from the front in this color yeah. I could see that it looks really good. I like the shape of caymans. I think 911s do look cooler, though yeah the shape of caymans look really good from the side, because, yes, this is mid-engined and that large wing looks fantastic on this.

It’s, a double wing which is really cool yeah and it’s, not active or anything like that. So it just stays like that all the time, but it is adjustable manually and if we look at these fantastic wheels, i love how they look, but they are not center locks.

You’ve got to step up to a 911 for that, but they are the cool gt style looking wheels. I think they’re, just a little more squared off and modern than previous years of 911 gt3s yeah, and then we got big old carbon ceramics on this one, which are a very expensive option.

Okay on the track that came in so handy, i felt like i had the most amount of brakes. I’ve ever had in my life, but what is the continental recommended tire for the cayman gt4? That would be the extreme contact sport and then at the back.

I didn’t like that diffuser on the boxer, but i kind of think it works here because of the wing, but we also have kind of cheap looking exhaust yeah. You can see the muffler behind it and you can see the exhaust tip in the exhaust.

Tip kind of just looks like half there yeah. So let’s. Take a listen to the outside [ Music ]! That’s, pretty good yeah. Pretty good but like you can’t get to 8 000 yeah, so you can only get the four soft limiters weird manual stuff and lastly, the body line is pretty good in this color.

It does pop a lot and on the back door. Intake thing it says: gt4 yeah and those are wider than the regular caymans as well, and you got super wide tires overall, really like the looks yeah. This is one of my favorite looking porsches again because it’s, a gt car.

I just really didn’t like that boxster spider. I really like this. I wouldn’t say it’s, one of my favorite looking porsches, but i think it looks good overall now you mentioned some of the track stuff.

Earlier i’d like to talk about that now, so i kind of crapped on this car when we reviewed the boxer but having driven this on the track already wow. This is incredible on the track yeah. This is one of the most controllable cars.

Everything i wanted to do was the easiest thing pointing at that cone got there hit the brake super hard. Don’t hit the car in front of me. No issues shift into third, probably not going to happen on a smaller track.

Yeah we did drive this at most sport on their driver development track. It’s, not the full gp track, but it was pretty good for this car and this probably would do better than a gt3 rs. That was the lead car that we were following, but that track just suited a smaller, slightly less horsepower mid-engine car than the 911 gt3 rs.

There’s a few times where you could shift into third, but only for like a second, and we got to the point where we would just like let off and leave it in. Second, just so you didn’t have to do that extra shift and shift back for one second yeah like we would just ping it off the limiter and just kind of hold it there, which it would be more fun to shift.

But we’re, not going to rehash that again, but it did feel like you pretty much had unlimited grip through a lot of those corners. Some of those complexes like in other cars, you’d, feel sketchy and you have to let off here.

You could keep pushing through yeah. We kept up with the 911 gt3 rs no problem, and we also got to drive some ticons on the track. However, they were on all season tires, and that was a very weird experience, but coming out of corners behind the ticon, sometimes you couldn’t, keep up with it because it just launched so quickly at a corners.

But then you caught it like shortly after yeah any corner that came in would catch it into it going out of it. It was really hard to catch like you actually couldn’t, because the ticons just got unlimited torque like just right off the line, but we’re driving the ticons with all-season tires, not the taikon turbo s with the performance tires, so It was like plow city yeah, it understeered like crazy, and it was not an enjoyable experience at all.

No, it’s, just like fighting a computer that’s an actual car, and then we also got to drive a 911 carrera s with a full aerial kit on it on the track as well. This was so much better than that. 911. yeah that had a seven speed transmission and i actually prefer this transmission and this overall car by a long shot yeah i was, i was actually shocked at how much better this was, but the 911 did look cooler, yeah well, even for not a gt car That arrow kit is sick, but to sum up our track experience, and basically this entire car, if you’re, going to buy a porsche gt car specifically this one, you have to take it to the racetrack: do not buy a porsche gt car and Then don’t.

Take it to the track, because that’s like i don’t know you’re, just not getting going to italy and not eating spaghetti, and this one does have the carbon buckets. So we had that on the track, which was really nice to keep it in place compared to the normal seats like we had in the boxster spider, 718 spider yeah.

These are way better seats. This is a way better spec. This is exactly how i think everyone should spec it, because i really don’t think you should daily one of these. But when i had the helmet on, i felt like my head, was kind of getting pushed a little bit more forward than it did in a normal seat.

So it wasn’t as comfortable. You kind of forgot about it. After a few laps, and since i got my fix on the track, i’m, not really going to push it through cliche. So i’m just going to give it one more little boot and get you in the driver’s; seat, ooh, second gear everything off launch control: oh that’s, so enjoyable man.

This launches really well [, Music, ]. The biggest thing that i noticed on the track, because i complained about the steering a little bit on the boxer spider because it’s, really light that’s, the best part of it on the track, because you can do lap after Lap after lap and you don’t get tired.

It’s very perfect, especially after getting out of that super weird driving this week as well. Yeah. This steering number one. It’s really really good, and i love the fact that we do have the optional yellow, stitching and the suede wheel.

It was really good on the track and porsche doesn’t, get enough credit for not having any buttons on the steering wheel on their gt cars. It’s, just so much less distracting, just less buttons to accidentally hit with your thumbs.

When you’re on the track yeah, it was definitely a perfect track experience and another major reason as to why i think this is way better than the boxer spider, and this is the one to buy, is because the engine’s Right behind us and it’s in the same compartment as us.

It’s, not separate from us, like it was in the boxer spider. So it sounds better. It does so let’s, rip it through cliche a little bit. I’m gonna go into actually second for this one use, my auto blip for the first time and yeah she’ll get sideways.

If you wanted to, but you can really control this car so well because extremely well balanced like i love how this thing handles it’s, one of my favorite cars for positioning and i know exactly what it’s going to do, And the traction control of this gt4 compared to that 911, we drove on the track.

Having this with everything on you could power through turns perfectly fine, nothing bogged down that 911. You had to put into an esc sport and it’s still bogged down a bit and it bogged so much when you had everything on this is pretty much the perfect traction control system yeah, because you can see it flashing in your peripheral, but It’s, not pulling power.

All it’s. Doing is putting power to the right wheel, because this does have an lsd and it’s. Just it just knows what wheel to give more power to, and doesn’t pull power, which is the most annoying thing about a lot of traction control systems, including mercedes and stuff, like that.

And if you guys like that, track footage and our overall track experience, consider subscribing, because the only reason why you’re able to go to the track is because we now have over one million subscribers.

The numbers really help thanks guys. Thank you so that’s, it for all the driving stuff. Let’s touch on this interior, starting with the visors three two one total fail. However, they actually optioned these in alcantara they paid extra for that to fail yeah it’s, nice having a lot of alcantara in here, i really like the yellow stitching.

I, like the yellow door, pulls i like the yellow seat belts. I, like the carbon fiber buckets perfect for the track, not so perfect for getting in and out every single day, which is why i don’t recommend these buckets for daily driving.

What i don’t, like is this cup holder area, because even though it’ll fit a large cup, a small cup, pretty much any cup, the second, you start driving it’s going to spill, and if you spilled Any of that on this yellow stitching it’s, probably going to be such a pain to clean, and i like the newer 911 is how they have the cup holder down here, yeah and all the ac ontario everywhere you got nice, carbon fiber, the Infotainment’s, the same as the one in the boxer it’s, all old school.

You got our center tack. I love the way this center tack looks compared to the one we had in the boxer as well. So now i’m, going to use this amazing tack and my auto blip downshift that’s so good. Oh, you called that your downshift.

I did because i’m, an automotive journalist, okay and then speaking about manual transmissions. That 911 we drove on the track was our first 992 with a manual transmission, and i’d like to proudly announce they didn’t screw anything up.

It’s perfect, but i actually prefer this transmission. Not gonna lie and the reason for that is that this one just felt better going into gears, and i didn’t feel like i was gonna miss any gears where i i think i missed one gear in the 911: okay, the 911.

Sometimes i try to put it into second and second on that 911 was down and left and i swear it. Didn’t, auto blip. So i’m. Like i’m, i’m in reverse. I need to get out of this see so it’s, not perfect. Oh yeah.

I guess you’re right yeah. It has some faults and then this infotainment does have apple carplay, still no android, auto volume knob tuning knob, which is actually nice to get to radio stations, because so many modern cars don’t even have tuning knobs.

And then we should probably talk about the trunk and front space box test shout out to all of our box test patrons here’s, donnie’s box and it only fits one box just kidding it. Doesn’t, actually even close, so let’s check the front.

One put your name there on patreon.com, so with everything out of the way. Now let’s, get to the price of this gt4. Well, this one starts at one hundred and thirteen thousand eight hundred dollars and this one’s, optioned out to one hundred and forty eight thousand two hundred and five dollars.

Realistically, that’s, pretty good for a gt car. That’s really good and you’ll end up, probably being just as fast as a gt3 on certain tracks, maybe sometimes, and i think even faster on some of them, and this is even easier to drive because of the mid-engine balance.

So, as for comparisons, we can’t really find anything to compare this to, because this is pretty fast for the price and it & # 39. S got a manual and a lot of other similar cars, supras and c8 corvettes don’t have manuals or a version this expensive, or this fast yeah.

If you want a fast gt porsche, i think this is your best bet. If you’re on the lower end of buying or maybe can’t get in line for gt3, and i 100 recommend this over the boxster spider yeah boxer spider is cool, but not nearly as cool as a speedster for the amount Of speeds, their stuff, it has yeah.

So let us know what you guys think and don’t forget to check out this playlist or this video of our boxer and some other stuff.


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