I’m jake. I’m here and we’re going for a drive, 2020 porsche 718 spyder with launch control. 8 000 come on 8 000 again and that’s. It i got ta back off. horsepower torque 414 horsepower 309 pound-feet of torque from a 4-liter, naturally aspirated flat 6 engine.

So was that launch control only first and second, yes, it was, and why is that? Well, because i still want to keep my license so here’s. The problem with this car i’m just going to flat out, say it right away the gearing sucks, just straight up, sucks and ruins the whole experience of this car yeah, because it shifts at 8 000, which naturally aspirated, which is awesome except you Can’t use it second gear ends at 140 kilometers an hour.

Yes. So to prove my point throughout this entire review, i’m, going to leave it in second gear, and i’m going to have no issues. The audio is not going to be too loud because right now i’m cruising going about 3 500 rpm yeah, and even if you floor to that rpm you’re, still not going to have full power until you’Re very near the end yeah and i’m, going to rant more about the transmission in a second, but the exhaust also sucks below 4000 rpm so like this makes no sound below 4 000, but i mean at top end.

It does sound pretty good yes, but how many times can you get there legally only in first gear, exactly like it’s crazy? So i’m, going to send it into cliche corner, but for the first time ever no downshift into cliche corner, because you can’t really downshift at the first going like 60.

. Oh man, this handles really well okay, so everything i said about the transmission does ruin the experience, but the handling is impeccable. Yeah, it oversteers a little bit, but it’s, mostly understeer at first, and then you kind of power through and then you get some oversteer just like all porsches they’re amazing.

The driving position is amazing. The steering feel the feeling of the shifter, the feeling of the pedals. It’s all perfect and notice. I didn’t shift at all, yet, like i’m literally not going to shift out of second year this entire review, it’s, pretty much an automatic yes, it really is.

This car would be better in pdk. Yes and apparently that is coming later this year, so i saw an article from an australian magazine and they had a chance to speak. To dr frank, stephen wallacer, who was the head of porsche motorsports, and what did he say about this glorious gearing in the transmission? Well, that’s, actually where he admitted the fact that it was an older transmission and it was technically not possible to have shorter gears, even though he would have liked to see shorter gears yeah.

Well, i guess that sucks pretty much totally ruins it. It really does for road driving. I’m sure on track. It might be better. I’m sure it would be better. So let’s cut to the clip of the track, all right, driving the 718 boxster spider.

I know it’s, not a boxer. I’m gonna keep saying it on the racetrack, and this thing is fantastic everything we said about it on the road about the transmission that still applies, but on the racetrack doesn’t really matter it’s.

Actually, really good, you basically just do this track in second gear now this is most sport. This is canadian tire motorsports park, and this is the driver development track. So it’s, much shorter course, and this is basically a second gear course for this car.

You ping it off that limiter. 8. 000 sounds awesome, but i mean you drive it on the road and it just you can’t get to that second gear. At 8, 000. I can’t really look down, but i remember saying it’s about 140 kilometers per hour and you don’t really have to shift into third.

But when you do it’s a joy. So here we go, i don’t really have to but 8 000 shift. This transmission is fantastic on the race track. Kyoto is amazing. I know exactly what gear i’m. In all the time i haven’t missed any shifts man.

This is a fantastic track. Car i’m, not really sure. If i would ever track a convertible version of this. I think i would prefer just the cayman itself so personally, because of the roof and everything i actually really like the cayman more and look forward to our canon review, because we’re, also going to do a canon, gt4 review because we’re also driving on the track here today.

Oh man, i don’t even need auto blip, even though it has it this car handles so well. It puts the power right down the psm or sport traction or traction. Doesn’t, get in the way rev match heel toe all day, long.

8. 000. Whoa. Okay. I really like this on the track. It has fully redeemed itself from the road review. [, Music, ] wow. If you & # 39, ve got one of these for the track. Good job see. If i can get the third gear here, [, Music, ].

Just briefly – and back on the brakes, auto blip shift. I would say that the gearing sucks like i did in the on road review, but for track and going fast it’s, pretty freaking sweet, but overall you wouldn’t want to track your boxster 718 spider.

You’d, probably get a cayman instead, so i still feel very similar about the boxster 718 spider. Sorry, i keep saying boxster 718 spider yo. We are so lucky to have this job. Thank you all for watching and subscribing you guys have made our lives, the coolest with the best dream jobs ever just by watching and subscribing.

We appreciate all of you so much and all of that happened next week. So we actually don & # 39. T know how we felt about that, yet that’s right, so i just want to sum up basically how you drive this car.

It’s, a six speed, but it’s, really a three speed first rip up to. Second, at like 70 kilometers, an hour yep and then don’t, go any faster in second and sometimes go in reverse yeah. Exactly those are the three gears one two and r, and i’m, actually getting really bored of second gear.

So i’m gonna go a little slower and downshift into first, which i’ve, never done mid-drive, and i got ta back off because there’s. Speed limits, okay, that’s. One of the craziest things about this is that, like you’re actually shifting into first while you’re, going like over 50 kilometers an hour because you have to thank god there’s, an auto blip feature so that, Like you know, if you can actually get into that gear or not and where to land on the rpm yeah, so i rev match that myself.

But if i’m, going to hit the auto blip and go into first perfect, that’s, the most enjoyable two seconds i’ll ever have in this car. And if you’re worried about shifting and checking your speed while you’re doing everything, even though we have the most perfect push attack on the right bubble, we can have the gear shift, assist which will pretty much turn red when It’s time to shift in your peripheral vision, which is absolutely perfect for shift lights and how many times do you see that per day first gear, only yeah yeah? So if you like honest reviews like this and our 350 other past reviews maybe consider subscribing all of those are honest too.

I just like those more so back to the suspension. It actually has adaptive suspension and the whole front axle is from the gt3. So the suspension’s really good. The back end is unique to the spider and the cayman gt4, because this is basically a cayman gt4 without a top.

But the cool thing about this is: it has a fancy top like the 911 speedster, where you have to manually retract and put it on, but that one was much more enjoyable to actually use it functioned better.

This one takes a really long time to figure out and to actually do it once you even figure it out. The hardest part is the little latches over the spider logo. You need to click those to unlatch them and then twist them weird to latch them back up, and you have to do that before you lift up the whole back part or when you’re, putting the top back on.

You need to clip that on before you do the final lock and the final log needs to be done with the key in there’s, just a whole lot of steps you need to do and it takes forever yeah. It takes about a minute when you know what you’re, doing, which is a long time, but it is cool.

I get the whole making things manual, so it’s like more special. I guess it’s kind of built for people to take the top off once in the summer, leave it in their garage and never put that back on till winter.

That’s exactly what this is built for, even though it shares basically everything with the cayman gt4, which is a track car, but i really don’t think you would track this if you actually owned it, maybe once just to prove A point but like realistically, even though this is technically a gt car, i wouldn’t, bother tracking this and then we don’t have any drive modes, because this is a gt car.

There’s, nothing on the steering wheel. The only thing we have is esc off and esc plus traction control off, which still makes it very controllable through the cliche corner, especially if you’re, letting the back out of it yeah.

If you want the back end to step out a bit, you’re, definitely going to want to turn off traction there’s. No sport there’s, no kind of middle mode. It’s kind of off or on. I guess the nice thing is you’re, never going to be like midway through a gear through a turn yeah, because the gears are so long.

I can’t even get to 8000, though it’s, ridiculous. You literally can’t shift it ever, and then we also have an exhaust button which, if you get to 8000, sounds really good. But when you don’t below 4000, like i said, doesn’t sound, very good yeah and even like the launch control pinging, it doesn’t sound as crazy as like the 911s or any of the other gt.

Cars did, but it is like pretty good sounding, but nothing like spectacular, and you know this goes to 8000, whereas the gt3 and gt3 rs goes to 9000.. Okay run me to 9000, but do not say anything. Let me just auto blip into a second [ Music ], oh my god.

Yes, i love 9000 rpm, so that’s kind of my assessment of this car. This is an 8 out of 10 versus the 9 out of 10.. You’re, giving us an eight. I’m. Being i’m being nice, so that’s enough me driving at 4000 rpm just one more rip.

Your turn launch control. 8. 000. back off back! Oh, i can’t even get close redline in this, but that one shift was spectacular and that was a solid launch. This will do zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.

4 seconds, which i believe matches the previous gt4. Alright, let’s, get into the looks, because this does have that speedster back, which i think is the coolest looking thing ever so now the front end it’s, got all real grilles everywhere.

It looks really cool. It looks very efficient. Yeah it’s, different than other gt cars, the actual mesh and then at the bottom. It does say: spider, spider’s spelled with a wide, because things are cooler when they’re misspelled up there.

We do have a frunk with a whole bunch of room. We should probably do the box test box test shout out to all of our box test members. Thank you all on patreon.com and welcome our new box test member tony up front and at the very back happy one year anniversary ali shout out to your partner who ordered that box for you.

So, even though the box didn’t fit in the back trunk, there’s, still actually a ton of room, and i’m very surprised yeah, because the roof only gets stored in the most forward. Part, the rest of its storage, okay, side view pretty much just a normal boxster yeah, pretty much kind of looks like a 911 speedster-ish yeah only because of that bubble back.

But besides that, nothing too special, except this paint it’s kind of interesting. It’ll pop in certain lights, but just a little bit i don’t really like it yeah. I believe it’s called gentian blue. I’m on board with not liking it as well.

I guess it’s, probably a good color if you’re trying to hit 8000 rpm in second gear, but i really like these wheels because they’re like gt styles yeah. I really like the look. It’s almost like an updated, modern look of the gt3 wheels and what would be the continental recommended tire, the extreme contact sport so now to the back end, we’ve got a cool diffuser at the bottom and nice dual exhaust And i don’t like that diffuser.

I think it looks pretty awkward you don’t, like the part in the middle, how it’s cut out right. Exactly i like it, it just looks the more bigger it looks. The more efficient i think it is, but at least the exhaust tips look pretty good yeah they look good, except for you could like see the bright muffler right behind it.

Yeah. Okay, then tail lights are pretty normal, just two solid lines, and then we got a spoiler that moves up and down. But when you look from the back and look from above, you see that bubble back speedster style thing and it looks fantastic overall.

I think this car looks pretty good yes, 100, better than every other boxer because of the back 718 yuri it’s, not called the boxster anymore same okay. So the funny thing about the 718 thing is they use that number to bring back heritage for the four cylinder, but this is a six cylinder, so it really doesn’t make sense here.

Yeah, but, like you know, branding is branding. No. You mean marketing be marketing, they’re. Both the same all right. I’m gonna slow it down get into first, so i can actually use it three two one and like it pulls really hard.

Yeah it’s. Got just the right amount of power, i’ve got no issues with this actual engine and the power delivery of it. It’s, just the stupid, gearing and it kind of sounds really good at the back, especially with no top.

I would love to drive this on a big gt track. Maybe i already did love driving it. You actually only drove it on a small gt track. Ah darn. I know so now. Moving inside the 718 spider, some things i like we’ve got the old school attack.

I love having the speedo and the gear right there in the middle, and i love being able to see all my gauges again and it’s. Really nice to see 8000, even though you’ll hit that once per day, because it is an older style porsche which shows, because we do have the older style infotainment, which still does have apple carplay.

But everything else is pretty much a nightmare. To use yeah no android, auto everything else kind of sucks, but we’ve got hard buttons down here, which is really good. Nothing glossy nothing! Weird, like the new ones, love that and then we also have the old style cup holders which they’ve, replaced with kind of like a single one on the new 911 yeah, these kind of suck uh put a monster energy drink in that.

For me all right, let’s, see what happens with a monster energy drink uh. It’s, gonna tip over all right, kinda sucks yup. What about the visor test? Um total fail locked in place and the seats themselves are very comfortable.

They’re, not too buckety. They’re, just buckety enough, where you don’t have to get like the carbon fiber buckets and then on the side. Since it’s, a gt car we do have door pulls instead of like normal, handles super lightweight and to get the car started and everything we actually have to insert the key and turn it which is cool, except for the fact that we need To put that in to move the top up and down every single time like, and this also doesn’t have proximity key, so you have to unlock it with the key yeah it’s like the weird conveniences that i’m missing that kind of suck, even though it’s like supposed to be a gt car hardcore, put your top up and down yourself.

It’s like yeah, i kind of want those features like in the car. If you want the hardcore gt car, you should probably just get the cayman gt4 yeah, exactly all right. So before we finish it off, let me get a little center cliche corner in second no downshifts, please uh! It does want to plow a little bit before it.

Oversteers exactly and you can stay in second, the whole time, which is good, i think, but i guess it’ll, get kind of old on normal streets yeah, but see what i mean. The initial thing that it wants to do is understeer, and then you kind of have to back off, let it kind of dive in and then it’ll oversteer with more throttle yeah a little throttle will push right out, which is good because it’s safe, it’s kind of what you want it to do.

It’s, a mid-engine car which we never mentioned, but it’s, not like a 911 which is rear engine. So with all that stuff out of the way let’s get to the price it starts at one hundred and ten thousand five hundred dollars.

Canadian and this one is optioned out to 129 735. That seems like a pretty good price for a gt car. It really is – and i was genuinely excited to drive this because my expectations were very high. Maybe they were too high.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s. Just it’s, the transmission that just totally ruins the car for me, because this is a really good car, otherwise yeah it’s, just no fun to drive on normal roads like there.

I shifted into third for no reason exactly. I was already at 5000 rpm. Now i’m down to three and a half and like, if i floor it there’s. Nothing and i still won’t, have anything for another five seconds of flooring.

So, like honestly, i would just take a miata over this, maybe three miatas for me. I don’t, even know what it comes out to or a base boxster. I’ve, been wanting to drive a base boxster for so long, but like it’s hard to get our hands on them because everyone keeps wanting to push us like the faster model.

Sorry, a 718, my bad! I’m gonna call it boxer. I know it’s, a it’s, a boxer, because that’s. What i like the first gen with the runny egg headlights in yellow, yellow black whatever, but i feel like we had a lot more fun in the 718 gts’s and the career teas yeah.

So i would suggest watching that playlist click right here. I also really like the gt3 rs


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