This is the Nissan Qashqai you may already know, but if you don’t it’s. The car that single-handedly started an enormous SUV boom in the UK back in 2007, but things are very different now and there are lots more cars battling it for sales, like the say, attacker and Skoda karach.

This is the second generation Qashqai and it already had a facelift in 2017, but it’s just had another refresh before it’s replaced entirely in 2020, and these are the new changes and remember if you want to buy a cash Cow or any other new car, then hopefully we can save you some money in the process, so go to what calm and look at the new car buying section.

While you’re there and to keep up to speed with the latest new car reviews. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel. The latest cash car gets a brand new 1.3 liter petrol engine available in two states of tune, and that means the 1.

2 liter and 1.6 liter options from before have been ditched for the first time in a cash car. You can now also get a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. As you can see, this is a manual and inside there’s, a new infotainment system running listens latest in this and connect technology.

The infotainment system has never been the cash card strong point and right now it’s. Competition is strong in this area. This is an area where the cash car has been improved, although not by much so every model apart from entry-level Vizia, gets this seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system, but you can see just by scrolling through the options on the home page.

It’s quite slow and laggy, and if we go into the map, you can see you wouldn’t exactly call it 4k definition and all the pinch and zoom functions are just a bit slow to respond to touches and it’s generally, just nowhere near as slick precise and reactive as a smart phone screen or a tablet, and actually there are other infotainment systems that do feel much crisper than this, and certainly the graphics are something that really let’s slide down.

Here a bit, but it’s, good that you have these shortcut buttons on the side of the cash car screen, because lots of competitors have purely touchscreen solutions for their infotainment and, as we know, they’re a bit difficult to operate.

On the move, so it’s. Helpful that you & # 39. Ve got these buttons on the side, although there are some shortcut buttons on the cash car screen here, and they are a bit on the small side. But another good thing with this infotainment system is that if you have this touchscreen, then you get apple, carplay and android a standard and another great thing about it is that it can update its software and its Maps over the air wirelessly.

So you, don’t, have to visit a dealer to update your infotainment system elsewhere inside the quality is actually pretty impressive. So there are plenty of soft, dense materials, especially on the dashboard here.

But you don’t have to look very hard to find some cheaper stuff. There are some scratchy plastics down here on the driver’s door, but the buttons all feel reasonable quality and the dials too, are all ok.

So, overall, the quality in the cash guy is about the same as what you get in the attacker, but it’s still the karach. That leads the way for quality in this class at this price point anyway, but which do you think, looks best.

Well, click on the banner in the top right hand corner of your screen and let us know which interior looks best: the cash coy attacker or karach. The front seats are comfy, although they could hold you in better through the corners and the driving position generally is very good.

There’s, loads of adjustment in the steering wheel and then the seat as well. But what’s, especially good about the seats, is that adjustable lumbar support comes a standard from everything above entry-level Vizio trim front space is good, but be careful.

If you get a panoramic sunroof like we have here, then it significantly cuts into Headroom. It’s, still, okay, but if you’re, especially tall, then it could be a problem. Likewise, legroom is good, but other cars offer a bit more, but where the kashgar is good in the front is the number of storage options that you have the door? Pockets are a bit on the small side and you & # 39.

Ve got loads of different compartments to choose from you & # 39. Ve got a couple of cup holders here. You’ve, got this kind of phone and wallet thing in front of the center console right here and then just underneath the dashboard.

You & # 39, ve got another storage compartment, but this one is a bit of a pain because it’s, got a 12 volt socket there and if you’re using it, it cuts into the space quite a lot. So that’s, not hugely practical, but what is very good is this storage compartment in the center console is absolutely massive, so you can see.

I can basically fit my whole arm down there and I could probably get a leg or two in as well. It’s seriously seriously deep and you & # 39. Ve got another 12 volt socket as well as a USB input and an aux input as well.

The back of the cache guy is reasonably roomy by family SUV standards with lots of headroom it, except for models with panoramic sunroof like the one we’ve got here, so it is a lot more restricted, but it’s still.

Just about manageable for an adult, and there’s, lots of knee and leg room as well. It’s about on par with the Skoda karach. The seats aren’t, particularly clever, though they fold down, but they don’t slide forwards or backwards, and they don’t recline.

Either they fold in a 60/40 configuration rather than the more versatile 40/20/40, which some rivals get. You don’t even get remote handles in the boot to lower the seat, backs plus the croc even lets you remove the rear seats completely.

Now, the boot, you can see that it has more than enough room for a weekly shop or a couple of sets of golf clubs, but actually a core ox is much bigger. What is good about the cash quois is that it gets a false boot floor and that’s as standard on all trims, apart from entry-level model Vizier and what that means is in its highest setting.

You can see the load lip, basically, doesn’t exist and a handy feature of it is you can lift up the front, half put it down, so it acts as a divider, and it means that if you put all your shopping bags in the Back and drive around a corner, particularly quickly, it won’t all go flying all over the place and again it gives you the added flexibility of being able to change the floor, to make it even deeper like that.

But how does the cash car suck up financially well? These are the key things that you need to know about: buying and owning a Nissan Qashqai. If you’re buying with cash, then the cash kite is cheaper to buy outright than the attacker and karach.

The cash car is also really cheap for companies choosing to lease, but it loses its value quite quickly quicker than an attacker and karach. In fact, the cash card appreciation means it’s more expensive to run over three years than those rivals.

Reliability also isn’t great for the cash guy and our latest reliability survey. It finished second bottom in the family SUV Class. A Center premium is our recommended trim because it adds 17-inch alloy, wheels, dual zone, climate control, automatic lights and wipers and touchscreen infotainment entry level.

Vizio trim is cheap, but it misses out on lots of kit. We can certainly see why you’d, be tempted by n connector, which is the trim we’ve, got here and adds privacy, glass, bigger wheels and keyless entry.

You get more safety kit to the quality of the reversing camera is particularly poor as well. It looks like I’m in a health and safety video from 1994. Six airbags are standard, as well as a system called emergency brake assist, and what that does is if, in an emergency you put the brakes on, but the car thinks you haven’t put them on quite hard enough.

It will put them on extremely hard for you. There are lots of other active safety aids available, but they’re optional on lower trims. But what’s? The cash card like to drive, let’s, cut to the chase.

This 138 brake horsepower 1.3 litre petrol engine is the best choice in the market. Why? Well it’s brisk enough, but actually the most impressive thing about it is how easily it builds speed from low revs.

So it just gives you really flexible performance in any gear. Really it’s very impressive, especially when you think of the previous 1.2 liter petrol engine, which was really gutless there’s. Also, a 158 brake horsepower version of the same engine, but really the difference in pace.

Isn’t hugely noticeable in day-to-day use. So we’d, still recommend the lower powered version. Unless you plan on using the cash code to tow or if you want the new automatic gearbox, which is smooth and impressive, this manual has quite a long.

Throw and doesn’t feel as slick as in the tech us high mileage drivers have a choice of two Diesel’s, a 1.5 litre and a 1.7 liter, but we’d. Stick with the petrels. The cash coy is also generally not quite as agile as an attacker and karach, and they’re.

Both more fun to drive to the handling of the cash car is safe and secure along a twisting country road and it’s. Easy to manage in town, but just how comfortable the cash car is, depends pretty much entirely on what size wheels you go for.

So this is very important if you go for the 17 inch alloys, which are the ones that we’ve got here, then this is one of the most comfortable cars in the class. But if you go for the bigger 18 inch alloys, which you might think, look more flash and interesting, the ride starts deteriorate and just feel quite a lot firmer.

And then, if you go up for the blingiest 19 inch alloys, then the ride really becomes too firm to recommend. So we would definitely steer clear from those bigger alloys and even not look quite so swish would stick with the small ones.

Is there so the Nissan Qashqai might not be the champion of family SUVs that it once was, but it remains a very good proposition on the right wheels. It’s, one of the most comfortable cars in the class and the new lineup of engines.

Impresses, if you want to found the SUV, it should definitely be on your shortlist and if you want to buy a cash cow or any other new car, go to what calm and head to the new car buying section where you can find out how much money We can save you on your next new car and, while you’re on what comm check out the full extended written review of the Nissan Qashqai and all of its key rivals, and to keep up to speed with the latest new car reviews subscribe To our YouTube channel and if you’ve enjoyed this video, give us a like, and if you have any questions about the Qashqai leave a comment below


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