i’m yuri. I’m jacob. We’re, going for a drive 1 to 20 jeep gladiator mojave, no launch control, manual horsepower and torque 285 horsepower 260 pound-feet of torque from a 3.6 liter v6.

We still don’t have a v8 in a jeep. No and this one’s, pretty slow, especially after driving the eco diesel, but this is the raptorist version of a jeep because it is meant for dunes. Yes, this is the first desert rated jeep ever made, and i guess this being the first jeep truck is the perfect time to compete with the raptor kind of yeah.

It makes sense and it’s, sort of and itself with, the t-rex yeah, because this is a mid-sized truck, so it doesn’t exactly compete with the raptor yeah. This is like it’s, the same idea. It’s like this colorado zr2.

This doesn’t feel mid-sized to me. Fyi. It definitely feels mid-size and if you’re enjoying this video and it’s, the first one you’ve watched from us consider subscribing and if you & # 39, ve watched a bunch of our videos and you haven’t subscribed yet just subscribe.

What are you doing yeah? What are you waiting for? Maybe for right now? Okay, so before we get to all the things that make this a desert, rated off-roady jumpy dune truck, yes, the actual mojave stuff, let’s, get to the looks of the mojave okay.

First of all, it looks really good, especially with that fake hood. Scoop up front yeah, i mean it definitely looks cooler with it. It does like. I know it’s fake. It’s, kind of whatever it’s like the trd pros with the fake hood scoops, but it does add to the front end and then we & # 39.

Ve got this cool tan color, yes, which i believe is called gobi. Just like the desert never been, there me neither, i’ve, also never been to the sahara. I don’t know. If i’ve ever been to any desert. Well, i must have yeah, i feel like we did something like arizona or something vegas a desert yeah.

I think so. Yeah anyways um the logo mojave that pops. How was it pronouncing mojave? It looks really good off the side. Pretty much all the badges look really good, with the orange accents and the gray, even on the inside, on the vents and on the trim on the steering wheel.

I think it looks really good also on all the tow hooks on the outside, which is really cool. Okay, lots of orange yes and then moving on to the side. It’s, a nice long, looking gladiator, but we & # 39.

Ve got the soft top that pulls back like a normal drop top convertible kind of. Yes, it looks like a backwards hat and then you need to unzip the very back. If you want to take that off super awkward, yes, definitely an awkward looking truck and then what about the wheels we’ve got on here.

They’re kind of cool, definitely like off-roady trucky, but are they better looking than a set of blackhorn bh02s? Oh absolutely, not the same wheels. I have my raptor. I think they look fantastic on here, photoshopped by yuri and if you wanted to get a set for your gladiator head over to blackhorn offroad.

com right now, they have free shipping in canada and the united states. Five percent off the already affordable prices with the discount code. Straight pipes at checkout and then what would be the continental recommended tire for the jeep gladiator mojave, the terrain contact 80, just like your raptor, that’s right and then we don’t have a running board to help get you into This truck, no, we just have these sand rails, aka kind of rock crawling rails.

So yeah, you probably want more ground clearance exactly and you get a lot more ground clearance with this one part of the suspension component and we also have a skid plate up front. Yes, which also protects some of the suspension components, because this has external reservoirs for the fox shocks, okay and then at the very back.

We do have a cover for the truck bed yeah and it’s. A roll-up cover from jeep, which is kind of cool, but it’s. Also a little flimsy. I actually prefer the one that i have on my raptor. Sorry for mentioning my raptor again and looks wise at the back.

It’s, pretty normal gladiator, no tire, so it’s, a weird looking jeep. But what i really like is that the muffler is like tucked up in a way to provide more ground clearance, but it does look cool because it is kind of visible [, Music, ], [ Applause, ] so overall looks wise.

Do you think this looks like a raptor competitor, uh kind of, but not really the bare bones minimum to b1 yeah? I think a colorado zr2 looks more rapturous than this does [, Music, ] and realistically, if this was a rapture, competitor and or t-rex competitor, it would need a dinosaur name.

Do you know what name i would come up with for this um, the dilophosaurus? Oh, that’s, the one from jurassic park, the fake spitting one, because when you open the doors and lift up the top, it kind of looks like that and it can spit to clean the front camera yeah.

I could see that because it has to have a dinosaur name to fit in with raptor and t-rex the jeep gladiator, the lophasaurus mojave edition all right. That sounds like a total marketing disaster, and now i’m gonna give it a fast boot through cliche corner before you drive ooh a fast boot.

This time i’m gonna shift it into second using this weird shifter, which you have to grab from the top like this yeah. The six speed is a little weird and the armrest gets in the way we & # 39. Ll talk about the interior and going through cliche.

It actually handles pretty good. We’re in rear wheel, drive right now and it’s, not doing anything weird. We had a lot of body roll, but not that much like no plowing. No, nothing yeah. These shocks are actually kind of stiff, which i will complain about very shortly, and i actually have so much more confidence with such a big truck jeep than i thought i would yeah totally your turn to get behind the wheel.

Alrighty get behind the driver’s; seat, [, Music ]; it’s, pretty slow, but it’s like it’s, fun to shift a car. It’s really fun. To have this in manual. For at least a week, you said something that was very correct: a car, this isn’t a car.

This is a truck, which is why i don’t find it that fun. Oh yeah, i mean it’s still kind of fun. This is one of the cars slash trucks that i would actually prefer to just have it in auto, because the auto is so good in these jeeps yeah.

That is true. I do pretty much enjoy my time more in every automatic jeep then in the manual jeep, but it would be fun to do some rock crawling and stuff with a manual. I feel like you have so many more things you have to take care of exactly it’d, be a lot more difficult and next year this is actually going to get the eco diesel, and that is going to be amazing in this.

So let’s, get straight into the mojave stuff, the really specific stuff. Okay. So first of all, it has a higher spring rate and it’s. One inch higher for more suspension travel because that’s, something that you’d, want for jumps now.

The problem i have with that is that that makes this a little bit too stiff for the road where i think the rubicon and every other wrangler and gladiator is actually more comfortable to drive on the road than this yeah.

But if this is built for jumps, i’m. Just saying this is for the road, and i haven’t, been able to jump this yet but cut to the clip of other people, riding it on the desert and jumping and because it is specifically built for jumping and raptoring.

The raptor is actually a lot more comfortable to drive with also having fox shocks on the road and off the road and easier to keep straight while you’re driving on the highways and stuff at higher speeds yeah.

So basically, my complaint is that it is possible to make off-road compliance shocks more comfortable on the road, and these fox shocks with external reservoirs are specifically tuned for this jeep. Yes, they have hydraulic bump stops in the front at the back.

I just saw those yellow things: yeah, which is cool because the raptor doesn’t actually have hydraulic bump stops. So that is a first and we also have our reinforced frame axles, mounts and suspension components.

So this is totally different mechanically from the wrangler, which is really cool. So someone could probably like really send this. Yes off a jump even with upgraded aftermarket shocks. If you wanted to really send it, because the frame & # 39, s already been reinforced, we need somebody to hit it like that.

First, ford, raptor jump guy, yeah and and for the t-rex too come on yeah and unlike the rubicon, which can disconnect its front sway bar, we can & # 39. T actually do that here and we also can’t lock the front axle.

We can only lock the rear axle again totally different than the rubicon, because that’s meant for rock crawling, and this is meant for fast off-roading, which brings us to off-road plus mode. So if you put this into four high press off-road plus now it’s, a desert running machine according to what they tell me, because i haven’t been able to try this on a desert.

I mean the footage looks like it. Can do it yeah, so basically, what it does is adjust the steering the brakes, the throttle, all your inputs just for desert running and jumping, and then, when you go into off-road plus, then you also get your off-road pages, which will also have your trail cam.

To show your front camera while driving, but it’ll, turn off after a certain amount of time. But if you have it in four low and you’re driving, it seems like you can have the front camera on the whole time, because you’re going slower and the front camera button will light up on the infotainment, where it Doesn’t in the other modes, which is really cool to have all of these features, but there is a hack to get the front camera to go.

While the button is grayed out, you click the back camera and then at the top. You click the front camera and then you get like eight seconds of that exactly and that’s a lot better than we had on the at4 that you had to dig through the infotainment to find that button.

This you can set as a favorite right on the bottom and back to the mojave vs rubicon stuff. This actually has better approach break over and departure angles and overall ground clearance, because this is one inch higher it’s.

Weird i feel like rubicon would want that exactly, but then you get a little bit more stability for off-roading, so you kind of want it to be like a good balance, which is why the rubicon’s, where it’s at so Now finish off the mojave stuff for us okay, so this includes the max towing package, which is really nice to have.

However, i did tow with this only my jet ski, which is about a thousand pounds not too heavy, and i had some issues. This can tow up to six thousand pounds, which is about a thousand pounds less than the rubicon and about fifteen hundred pounds less than the sport s and the sport.

Because of the differences in suspension. Now, when i was towing my jet ski i really enjoyed having the camera, it was crystal clear. I could press the button and see that my jet ski was still there, which is very refreshing to have, because in a lot of cars or trucks you can & # 39.

T really do that, such as my raptor. Now. The issue that i had while towing is, i was only talking my jet ski, like i said, but because we have the manual transmission. I couldn’t, leave it in sixth gear, while cruising at highway speeds, because i would actually lose speed going up.

Very minor hills, so i’d, actually have to downshift into third to go up the hill so that i can match my speed on the highway. Sounds like it’d, be a lot nicer to have an automatic diesel yeah exactly so.

If you’re gonna tow with this, yes, the numbers say that it’s capable, but it’s a bit of a hassle, especially combined with the steering, because you have to give it so much input to keep It straight yeah sounds like a nightmare, and my gas mileage actually dropped by four liters per 100 kilometers or three miles per gallon, which is actually a pretty big hit for only having a thousand pound jet ski to tow.

That’s, actually substantial. It actually got worse mileage than my raptor while driving around, because my raptor doesn’t even feel the jet ski so worked up. I know it was just the first time i towed with anything other than my raptor, and it made a really big difference.

So then, moving on to this interior really briefly pretty much the exact same as all the other new gladiators and jeep wranglers. We’ve, driven it’s exactly the same other than the orange accents yeah.

We got these cool mojave seats with the tire pattern and stuff and the orange trim, which i really like the back seats fold down and they fold up. I find the seats to be slightly less comfortable because i think they’re, actually short kind of for my thighs.

It’s kind of weird for a driving manual. But if this was like an automatic, i’m sure. It’d, be fine because it is very comfortable exactly and then we’ve got apple, carplay, android, auto rewinding, sirius, xm, satellite radio stations.

We got a lot of cool stuff in the middle gauge cluster and analog tacks. We got heated seats and heated steering wheel with hard buttons if it’s, a cup just fine in the cup holder, visor test three two one: yes and you have keyless entry on the doors which is super convenient and to finish off this review.

I’m, going to send it into cliche corner, let’s, see how this thing handles and it seems to handle actually pretty well because of those stiffer fox shocks which i expect to be a little bit softer. It actually handles really well because of that, so there’s, a lot less body roll than i thought, and it just doesn’t have a lot of power, but at least you can downshift to kind of get the most out of It i’m just so surprised by the handling of these new jeeps through cliche.

I know it’s, actually fantastic, all right. So with everything out of the way, let’s get to the price. Well, it’s, a lot of money at 69, 960 canadian nice – that’s less than a diesel version of the wrangler.

Yes, it is. Do you think this is cooler than that? Yes, it is okay, and then we’ll just have to compete with the bronco or not, because i don’t think the bronco is going to have a truck version. No, but apparently there is a smaller truck coming from ford, which may compete with this.

That’d, be the ranger raptor, the echo raptor modeled after the echo sport. Yes, the echo boost it’s, going to be so cool with mojave echo edition, and at this price it’s, actually approaching the starting price of the raptor, which is kind of crazy, and then i guess this would be similar to The colorado zr2 – yes, it would is that r2 we’re american.

Now it’s, z, oh, you might be. I’m, not so after driving this. I think you should just get a rubicon. Instead, they’re, pretty much the same price, and this doesn’t, add enough cool stuff. That is usable for me.

I think i’d end up with like a sport or anything with more roadie tires, because just steering constantly on the highway just bothers me a lot. But i do like the overall image of this. The image is cool, but i think, because of the function and stuff rubicon so silly question this, the t-rex, the raptor or the zr2, which one would you take well not having driven the trx.

I’m gonna have to go with the trx. You put a hellcat engine into a ram 1500. It’s. Gon na be probably pretty unreal yeah. The trx is definitely cooler than this. The raptor’s, definitely cooler than this, but none of those trucks you can legally drive with the doors off.

So this wind’s there. I guess so yep, okay, so let us know what you think of the mojave in the comments. Is it a good raptor attempt? Is it not even close? Do you have one, do you like it? What’s a you mean mojave and click? This video for other raptory off-roady trucks.

I know it’s called the mojave, but i just wanted to save that for the end of the video. So you guys can leave around your comments like yeah


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