i’m jacob. I’m gary and we’re going for a drive, 2020 honda, civic type, r, with somewhat of a launch control. What an experience pure wheel slip off the line horsepower door 306 horsepower 295 pound-feet of torque from a 2-liter turbo force line.

Has that changed at all? No, it hasn’t nice. So coming off that nasty launch, let’s just floor. It so much better. Once you’re, actually going and holy crap. Is this fast yeah? This is the front wheel, drive dude! Getting back to this.

I couldn’t believe how good it was like first corner. I took yes, civic type, r yeah. This is definitely the coolest best driving front wheel, drive car. It’s, so good like they just keep improving it too.

What have they changed? Well lots! Let’s start with boost blue. I like it, i like it a lot. It reminds me a little too much of that ford color that everyone has on every mustang yeah, but this doesn’t have that flake in it.

I’m, not about this color. I love it. They also had a red last year, which we never drove yeah and i think there’s, a limited edition, yellow so overall there’s: five civic type, r, colors, yes, but only three that are kind of really available in canada.

Personally, white championship white is definitely solid, said: yellow is really sick, but that’s too hard to get yes. The next thing that’s new, since we’re on the outside. We have a larger grill opening and the front bumper just kind of has been redesigned yeah, those fake grilles on the front they made them actually solid and then added holes where there needed to be intakes, and they also added a blue accent to help break that Up it does look better, nobody can say it’s, got fake vents at the front yeah, so they’ve even listened to the criticisms of everyone saying that there’s, fake fence everywhere, which there still are, but they’ve improved the front and they knew for the back end.

They’ve changed the fake fence that are in the bumper. Yes, so we still do have fake vents, but they’ve kind of separated them from the plastic. Backing which makes them look a little bit more real. I fully support that.

That is a good change and i think anyone who needs to do fake vents should do it like that, instead of having just like a solid mold that looks lame. It definitely looks better because if you took a sawzall and cut that off, then it would be a real event.

I don’t know if it would do anything, but it would be a real event yeah. I wonder what’s behind there? I bet someone on the internet’s already done it yeah. Maybe they just put sheet metal in there. Instead, i think it’s, probably just plastic, just like your mustang yeah.

That’s in the front yuri come on, and then those fake vents at the back are also broken up with a body match line right through the middle, so overall great job and sticking with the exterior improvements which actually translate to the interior.

We now have standard honda, sensing, which is lane keep assist and adaptive cruise, which is really nice to have in a hot hatch. Yeah, making a hardcore car seems like a fun idea until you drive it a ton, and then you just really like having those comforts.

But this is so good because it still has comfort mode and it’s still so comfortable because they & # 39. Ve, also improved the suspension for this year. How about the brakes brakes are also improved? They’re, now two-piece front rotors, so you actually get better cooling on the racetrack, not that we actually experienced any brake fade or any power delivery, failures or anything on the track.

When we tracked the 2017 and the 2019 as well or 2018., we’ve, had no issues with the type r on track at all yeah, but other people have on the internet. So i guess it is an issue because honda has addressed it and before we keep going, i want to give a huge shout out to playseat.

They hooked us up with some amazing sim racing rigs to play gt sport with yeah, and we also use those for eye racing as part of the porsche canada esports cup. That was amazing shout out playseat, because this is super high quality stuff.

We love using it to play all our games online. We started off with the challenge that folded up nicely into a closet. Then we got the evolution which folded down differently, but still was a very solid setup, and now we have the sensation pro, which i actually have my tv mounted to yeah.

I love the sensation pro it’s, a serious rig. I love how it looks everything about it: doesn’t move. Everything is so good and the tgt steering wheel setup for playing gran turismo. Sport is amazing, so much force feedback.

It’s, the best so check out playseat.com and playseatstore.com for all the rigs that we’ve, been using and more interior stuff that they’ve changed. This is a weird one. Let me floor. It [, Music. ] sounds louder in here: doesn’t it.

Apparently there’s pumped in audio in here yeah. It’s heavily pumped in because now i’m, going to go into comfort mode and then go down shift and floor kind of sounds the same, but wait that downshift right there so watch this.

Do that in our mode watch. This? Okay, you could really hear it on the downshift exactly so they added pumped in audio that you can’t turn off that changes between the drive modes yeah. I think it’s, a huge mistake to not be able to turn it off yeah and it’s.

So buzzy it’s like a really annoying tone. I think the obvious solution for this is to not have pumped in audio instead go to hot rod, scots and get a valved exhaust like i have in my civic. Yes, i am a civic owner, yes, and i have it in my mustang as well and that solves everything cause civics sound amazing with wide open exhaust [ Music ].

Well, they sound like something perfection i mean you did lose the exhaust battle so and they also changed the shift knob and the shift boot for this year. So we now have alcantara and i actually really like the weight of this shifter, not that i had any issue with the previous type r transmission or the shift knob this one’s.

Just better is the last one circle yeah. It was more circular and this one’s more, like that old type, r that we drove yes, which is also similar to like the s2000. So i think they did like a heritage thing.

Oh, that’s, fun, and then we also have an alcantara steering wheel in this one too yeah, which i also really like, but i also had no issue with the previous ones, so the changes that they made were all good and nothing & # 39, s really bad, but i don’t think it needed really almost any of those changes.

They just needed a button to be able to toggle the pumpkin audio, yes and then add a button to turn on or off, auto rev matching, yes and then actually just add valve exhaust. So to refresh everybody on how we would turn off auto rev matching.

Oh, it’s, the worst you got ta park. You need to come to a complete, stop, have the e-brake on go into your settings, go to vehicle, go to assist and then turn it off and then confirm that you’re turning.

It off yeah and because the heel toe isn’t actually the best position for both of us in this car. We’ve, both just left it on, because the rev matching is so good yeah. For me, it’s. Instead of heel and toe it’s, more toe and right side of the ball of my foot yeah same here, and then i just kind of smash my foot down there, but it’s, not as bad as like a focus rs, Which doesn’t exist anymore, yeah yeah, so the final thing is upgraded suspension, including retuned adaptive suspension.

So i’m going to downshift and send it into cliche corner and see how that feels like okay, still feels like a type bar. I can’t say that it feels any better, because the previous one already felt so good and man.

This thing just rips through cliche like holy crap. I don’t, remember this being so good, but now that i drive it, it must have been this good. I i think we’ve become much better drivers in the four years since we started the channel and reviewed the civic type r for sure we have so we can really get a lot more out of it now, but even driving the velociran and The civic type bar like last year or two years ago, this just feels even better than i remember, both of them feeling at that time.

Yeah it’s. Just such a good car. One final scent will get you into the driver’s seat. Oh that sound. Just i don’t like it all right that’s enough. All right, i’ll. Try to do it less nasty launch! Please do man that thing really comes to life once you’re off the line, yeah like it pulls so hard and just keeps pulling, and if you like, getting updates on the cars we reviewed before, make sure you subscribe, because when new changes happen, We’re going to drive those cars hit.

The subscribe and notification bell so hopping back in the type r some of the things i don’t like we still have that button on the door handle yeah. If you put your hand in to unlock it & # 39, ll actually unlock without it.

But if you want to lock the car, you got to press the outside button. Yeah, i feel like we’ve, moved past, that as an automotive community, well sort of some companies still have it. Then, when we put on our right signal, we & # 39.

Ve got that little camera that shows up there in the middle. I don’t really like that. I’m, not going to use it so that’s kind of another. Weird thing that’s still here, and we still have android, auto and apple carplay and part of that annoyance with the right camera, is that if you turn on your right signal it pops in and out of that, and you just have to keep Waiting for it to refresh and stuff yeah – and this infotainment screen is pretty small.

It is an older system, but lucky for us. We do have a volume, knob and hard buttons on the left, so it is somewhat usable but still like there is no tuning knob, which is deadly on the highway. When you’re trying to find a station yeah it’s, not good good.

It’s tolerable, but we also do have a whining satellite radio station, which is nice. So this one is still a four seater. Do you fit in the back seat jacob? Yes, i do at six foot one and a half and then how about the trunk space box test one two three four: five: six: seven, eight nine and then still with us from probably the first box test, kevski pops for 10 and todd mrs elise for 11.

. So it still fits 11 boxes. It’s still just as good as pretty much every single suv, which proves that, if you need to haul stuff around, you can get a type r instead of an suv. As long as you, don’t need to do serious, off-roading yeah.

I think everyone should just be driving around in civic type wires, because this holds just as many boxes as an audi rsq8 sure it’s, not as fast doesn’t have all-wheel drive, but fits just as much stuff yeah.

And if you’re like well, i can’t drive a tight bar. It looks ridiculous, get it in black. Take the wing off yeah, everyone just buy a civic type r and we’re gonna be a very happy society. So then we still have an ancient reverse camera which sucks.

But i’ll. Let it slide. We’ve got our wireless charging tray. Then we & # 39. Ve got cables that run underneath with all the cool compartments that we liked before we still like yeah, nothing’s changed in this interior.

We still really like our cup holder, section, it’ll fit so many different variations of cups and the armrest will slide forward and back it was genius. Then it’s genius now and what’s? Also, genius is the privacy cover in the trunk yeah.

It works so well, and no other company has done anything similar to that yeah. It has like no footprint at all and let’s check the visors these. Do they pass three two one. Of course, yes come on my memories and something else that hasn’t changed, which is still fantastic, the driving position.

Oh my god, you’re stuck in these seats. So when you’re going through turns quickly into cliche corner you don’t move at all, and that was the thing that i loved so much more on the race track when we drove this and the velociram back to back.

I know it like really made that much of a difference and even being more low down, you feel like you’re in a sportier car, yeah and vision’s still good. This is just it’s such a good car, and it can’t, be said enough times.

Yeah they killed it. Then they killed it. Now we still have those awesome shift lights that flash when you get to redline and then we can also change the screen to have those other shift lights as well, and one thing that still isn’t awesome.

Is that the fact, the fact that we still have plus r mode normal and comfort, so you can’t actually customize any mode? You’re just stuck with whatever they give you yeah, i figure they can’t. Do too many upgrades because then like reprogramming computer and buttons probably costs a lot when they don’t need to yeah.

It just would be nice because every other company basically has an individual drive mode and comfort mode for the suspension is so good for daily driving. Our mode is still tolerable. It’s not as stiff as like the veloster n, but i would just like the ability to change between that and including the steering as well yeah.

Some people might get stick out of the heavy steering exactly because the heavy steering is very noticeable in plus r, and since everything on this interior still holds up what about the exterior every time i see a civic type r on the road.

I’m still just as excited as when they first came out. So am i so i think that’s, a yes from both of us. It’s kind of got that miata factor that when i see someone driving one i’m, like this person is smarter than everyone else.

I see on the road yeah and i still love these wheels and we still have the same amazing conti sport contact six tires that we love so much. They are literally my favorite tire by the way that’s, the recommended tire, because that’s, the one that it comes with, which is also on the new nsx yeah, which is fantastic and makes the nsx so much better.

In the refreshed second generation, all right little boot into cliche corner, and then we’ll, get to the price bro, give it a big boot into cliche corner. This thing is still just as quick as i remember it.

I kind of wish my civic was this good yeah it’s. Nowhere near this could no, how do you think, a typo that jen would be near this good? No, it wouldn’t, be so let’s. Get to the price it actually keeps climbing every single year, which is a little frustrating to see because it started out so well.

This one is 45 991 dollars with the optional 500 boost blue paint, canadian didn’t. It start out at like 39, really competitive, exactly or 41, and then veloster undercut that a bit or by a bunch. It was right around 40 grand and it just keeps climbing every year, so competition wise there really hasn’t been anything since the veloster and the gti.

I don’t think that’s, really competition. For this not really the golf r would be competition because of the price, but that’s. All-Wheel drive and there’s like there’s, really nothing front-wheel drive that can compete with the type r other than the veloster.

I know so let us know what you think of all the new changes to the 2020 civic type r. Did they do everything right by making it louder like we complained about and getting rid of the fake vents like we complained about yeah.

Well, i personally don’t think they did it the right way, but let us know in the comments and check out this playlist of other cool cars, including our old type, r versus velociram video, pretty sick comparison.

I’d click. There. Still don’t know which one i would buy. I would take this. You


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